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  1. Hi, Just have a look at my CC cover photo and it might help you decide!! I took this photo with my phone as we sailed past the Opera House. We have sailed many times into and out of Sydney at various times of the day and the year. Sailing under the Harbour Bridge is pretty special also. IMHO it is one of the most magnificent Harbours in the World- but then again I could be slightly biased 😉😉 I am sure you would not be disappointed with your decision to cruise to or from Sydney. Jenny
  2. If you log in to Princess.com, it will recognise which Captains Circle status you are. The prices and cabins are there for me to book today, being Elite. When I searched for World Cruises from Sydney - 6 cruises pop up and when you scroll through it says Sydney to New York- this date is Sold Out. Maybe if you book through a 3rd party agency then you might be lucky if Princess has allocated a certain number of cabins to them. Since this pandemic, we have sworn NEVER to book through a 3rd party again for cruises,airfares,hotel accommodation etc. We are still waiting for about $30,000 to be returned to us and we are starting to wonder if we will ever see any of it!! We cannot even phone many of these agencies because they are only "accepting" email enquiries, which we have sent repeatedly, and have never heard anything back from them. Not looking good for us 😱😱
  3. Good luck with that. I was just logged on as an Elite to have a look. I didn't check all of the cruises available but- Sydney to New York- saying SOLD OUT On the World Cruise Syd-Syd all insides and suites are booked out. Only one oceanview was available and Balcony was only on a guarantee.😱 Of course things may free up in the future., so hang in there. I think there are a lot of people wanting to allocate their FCC's from cancelled cruises.
  4. Wow KirkNC, just taking a peek at your future cruises, tends to make you the eternal optimist. Seven cruises booked for 2021, I hope they all come to fruition for you. We have one booked for December 2021 return Sydney, and two booked from the US in Jan./Feb. 2022 and I thought I was an optimist. You are an inspiration. Jenny
  5. We sailed the Veendam on the 52n Amazon and RIO Carnivale cruise in January 2019. Wonderful cruise that ticked a lot of boxes. So glad that we did it because in today's Corona world, we would not even consider it now . We have missed out on the Westerdam's South America/Antarctica/Solar Eclipse cruise in November, so it looks as though that part of the world is out of our reach also. Very sad 😥
  6. Thanks for the recent information on this thread. We had to cancel our PE seats to the USA with AirNZ in March when our 3 B2B cruises were cancelled on us- with only 24 hours notice. Air NZ would only give us a credit for the $6600 after some haggling because we were due to fly out of Australia that very morning that Princess had informed us that our cruise was cancelled and initially they said that we would lose all of the money!! We had to rebook with AirNZ by March 2021. We just didn't know what to do or where to go on AirNZ's very limited flights. The good news is that we phoned AirNZ (after I read this thread) and they said that we can now get a refund. An excellent outcome for us. The annoying thing is that AirNZ did not get in touch with us to tell us that we could now get a refund. I wonder how many other people with large amounts of credit with AirNZ are unaware of this new information and will be scrambling to find some way to use this air credit by March 2021. Thanks again, Jenny
  7. Thanks, I will give them a call
  8. Our Sky Princess cruise from FL in March 2020 was cancelled by Princess less than 24 hours before the cruise was due to embark. We were flying from Australia to join the cruise the day before and had to cancel flights/hotels etc in an hour before we were due at the airport. Things were very stressful, as you could imagine!! Princess offered us 225% FCC, which at the time we thought was very generous. This FCC is sitting in our Captain Circle accounts. My question is- what are our chances of asking for our 100% full fare paid of the 225% FCC (100% full fare paid + 125% FCC) being refunded to our bank account. We are not interested in the 125% extra FCC that they offered anymore. Does anyone have any comments or experience with this situation?? Thanking you, Jenny
  9. Is there any chance of reverting FCC's on 2B2B cruises cancelled by HAL in the 1st phase in March 2020 back to a full refund?? We are not particularly interested in the 125% FCC and $250 OBC pp that we received for each cruise anymore and would now prefer just the 100% of monies paid back into our bank account. Anyone with any knowledge or had experienced with this scenario- I would appreciate your views. Thank you ,in advance. Jenny
  10. We also have fond memories of our 53n Tales of the South Pacific from Seattle to San Diego from 25th September - 17th November 2016 on board the Amsterdam. Besides the wonderful Ports, the general vibe on the ship and the long term friendships that we made with many folks from all over the World, the big stand out for us was the Cruise Director-Gene Young. He is the best CD we have ever had on our 30 cruises- he kept a very happy ship, he was involved in everything and was genuinely very approachable and a super nice guy. We have also cruised many times on the Maasdam, on the Rotterdam for the 38n VOV from Boston and the Veendam for the 50n South America/Amazon and RIO cruise in Feb.-March 2019 from Fort Lauderdale. All wonderful memories as we believe HAL has/had the best itineraries. We will be sad to see them go 😭😭
  11. Couldn't agree more!!!! We will NEVER book with an online agency again. Still waiting for refunds and it is over 17 weeks since our 3B2B cruises were cancelled by Princess and HAL in March. Phoning them is futile. Previously when I found a new promotion or fare drop etc (well within the cancellation date) and I would contact them to ask if it could be applied to our booking- you would think I was asking for their first born to be handed over. They are certainly not the gurus that they claim to be!!!! I have applied our FCC's to a couple of cruises at the end of 2021/22 and have booked directly with Princess and HAL- what a pleasant surprise that was-they were terrific and no actual money changed hands, just the FCC's and FDP's. Nothing was too much trouble and they said that if I found any betters deals etc to just get in touch and they would adjust it.
  12. Koidessertbar is owned by Reynold who is on Masterchef at the moment. I must check it out -as each cake/pastry looks like a piece of art. BTW has your September Sapphire Princess circumnavigation cruise been cancelled yet??? I notice that the Princess website is still selling the cruise. I have also noticed that the Guru on line agency is not allowing you to book on line any cruises before the 1st December- does this tell us something 🤨
  13. We received our shore excursion refund today on our Sky Princess (cancelled by Princess with only 24 hour notice) Caribbean cruise which was due to sail on the 14th March. It had been 110 days since we chose option 1- we have received our 225% FCC but still have not seen our port charges/taxes refund. Received an email from our Guru online agency yesterday informing us that our refund was now in a "queue" and should appear on our credit card within the next 4-6 weeks!!!!! for one of our booked cruises on HAL that was due to have departed on 5th April. No mention of the HAL cruise refund for the previous cruise that was due to depart on 22nd March (these were 2 B2B cruises) and the above mentioned Princess cruise that was just prior to these two cruises. So we just continue to wait. C'est la vie
  14. We have a heaps of FCC and OBC to use before the May 2021 deadline. Trying to plan B2B2B cruises from FLL that will finish with the Volendam 32n Hawaii/Tahiti/South Pacific departing San Diego on 1st February 2022. Have found the Rotterdam 14n Panama Canal cruise that departs FLL on 15th January that gets us to San Diego in time, but we are wanting a Caribbean cruise prior that includes Costa Maya &/or Cozumel (for my husband's Mayan ruin fix!!!) As we are flying from Australia, we usually like to spend plenty of time travelling in the US, to make the long flight worthwhile. My question is- when do you think the 2022 Caribbean cruises will be released. Carnival,Celebrity and RCL have released a few, but HAL and Princess haven't. Thanks in advance, Jenny
  15. Ahhh, remember the good old days when the aussie dollar was around 90c, it is back up to 70c at the moment. We were in Hawaii a few years ago when it was 48c- now that hurt😱 I can remember buying a stack of US dollars when it was $1.20, now that was along time ago!!!!
  16. Thank you for explaining the situation. As we mainly cruise with Princess and HAL, we will not go down that path. We are only Emerald on RCL, so will do the comparisons and see what works best for us. Thanks again
  17. Hi, People on here, keep mentioning US online agents. I was led to believe that Aussies/Kiwis can't book with them and that you could be refused boarding, if they see that you are not from the US/Canada. Or was this just scare tactics from Aussie agents?? You would have to factor in the exchange rate to see if it was worth it. I certainly see some great deals when I wander over their websites. If anyone would like to share their knowledge on this and the companies that they use- I would be delighted to hear from you. My cruise email is aussiecruiser88 at gmail dot com Thanks in advance, Jenny
  18. Received our full refund for a P&O cruise due to depart on 22nd May 2020 that was cancelled on 29th March, onto our credit card yesterday. Still no taxes/port charges from Princess and HAL for cancelled cruises on 13th March. OzKiwiJJ- has you Sapphire Princess Circumnavigation cruise in September been affected by the next lot of cancellations announced by Princess on the 1st June??? Such a great cruise. They say "All cruises in and out of Australia departing 29th August-21st September" have been cancelled and they mention Sea,Majestic,Sun and Sapphire. I hope not for your sake 🤞🤞 Jenny
  19. Just out of interest ...... We have received our FCC on the base cruise fare from Princess (cruise cancelled 13/4 for a sailing on 14/3- we got 225%) and for 2 B2B HAL cruises that should have sailed on 22/3 and 5/4 that were cancelled by HAL on 15/3 and we got 125% on each of those cruises plus $250 OBC each for both cruises. My question is- has anyone received their taxes/port charges back? We booked through an online agency and apparently the refund is sent by the cruise companies to the online agency and then they reimburse you to your credit card that you used to pay for your cruise. Just wondering if anyone else is in the same "boat" as us, as none of us are on a "boat" at the moment, (I know- a boat has oars, so you can insert ship instead if you want too 🤣🤣) Thanks, Jenny
  20. A lot of work went into that video. I am inspired 👏👏👏
  21. Cowabunga!!!! I can see what you mean 🤗
  22. Oops, didn't realise that. Thanks for letting me know and the hint- hope I can work it out 🤔 Jenny
  23. Thank you for your wisdom , I will take everything you said on board. BTW I have found your Virtual NZ and Australia cruise thread- my husband had to come and see what I was laughing about- really enjoying it. Especially love the couples massage team of Svetlana and Stefan 🤣🤣🤣 and the photos are amazing. Thank you again, Jenny
  24. Thanks for the great photos and progress report on the new Terminal. We have stopped into Brisbane a few times on cruises and have done some great wine tours and up into the Hinterland for the day. The last couple of times though we decided to stay on board the ship, as we felt it was too damn far to go into Brisbane for the day. On one occasion we were at the Grain Terminal on Melbourne Cup day and it was just fantastic. Princess went to a lot of trouble with screening the whole Cup carnival on the Big Screen and many venues inside and a heap of people used all sorts of clothing and linen (sheets,towels,pillow cases etc) to get dressed up in. Could't tell you how many sheiks we had on board that day. It was a truly memorable day as everyone got involved and it was such a happy and positive day. I am only new to this CC boards activity (although I am always active on our roll Calls) and I didn't know where or how to ask a question. I can tell that there are many experienced cruisers on this AUS/NZ thread ( we have sailed with David from NZ before), so I hope you don't mind if I ask a question. From your experience- do you think it is better to book with the Cruise line direct or with an online agency??? The reason that I ask is that for the past 10 years we have used the online agency-Cruise Guru, as I found their prices and offers sometimes to be very good, when compared to other agencies and we also like to choose our own cabin- which their site allows us to do. But the last few cruises that we have booked with them, they have been unwilling to pass on fare reductions that I have found and when Cruise lines offer a promotion etc. This is always well within the final payment date. I was just wondering if we had booked with the cruise line itself, then maybe we may have had more negotiating power to make these changes or at least request them. We are starting to wonder if we should try and find another online agency or just book with the cruise line, even though initially the price might be a bit dearer- the final benefits might be worth it. I would appreciate your comments and suggestions, particularly about agencies that you might use and have been helpful to you. Sorry about the long winded thread. Cheers, Jenny
  25. I'm sorry but I don't understand your reply!! I chose option #1 when Princess cancelled our cruise and I have received 225% of the base cruise fare, which is what I was expecting. I did not ask for a cash refund. My TA confirmed today that I can use the future cruise credit that is attached to my Captains Circle account on a future cruise after I have paid a deposit (as Princess has stated several times that the FCC cannot be used as your deposit- and I am fine with that). If the FCC value that I have on my Captain Circle account is "just a number in a computer" then the future cruise deposit that I also have showing in my account must also be "just a number" and I know that is not true as I have had FCD attached to several of my previous bookings. We are looking forward to booking more cruises with both Princess and HAL and will be using our FCC on those bookings.
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