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  1. Thanks for all the great ideas - I'm making notes! Happy cruising one day, Andrea.
  2. Tis is kind of off topic - but is there a place on the Carnival website to find your OBC if you haven't yet rebooked? I've looked but cannot find it. Thanks
  3. We are taking the Princess bus from McKinley to Kenai (7.5 hrs.). They say we get lunch on our own in Anchorage... anyone know where they drop off and for how long. Thanks, Andrea.
  4. It was turned off here in Atascadero from 4-6pm - but we were only at 115 🌞
  5. Our PVP rebooked the cruise we wanted to apply the FCCs to because the price was the same, then she could immediately apply the FCC for us instead of trying to back date the FCC. Hope that makes sense, Andrea.
  6. Thanks for the input everyone.
  7. Looking between Sky cabin R522 (I'll call it vertical) and R526 (horizontal). We have always done "horizontal" - does anyone know if having the bed in a different direction affects anything? I know they vertical seems to have about 10 ft more space. TIA, Andrea.
  8. I use the refresh button that looks like a circular arrow and it usually works. (Edge)
  9. Shore Ex refunded to CC today for 5/19 cruise tour.
  10. Thanks - that answers my question. Happy cruising.
  11. Does anyone know if you are taking the Princess bus between their Denali and McKinley lodges if they will let you off in Talkeetna (and take their shuttle later to the lodge). Thanks, Andrea
  12. Thanks for all the helpful info - but one question: does the PBP include the lattes & cappuccinos on the dessert menu after dinner?
  13. If you don't choose the Conn. one, you can call your travel agent and have them upgrade you to the Tundra Wilderness Tour for a charge. It was well worth it to go farther into the park. Whatever you choose - enjoy.
  14. Thanks, just wait and see for now.
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