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  1. I fail to understand why masks are required when all crew and passengers are required to have received vaccinations prior to boarding. Since Regent is also requiring a COVID test before boarding and also before disembarking, the same may apply to Oceania. We are booked in March 2022 and while I am pleased vaccinations are required, if it appears at final payment that masks are also required, we will definitely cancel because that makes zero sense.
  2. It’s easy to see some people have the attitude I have, but many don’t. If it’s stressful it’s not fun. I don’t feel like trying to figure out who’s too serious and who’s not and since DH won’t join me, I think I'll skip it. I go on a cruise to relax and have fun and this just doesn’t sound that way to me. Maybe I’ll stick to scarf typing😂....no stress or pressure there!!😊
  3. I’m so glad I saw this thread because I had planned to join Trivia on our cruise in a couple days on Riviera. This is our 8th Oceania cruise since 2013 and I’ve never played because I knew my husband wouldn’t. So I thought I’d give it a try in my own. But reading these posts has ended that desire! i play Trivia here in our community and we try to win, but mostly we have fun. I actually thought that was what cruising was, but I would never dare go to afternoon Trivia having seen how unwelcome I could easily be.
  4. Many thanks. We loved the Millennium years ago ... many! Enjoy the sea wherever you go and whatever ship you're on!
  5. Thank you for your review. We board Riviera a week from today and had friends on your cruise. They talked about the high winds and the disappointment in missing Harvest Caye. I love reading the perspective of a new Oceania cruiser and especially one who has been on Celebrity so much. We started cruising Oceania in 2013 and never went back to Celebrity. I'd be interested in your favorite Celebrity ship right now because we have considered trying it again one of these days. Thank you for your review! We can't wait to board and head up to Waves Grill for my favorite Surf 'n' Tu
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