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  1. We are booked on her in February. Let’s say it is true, would they just cancel the cruises or try to rearrange their ships to cover our itinerary?
  2. We have a cruise booked for July 1( I know we may not sail) but the price dropped and I called and was told “ that price is only for new bookings”. Grrrrrrr
  3. Just got off serenade this morning. We heard last night that the ship would be sailing about half full IF they actually sailed. There was talk a decision would be made early this morning. Glad you sailed away. We had a great time and the sanitizers were everywhere! 👍😊
  4. We were on Pride last month and only purchased the value plan and we were able to get alerts from our home security cameras then view the live “action” This was our experience, not sure if it is the same as your situation.
  5. The representative meets you ( at the time you arranged with them) with all the luggage you left with them. Then you take it to check in at the airport. Check in what you want, carry onto the plane what you want. Easy Peasy. Highly recommend their services. Went very smooth for us.
  6. Currently on this cruise. It was an awesome sight to watch. Proud of the coast guard! prayers for the young man and his family whom are still on board with us. We arrive back in Baltimore tomorrow at 10am.
  7. We were on the Glory last month and are currently on the Pride. Luggage tags on both ships
  8. We are currently on the carnival pride for a journey cruise. It’s Saturday night and the ravens are playing the titans. They have it on the big screen at the pool, in the casino and at skybox, the sports bar. ( not playing in the staterooms tho😜)
  9. We just did this on Sunday dec 15th. Walked off the ship with our luggage, asked for directions to advance check-in. Very easy to find and very friendly and efficient with information and coupons for the area. It worked just as planned. A representative met us with our luggage at the airport at the pre-arranged time. Highly recommend this option if you have a late flight and want to tour the area luggage free.
  10. riviera


    Is it possible to catch a streetcar anywhere near the cruise terminal for Carnival? We have a late flight and will be storing our luggage before our flight but wanted to tour the area some. ???
  11. I found the same problem today when I tried to order. I called Carnival and was told they are in the process of switching all of their fleet to Pepsi products and until it is complete, you won't be able to order on line but she told me you could order once on the ship. Not a fan of Pepsi tho. 😞
  12. Has anyone done Carnival's "shore excursion" to the French Quarter on the morning of debarkation? It sounds good since we have a late flight that evening, however, it seems as if they put your luggage on a bus, then you are expected to walk to the FQ and tour for a few hours then meet up at a designated place for pick up and transfer to the airport? Is the FQ really that close to the pier? I'd appreciated advice from someone who has done this excursion Thanks for your help...
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