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  1. Any reports on what is open on Orient Beach? I am looking for the best spot for a lounge chair/umbrella rental, and great drinks and food.
  2. Everything I stated is 100% fact based on studies of actual people who have received the vaccine and backed up be the CDC - I made no assumptions at all. I will state it again, people who are vaccinated have nothing to fear from those who are not.
  3. If the OP is vaccinated then we 100% understand the risk factors. There are multiple studies showing that vaccinated people have almost no risks associates with Covid 19. It is highly unlikely they would get it, even if directly exposed. If they did get it, they would almost certainly be assymptomatic, and if they did have symptoms, they would almost certainly be mild. They have a better chance of being struck by lightning than dying of Covid.
  4. The early bird gets the worm...or in this case the chairs by the pool.
  5. I checked in for June 12th and also applied for and received my Bahamas Health Visas ($40 each). Visa took about 1 hour to be approved.
  6. Nope, we got our "e-docs" yesterday but still no check in.
  7. They will say it is sailing right up to when it is cancelled. I think there is still a small chance that this could go. RC will have to do a test cruise first and that hasn't been announced yet, but may have already been applied for at the CDC.
  8. Unless cost is the biggest factor, I would avoid the lower floor cabins.
  9. I think if they were going to cancel the AOS sailings out of Bahamas, they would have done it when they cancelled the Bermuda cruises.
  10. Same here - I'm not really worried about it being cancelled but I will be happy when they finally let us check in. I also have ship excusions in Cozumel and Freeport that I will cancel once they officially announce that we can do our own thing. Any ideas on things to do in Freeport? We may just go to a beach but I like to have options if we not in the mood.
  11. Yes, they run sales every few weeks. The sale price has been $58 per person for the past few sales.
  12. It is always the cruise after you acheive the next level.
  13. There are no current plans for any ship to be amplified. I imagine it will be several years before that starts up again.
  14. If you have the same waiter all week (which you can do, even in MTD) they will keep your kids eating. A cruise is also a low risk time for your kids to try some new things. We talked it up with my son before his first cruise (at 11) and he tried quite a few things while still ordering from the kids menu. There is also Windjammer and Sorrento's as options if they don't eat enough during your regular dinner. One idea is to feed them early at one of the above and them check them into Adventure Ocean so that you can enjoy a nice relaxing meal in the MDR or one of the specialty dining restaurants.
  15. I work in a retail store and I can tell you that it is still a concern to many retail workers who have not been vaccinated as well as many customers who are expecting stores to enforce a mask policy. Regardless of my or anyone's opinion on mask effectiveness, I can assure you that there are many people with deep rooted safety concerns that have issues being around mask less individuals. I have no problem wearing mine, even though I am now fully vaccinated. I see it as a matter of courtesy. I do not wear a mask outside, and it is not the norm or required in my area. I guess I would put one on if it was requested or necessary for me to be in an area. I think we are approaching the end of mask wearing, it will happen as everyone has had the chance to get the vaccine.
  16. Basically the same info, but FROM the CDC itself. COVID-19 Breakthrough Case Investigations and Reporting | CDC
  17. I'm on the 6/12 "guinea pig" cruise. I booked some RC excursions for Cozumel and Grand Bahama but would much rather just do our own thing. We'll see whether that is an option.
  18. Actually, that is not true. Moderna and Pfizer are aver 90% effective and JJ is above 70% in preventing the virus AND are very close to 100% effective in preventing serious cases of Covid. So you are correct that there is a small chance of the virus being spread amongst a group of people who have close to zero percent chance of getting a serious case.
  19. I get it because it is pretty rare. My first cruise was in October 2001, just after 9/11 and it was around 50% because of cancellation - We were definitely spoiled by having no waiting throughout the ship. I will say that if they intend to socially distance, then I would hope that they would limit capacity.
  20. If everyone is vaccinated, I don't really see why we would care.
  21. The good news here is that the White House is involved. The CDC are a bunch of bureaucrats who will never do anything worthwhile in their lives. If the Biden Administration wants cruises to happen, they will. Hopefully they are seeing the political value of restarting the cruise industry.
  22. $100 on board credit per week.
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