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  1. Silversea Australia has had a bit of a problem. https://www.travelagentcentral.com/cruises/former-silversea-bookkeeper-australia-accused-stealing-3-6-million
  2. As LAL Cruiser has said there is only 1 terminal at Santiago.domestic one end International the other so the transfer should be easily doable. Here is the link to the map. https://www.santiago-airport.com/map.php http://www.worldairportguides.com/santiago-scl/maps.php
  3. It was in a Force 12 gale when we sailed past.wasn't going to happen.
  4. Absolutely agree Aussieflyer.It is worth putting up with the rough seas.As you say South georgia is special.Unfortunately not every cruise can get there.We missed Tristan da Cunha because of a force 12 gale.Disappointed but still glad I went.
  5. Silversea do indeed hold auctions sometimes for te crew fund.There have been some when we have sailed on the Silver Explorer.One of the crew draws amazing maps of the itinerary.The original is auctioned off and usually raises a tidy sum. We have sailed several times when the employees are recognised.I then usually post pictures here on my cruise reports.But I agree Silversea could make this better if only via Facebook.
  6. And people who would really like to see you as well Wes.
  7. The Muse has done a Grand Voyage the last 2 years beginning in Sydney and ending in Tokyo which also probably explains the wait listing then release.
  8. I do hope PETA doesn't find out.
  9. Yes getting mixed up with our next cruise and the fact that the Shadow has previously done this but it actually is the Spirit we'll be on.Definitely not the Whisper.We wouldn't want to upset the World Cruisers now would we.
  10. Your TA should know some details.We booked a Shadow cruise for March 2021 Singapore to Mumbai.It was the last of those published.We wanted the sectors following which in past years went to Dubai then through the Suez canal to the Mediterranean. About 2 weeks ago our TA emailed us saying the next sector had been released and was Mumbai to Athens-I guess Dubai got the flick because of the rumblings in the Persian gulf.
  11. Halifax had perfect weather this morning- some clouds,no rain but cold.10C with real feel 6C. Saint John,NB this afternoon is sunshine and no winds but more trees down here than Halifax.So the Eclipse wasn't spending today in Portland because of the hurricane.
  12. Though the Eclipse was down on the Halifax port site as arriving on Friday 6th but not listed as one of the 3 cruise ships that left that day to avoid Dorian.We watched the track of Dorian throughout friday night and saturday.It was heading for the border between New Brunswick and Maine and a little south of Nova Scotia turned sharply to follow the NS southern cost crossing just west of Halifax at 7.15 pm last night. I would understand it if the Eclipse had headed straight to Portland on the 6th beating Dorian there.But if arriving on the 8th i Portland it suggests they waited out to sea until Dorian had passed.Would be good if there was a CCer on board to let us know.
  13. Exactly as tgh said.
  14. The Eclipse was due in Halifax,NS on friday 6th but had to escape .I wouldn't have thought that they would head for Maine as that would have aimed straight at Dorian.
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