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  1. I sincerely apologise for any hurt that I may have caused to those involved, particularly David’s family and friends, for my mistake in incorrectly recognising the correct CC name. Trust me it was an innocent mistake, one that I will never repeat.
  2. We sailed with David and his parents on the 28 day Pacific Pearl cruise to Tahiti in July 2011. Such fond memories of them on the cruise and especially Patrick’s Tour out of Bora Bora that his Dad organised on the CC roll call. We often used to chat with David during the cruise. The whole family were passionate cruises. Our thoughts are with his family and friends, Vale David- you were a cruising legend. Jenny and Mark
  3. Those kangaroos and koalas will be a bit hard to spot also 🤣🤣🤣
  4. UPDATE Spoke to Princess Australia and our sail by date was pushed back to 31st December 2022. I have been able to booked 2 extended cruises (35n and 28n) on the 2022-2023 Coral Princess Aust./NZ launch and was able to apply the FCC's as the deposit on both cruises- so no actual cash was tied up. A win/win outcome!! Thanks for your advise, Jenny
  5. Thanks to everyone who replied with helpful information. I will be on the phone to Princess first thing Monday morning. Will let you know how I go 🤞🤞
  6. Our FCC from a cruise cancelled by Princess in March 2020, says that we have to apply it and sail by 1st May 2022. We are wanting to book a couple of Princess cruises from the 2022-2023 Australia/NZ itineraries being released on Tuesday for Elite members. The cruises we are interested in are for September and October 2022. Has anyone tried to/or had success at extending the sail by date, and if so how did you do it?? Thanks for your insight, in advance. Jenny
  7. Long cruise itineraries are what HAL does best, IMO. We have sailed the 38n Voyage of the Vikings, the 50n Amazon and RIO Carnivale cruise, the 32n Circumnavigation of Australia, the 31n South Pacific Explorer, a 33n Mediterranean cruise, the 28n Norwegian Fjords and Baltic cruise and the 53n Tales of the South Pacific from Seattle to San Diego. All of these cruises were outstanding. The Tales of the South Pacific was absolutely fabulous, so many wonderful ports that you can rarely get to on a cruise. We would do that cruise again in a heart beat and coming from Australia- we
  8. The choice of ship for this World Cruise could come back to bite Princess, if these comments on the Island Princess are anything to go by. Thought that Princess should be trying a bit harder to entice us to book by offering a ship with much better facilities, it is a long time to be on a ship will poor amenities.
  9. We send our request to head office in Seattle, as per the instructions. Have never even thought to send the request to HAL Aus. I will phone HAL Aus. office and ask. Thanks for the hint.
  10. Thanks Kirk, I was hoping you would reply. 😀
  11. I was wondering if someone could tell me where on my booking does it show that my OBC from my CCL shares has been added? We applied for it a couple of weeks ago. I have read previously on these forums that people have received their benefits in a couple of days, as they have seen it on their booking. Does CCL send you an acknowledgement that they have added it to your booking? Thanks, Jenny
  12. Thank you Kirk and a few others for pointing out to Tampa Girl that the large land mass between New Zealand and Africa is actually the continent of Australia and I can tell you that the 6 ports that they have scheduled for Australia are pretty amazing to visit. The itinerary from FL to Mauritius/Reunion Island is wonderful, but I wish that they had headed north through the Suez, into the Med., out past Gibraltar, then continued with the remainder of the itinerary back to FL. We would have booked in a heart beat.
  13. We are both Elite on Princess and 4 star Mariners on HAL, so have travelled extensively on both. We tend to choose cruises for their itineraries, not the cruise line, it just happens that HAL and Princess usually fits that bill. HAL is a more "sedate" line and often we feel that we are the youngest on the ship, whereas Princess seems "livelier" to us, which is very appealing to us We prefer mid size ships and the HAL longer itineraries, for example Voyage of the Vikings (38days),Tales of the South Pacific (42days) Amazon and RIO for Carnivale (50days), Circumnavigation of Australia (
  14. Thanks SinbadThe Porter, I just had a look at the Bus timetable for the 303 and I see what you mean. We are hoping that we will still be able to organise our own private tours and that tour companies will be willing to drive the 20 km to the new Terminal. Tours may have to be customised to allow for the additional travelling time, but they would be foolish to reject bookings because of the distance. It could be a goldmine to them if they start offering private tours from the new Terminal, but of course we will have to wait and see what the Cruise companies decide regarding Tours.
  15. Sorry, just noticed that this had been discussed on Page 1
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