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  1. I fail to understand why masks are required when all crew and passengers are required to have received vaccinations prior to boarding. Since Regent is also requiring a COVID test before boarding and also before disembarking, the same may apply to Oceania. We are booked in March 2022 and while I am pleased vaccinations are required, if it appears at final payment that masks are also required, we will definitely cancel because that makes zero sense. 

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  2. It’s easy to see some people have the attitude I have, but many don’t. If it’s stressful it’s not fun. I don’t feel like trying to figure out who’s too serious and who’s not and since DH won’t join me, I think I'll skip it.  I go on a cruise to relax and have fun and this just doesn’t sound that way to me.  Maybe I’ll stick to scarf typing😂....no stress or pressure there!!😊

  3. I’m so glad I saw this thread because I had planned to join Trivia on our cruise in a couple days on Riviera. This is our 8th Oceania cruise since 2013 and I’ve never played because I knew my husband wouldn’t. So I thought I’d give it a try in my own.  But reading these posts has ended that desire!  i play Trivia here in our community and we try to win, but mostly we have fun. I actually thought that was what cruising was, but I would never dare go to afternoon Trivia having seen how unwelcome I could easily be. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, Nachosdelux said:


    We like the Equinox and the Millennium, but they were our favorites because we cruised them several times and got to know some of the crew.  Unfortunately, that was a while ago so I'm sure things have changed.  We are considering an Oceania Med in late summer, and a Celebrity Equinox Caribbean as well.   The only limits are time off from work and $$$!!!!


    Many thanks.  We loved the Millennium years ago ... many!  Enjoy the sea wherever you go and whatever ship you're on!

  5. Thank you for your review.  We board Riviera a week from today and had friends on your cruise.  They talked about the high winds and the disappointment in missing Harvest Caye.  I love reading the perspective of a new Oceania cruiser and especially one who has been on Celebrity so much.   We started cruising Oceania in 2013 and never went back to Celebrity.  I'd be interested in your favorite Celebrity ship right now because we have considered trying it again one of these days.


    Thank you for your review!  We can't wait to board and head up to Waves Grill for my favorite Surf 'n' Turf sandwich.

  6. Heather, so good to see you again! We just got back from Insignia and it was MARVELOUS! Like you, the forum boggles the mind for us!


    Strange expectations people have, yes?


    Anyway, hope all is well with you and there is a great cruise in your future!





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    Hi Donna! I agree! Me, I’m happy on an Oceania ship anywhere it wants to take me!

    Stuff happens. We are just lucky we can set sail at all:)! We’re not cruising this year, but have 2 next year ... both on Riviera.

  7. I only read about 20 replies and felt I had to say something. I am not a "professional" poster no have I been on the Oceania forum for quite some time. Generally I post on Roll Calls now and that's that. Social media in general has become pretty ugly.


    That said, I clicked on this review because I was worried. We started cruising on Oceania in early 2013 and our 8th is coming up. After cruising since 1982, we landed here and stayed because it is everything we want. Perfect? No. But pretty darned close. If I see a poor review I worry because since Norwegian took over I've been concerned Oceania might go downhill. Our last cruise was this past December and it was still a stellar experience.


    I read the review and as I read turning over in my mind were the words "Are you kidding me??? These are your issues??". I'd understand if this were a first cruise. Many people don't understand cruising. But you cannot just suddenly "dock" somewhere when you're not scheduled. Lots of ships on the sea. We had a medical emergency once and took the patient to Turks & Caicos. Moored out at sea for awhile I sure wished I could be lying in the sun on that beach, but I also knew you can't just dock wherever you like. It's not a motor cruiser out for a spin.


    I could go on about my shock reading this, but I don't want to tear it apart. But if this is enough to turn someone off Oceania, then cruise another line and see how that goes. Before Oceania, Celebrity was our line of choice and before that HAL and on and on. Anyone who thinks Celebrity is better because they always have escargot or shrimp or whatever should probably return to Celebrity. Because hands down the Oceania cuisine so far surpasses Celebrity.

  8. I would recommend you keep a copy of them at home in case this happens again. Seriously. I even travel with a copy.


    Already done!!!!! :)


    I'm betting I know who that TA was/is.


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    I'm sure you do :). She's cruising right now so doesn't know. Wait until I tell her!!!:'):') I'll see her on our cruise next week.


    And I'm never "hiding" anything again!!!

  9. Happy you found them Heather ~ I went thru something very similar a few years ago. My entire family had gotten their 1st passports in January after Mexico started requiring them. Night before our trip my husband pulls them out & discovers mine had expired 2 months before. Went to passport office in NYC with travel docs in hand & got an expedited passport. Was able to catch up with my family at the layover airport. It was one of the most stressful days of my life . . .



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    Worse!!! Night before! Ouch! In 2013 when we were about to take our first Oceania cruise on January 4th, I noticed in our documents that our passports had to have an expiration date beyond 6 months (I think it was). Mine was to expire in April and this was New Year's Day!!!! I came on Oceania boards in a panic and everyone was so wonderful saying possibly I could get to Miami the next day and get it renewed in time.


    I was saved that day by a member here (I did not know her) who actually called an executive she knew at Oceania. He told her that given the ports on this particular cruise, I would be okay. My relief was palpable. I had never met this woman and my gratitude could not be measured ... a perfect stranger calling an Oceania executive on New Year's Day!!!!! I researched through mutual CC members who might know who she was and she is my TA to this day:).

  10. Thank you all so much. I knew if anyone would understand, it would be all my fellow cruisers. I kept thinking that at least I realized today and not Friday!!!! So we could have gotten them replaced in time, but I have to tell you all that my husband was trying to hide it, but he was pretty p*&@d at me!!!! We had a lot to do this week and he did NOT relish a trip to Miami Tuesday.


    I do think that I will appreciate this cruise more than I ever would have ... just thinking for a moment it wouldn't be happening. Yikes. Sometimes things like this happen for a reason. I'm too old to hide things this way and maybe a small safe that someone suggested might be a good idea.


    Thank you again for your suggestions and your sympathy!!!

  11. Oh my God!!! I FOUND THEM!!! I opened my closet door to hang something up and my brain popped. I remembered when we went away in October I hid them deep in my closet for safekeeping!!!!! Opening my closet jogged my memory.


    I'm scaring myself. The good news is I saved my marriage!!!


    Thank you all who gave me tips and pointers. At least I am ready with a lot of documents, etc., if this ever happens again. And thank heaven I hadn't actually reported them lost!!!!!

  12. We were able to make an appointment at the U.S. Passport Office in Miami on Tuesday, but there was no way to explain what it was for. The website is confusing and I'm not positive which forms I need. I doubt I need to fill out an entire application? I'm filling the form out for lost Passport and we will get photos tomorrow. I'm just having a hard time learning what I need. I have copies of our applications from our most recent passports with the copies of the photos.

  13. We are supposed to cruise out of Miami on Saturday, 12/2. I just discovered I have lost our passports. I have exhausted every possible place and they are gone along with or marriage certificate and my original birth certificate (I have a copy). I know there is a Passport Office in Miami and we are I n West Palm Beach. Has anyone had to replace passports last minute like this and know the procedure????


    Do we have any hope of going on our cruise. There are no words to describe how I feel right now because I'm pretty sure I threw he leatherette folder with all that in it away by mistake (thinking it was empty). :loudcry::loudcry::loudcry:

  14. When wifi is available, we use Xfinity dialer to make phone calls that are treated like local calls made from our home phone (when calling back to US) - a very nice feature.

    We don't need to make many calls but occasionally we just need to (like 800 numbers to airlines, etc)


    Thank you so much!!! Reading this I immediately checked and it's the Xfinity Connect app which I have, but never realized I could use it this way. Evidently you can even answer your home phone within the app!!! I won't be doing that, but the texting feature is invaluable and the ability to call is definitely a plus. Thank you so much for mentioning it!

  15. Thank you again for writing about your experience. We loved it too and just booked a 10-night Riviera 12/2:). You've given me so ideas for things to enjoy next time that we skipped this time.



    It was fun meeting you and talking with you. Unfortunately I came home to Strep and an Upper Respiratory Infection so my TKR surgery had to be canceled today. Best laid plans!!

  16. ........

    Yes, Heather in Florida, I met you at the CC meet and greet. It was lovely. What an opportunity we all had.


    I thought I remembered you especially because you had come so far. Yes, we were very lucky to have such a lovely evening and it was fun meeting the people from Cruise Critic. I'm waiting for a review from Erica. Thanks again for this review. Fun to read your perspective.:)

  17. Having been on this cruise with you, I loved reading your first impressions of Oceania for the first time. And I would agree with you about service in the GDR which we have chosen to avoid the last 2 or 3 cruises for that reason. I have no idea why, but the service became painfully slow in the last couple years and often the food was tepid. When we aren't dining in one of the Specialties, we love going to Terrace. We've never been disappointed there and we found the service superb at dinner. We did have lunch in the GDR one day and although there were very few people, the service was extremely slow.


    Personally I like a 2 hour dinner when sharing which is our preference, but when it stretches to 2 ½ or more, it's a bit much. We had no such problems on this cruise in the Specialty restaurants.


    We don't drink at all so we wouldn't experience some of your issues with service. I did notice that no one ever asked if we wanted something other than water, but when they came to fill my glass with water I would always ask for my Sprite Zero or sparkling water and they were quick to get it. Since any beverage is an added cost for Oceania, perhaps they are told not to ask, but rather wait for the guest to request:).

  18. I loved reading your review! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I especially loved reading all the things you did that I couldn't. I feel sure we met at the wonderful CC get together party ... one of the best I've ever attended thanks to James for hosting and Lois for getting all our information. I thought her personal invites sent to our cabins was such a nice touch.


    This was to be our last cruise because as we age I just feel I don't have the energy to do all that I want, but even doing nothing on Oceania was so wonderful that we just booked Riviera on 12/2.

  19. Makes me smile to read your posts:). Judging by your reactions you could feel exactly what I felt because you've probably experienced it all yourselves (except if you've never been to Harvest Caye). Because of our dog I swore this was our last cruise, but I don't think it can be so. I just wish they would continue to offer 6-9 nights a few times a year on Riviera or Marina because those are our favorites in the Caribbean.

  20. I thought about reviewing our 7-night Caribbean cruise on board the Oceania Marina, but it would simply be a rehash of all that's been said so many times, adjectives describing the comfort of having everything done for you and the superlatives we all use after a week of pampering and eating way too much consistently deliciousfood.

    So I will write about what I will miss. Sitting here on our last day, enjoying the sound of the ship slicing through the calm seas with the sun at our stern and knowing soon we will be back to the reality we love, our dog we've missed so much. Still .....

    I will miss Surf and Turf with parmesan fries for lunch in Waves, the sound of ice cold water being poured into a stemmed glass. I will miss the fresh squeezed orange juice in the morning and the anticipation and wonder of fresh baked donuts on a morning here or there. I will miss the grapefruit sorbet in a sweet waffle cone and the chocolate shake to which I decadently add warm chocolate and caramel sauce, even chocolate chips which are even yummier drawn through a straw.

    I will miss Barista's with its hot cappuccino, a biscotti dunked into the warm liquid as I sit looking out over the pool, the ocean beyond while I read my latest book.

    I will miss all the smiles and friendly greetings from Officers and crew alike. With one tiny exception not worth a mention, there was never a time that people were anything but willing and happy to serve us.

    I will miss relaxing under a warm sheet in the Canyon Ranch spa while my feet enjoy a massage of warm oils and pampering such as those poor worn tootsies rarely experience.

    I?ll miss the warm 'good morning' of our Butler, Rana, arriving with pots of hot coffee, chocolate croissants, and white linens spread on the glass table at the foot of the bed.

    I will miss returning from breakfast to a sparkling clean room with tightly made bed and puffy pillows. Perhaps most of all I will miss slipping between the sheets heaped with down comforters and sinking into the luxuriating bliss of the comfortable bed while feeling the slight swell of the ocean gently rocking me to sleep after an evening of delicious cuisine, delightful entertainment offered by the band, the singers and dancers who gave us one splendid show after another and never disappointed. And did I mention I?ll miss the chocolates on our pillows every single night?

    I will miss Harvest Caye, a tranquil paradise locked away on a tiny island just off Belize so meticulously designed and easily accessed via the longest, most beautiful covered pier I've ever seen. Multi passenger golf carts dart back and forth carrying people to the bliss that awaits either on the beach or by the pool. We chose a poolside cabana with every comfort imaginable, the ultimate in decadence unless you splurge for the larger, even more grand, beach cabana. Or you can just pull up a chaise anywhere and lounge under a palm by the pool or turquoise waters. The staff on Harvest Caye was friendly, warm and perfect in every way. I will miss Randy who brought us our delicious lunch and made sure we had everything we wanted. I could cruise to Harvest Caye every other morning with a sea day tucked here and there and be content forevermore.


    Until next time I will miss the experience only Oceania can give me .... a peace and pleasure unequalled in all my years of seeking time away from the stresses of everyday life. Oceania raises the bar and while I know there are some lines out there considered more luxurious, for us it is and shall always be ... Oceania.

  21. YoHoHo

    Loads of umbrellas, both at the pool area and the beach. There are clamshell loungers on the beach as well. Also, private, tented cabanas around the pool. (Not to be confused with the large cabana structures on the beach.) The poolside cabanas need to be reserved thru the pool attendants.



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    The poolside cabanas are listed as a "tour" on Oceania's website so the likelihood is they won't be available unless by chance all were not reserved. We reserved one for our visit and as I recall they are $250 for the day.


    And I agree .... Europe requires the longest cruise possible!!!:)

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