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  1. It's a good gym. I went 4 out of 7 mornings when I sailed Encore in January, 2020. It's clean, well maintained and has plenty of equipment.
  2. We also enjoyed that area right outside of Vibe on Escape. You have the bar, whirlpool and a misting station. And it took a couple of days for other passengers to even discover the area as a public space so there were plenty of loungers and it was relatively quiet too. We spent the week going between that area on deck 19 and Spice H20 and never missed being in an area like the Vibe. On Encore it's way different and I'd say getting Vibe passes becomes more of a necessity. Encore doesn't have the public space outside of Vibe (Vibe is huge on Encore) and it doesn't have Spice H20. It means there's very little public sundeck space. We're sailing Joy in January and it has the area outside Vibe, Spice H20 and the Observation Lounge. We won't even be trying for Vibe passes, especially since we'll probably still have limited ship capacity. 93 days till Joy!
  3. As others have said and will say, it's very subjective. I have found the two cruise lines to be very similar with regards to food. Plenty of selection on both and it ranges from very good to not so good. If you were happy with the food selection and quality on rccl, you'll be happy with ncl.
  4. Thanks for the info and please keep it coming. Is the full crew on board Joy already or is it a partial crew? I know the first official sailing is scheduled for 11/20 but will there be a practice sailing? Thanks in advance
  5. I sailed Encore at the end of January 2020 and for the first time ever I allowed my daughter to pick our 3 specialty restaurants. She chose Teppenyaki, Los Lobos and Q. Teppenyaki was regular good hibachi. Los Lobos was great!! And Q was average, at best. The band at Q made it a fun experience and we went back a couple of times just to listen to them. Everyone we met and everyone on here raved about Onda and we missed it. Fast forward to January, 2022 and we're sailing on Joy and, what do you know, there's no Onda. Oh well, maybe next time. Lmao.
  6. Lol!! I totally give permission. WW
  7. My wife and daughter (and all our family and friends) depend upon me for the planning of all vacations and I'm ok with it. Lmao. All reservations and excursions run through me. I don't have colored folders but I do have my own system. You mention traveling in a group and that's why, once again, I won't be in the Haven for my January sailing on Joy and why it will always be hard for me to choose to stay there. For years I've chosen the cruise I want to go on with my wife and daughter and then my wife let's all of our family and friends know what we're doing and that all are welcome to join. This inevitably leads to us having anywhere from 7 to 30 people in our group. Our January Joy sailing currently has 11 of us going and that includes my nephew and his friend. They can't afford to stay in Haven and that's the dig because my wife wants to be near and with everyone in our group and she would never stay separate in the Haven. So none of us stay there and, to be quite honest, I'm totally ok with it. We've never gone with a group that 100% wants to or can stay in the Haven or any private area on the various cruise lines/ships. The money we save is substantial and, because of the planning I do and research right here at cc, we are always very familiar with the ship we're sailing on and how to maximize our experience. We're ok with the hustle and bustle on a beautiful sea day and my wife is a professional people watcher/listener (lol) so she's totally fine being amongst the masses on a full cruise ship. I can't stress enough how much help I get planning for our trips right here on the forums. It has allowed us to avoid so many of the typical pitfalls of cruising. I'm sure at some point we'll pick a cruise and nobody will join and then, maybe, we'll book Haven and see if it's for us. We've loved every cruise that we've been on and I don't see that changing anytime soon. 95 days till Joy!!
  8. according to vesselfinder, Joy arrived in San Juan yesterday. There is definitely some crew onboard as I saw a youtube video of a crew member who was quarantining in his cabin. I'm sailing Joy 1/15/22 so this is all very exciting. I'm paying close attention to Nov. 20 as that's supposed to be the first sailing for Joy out of Miami.
  9. Nobody on here is going to know for sure, but they announced the extension to 12/31 from 10/31 approx. 2 months in advance. I'd expect they'll announce something in the first half of November, if not sooner. I'm sailing Joy 1/15 so I'm hopeful for just an extension of the current protocols.
  10. While I totally respect your opinion, this is the first post I've seen where someone didn't absolutely love Choir of Man. I've seen it twice, on Encore and Escape, and it was the most fun show we've seen on any cruise ship. On Escape, we saw it in the supper club and it was just amazing. It was my wifes birthday and she got brought up on stage to be serenaded to. So much fun!! We're sailing Joy in January and we are a little bummed it's not on this ship. We also enjoyed Kinky Boots, but Choir of Man was definitely more of a highlight.
  11. We ordered a 24 pack when we sailed on Encore in 2020 and that worked out well for the 3 of us in our cabin. The water was waiting for us when we got to our cabin and I had our steward empty the mini fridge so we could keep it in there. I'm really not a fan of ncl not including water bottles in their beverage package, but it's otherwise a very good value for my family.
  12. Our go to meeting place when first boarding. One of the best cruise venues ever. Bar, views and snacks. Who could ask for more. Lmao
  13. Well, according to someone in the ship movements thread, the crew for the Joy is in hotel quarantine currently and will begin flying in to board Joy on Saturday. If true, this is great news and shows that NCL has a plan and is sticking to it so that we can all enjoy cruising again. 106 Days until my Joy sailing!!
  14. I'm sailing Joy in January and I'm optimistic. It's been in Aruba for approximately 2 months now and I just read somewhere that the crew was supposed to begin arriving around October 1st. I am closely paying attention to those first sailings in November to see how it goes.
  15. I'm sailing Joy in January 2022 at exactly the same time as I sailed Encore in January 2020 with all the same free at sea perks and I'm paying significantly less (% wise) for my upcoming sailing on Joy. So excited! 115 days...................
  16. We loved both Escape and Encore, but would give the edge to Escape. We're sundeck people and Escape had more sundeck space outside of Vibe and the Haven. Escape had sundeck space for all passengers on deck 19 outside of Vibe, which was very nice. It had a bar, whirlpool and most people didn't even know it was there until like the 3rd or 4th day. On Encore they expanded Vibe and this extra sundeck space on deck 19 didn't exist. Escape also has Spice which Encore doesn't have and we did miss it a little. Of course Encore has the Observation Lounge which is just an outstanding space but is less used on the Caribbean itineraries that we frequent. It was great for my aunt and uncle, who spent much of their days there sitting at the bar. And we always knew where to find them. Lol.. Because of these minor differences, we've chosen Joy for our next sailing in January, 2022. From what I can see, Joy has the OL, Spice and the extra sundeck space on deck 19. Maybe it'll be the best of both worlds for us. We'll find out soon enough and, anyway, it's a cruise and they are all awesome to us.
  17. I stated in the duplicate thread how much we enjoyed GSC and we did. Cabana was great to have as a home base and there were so many fair to very good food options. I'll add on to the others here regarding the tenders. They are quick and easy if the water cooperates but, apparently, that's not the case usually. We had a fine ride over to the island and it takes just a few minutes. The ride back later in the day was a different story. It took close to 30 minutes as the sea was too rough for the tender to get close to the ship for us to board. Even when they finally made the move to get us on board, it was so rough that we practically had to jump onto the ship. It was particularly difficult for people with limited mobility. Apparently, this is pretty common, as we heard NCL skips this stop fairly regularly because of rough water. We were sailing Encore in January, 2020.
  18. I enjoyed it too. We rented a cabana and had so much fun playing games, drinking and eating. Many food options all over. We had a hot dog cart practically at the base of our cabana and I definitely took advantage.
  19. Another big difference is that the Joy has Spice H2O and Encore doesn't. I missed it on the Encore as it was on Escape.
  20. I'm sailing Joy 1/15/22 so I'm super interested too. I know Joy has been in Aruba for awhile now and before that in San Juan. I thought I read somewhere that Joy was being used as a vaccination center for the crews on various vessels. I wonder if that's what it's still being used for. My focus is clearly on the first sailing, November 20th. My final payment is due November 16th so hopefully we'll have a clearer picture then. I am cautiously optimistic as some of you here and elsewhere have already enjoyed some successful sailings on other ships.
  21. I sailed Encore 1/19/2020 for 7 days and had the free at sea that came with 3 specialty meals. They've made the change since the pandemic began which is a little disappointing but not really a big deal. We've always enjoyed the mdr's and will continue to do so when we sail Joy 1/15/2022.
  22. Definitely the Minnow. Damn 3 hour tours!
  23. I know my daughter had a virgin mudslide, amongst other drinks she ordered. And she thought it was super fun!
  24. I can't speak for the vegetarian stuff, but the non alcoholic/mocktails is a head scratcher for me. I've sailed with many who've wanted mocktails (mostly underage) and virtually every drink was available to be had that way. Just last year, sailing with my 20 year old daughter, we got several drinks without alcohol on the Encore. And, of course, all the ships I've sailed have alcohol free beer too.
  25. I know that you are way more experienced than I am, but this is not exactly what I've been told by NCL employees on my last 2 cruises. I sailed Escape in 2018 and Encore in 2020 and it was the first time I'd seen the signs posted by the pool area (or maybe the first time I noticed). It was also on the big screens early in the mornings. Anyway, I was curious and specifically asked a couple of people on each sailing what the deal was with these posted times. I was told the same thing each time. These "unattended" times were meant for the people who leave the pool area completely. They are trying to stop people from setting up at 6am and disappearing until 10am or the ones who leave for 90 minutes to have breakfast/lunch. It's not intended for those of us who spend many hours in the pool area and frequent the whirlpools, pools, bars, etc. Maybe I was told false information or maybe NCL expects their passengers to use the same common sense that others in this thread have already mentioned. Either way, it's a cruise and we're there to have fun and relax. 138 days till Joy sailing!
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