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  1. It does appear the delta variant is more likely more likely to cause severe infection in the young than previous variants.Not only a healthy 30 year old dying of covid in this outbreak but 25% of those in ICU are <40 including a teenager. Young people warned after COVID-19 death of Sydney woman in her 30s - ABC News
  2. My writing very much looked like the bottom version.So I then started to print.If not rushed it can look like the top 5 words.But if stressed,fatigued or under the influence it reverts to the old way.
  3. Another quite sad at her departure.For her size she was remarkably stable.We went through 3 Force 12 Atlantic gales on her.Some spilt wine,broken plates but the next morning most were at breakfast. The crew were fantastic especially the lads on the side gate.Several we have now met on the larger ships.
  4. I would second Fletchers advice.We stayed at the hideous hotel on the Argentinian side.Far from hideous inside and waking looking out over the falls was fantastic.Personally I would think of staying 2 nights in Brazil at the Belmond then 2 nights in Argentina at the Sheraton. And much better to not do it on a Silversea excursion.
  5. We certainly hope to be in Singapore in February.But I swing from hope to despair.Hope has returned as the Government has talked about having a vaccine passport by years end.Just hope that means we will be let out.
  6. You can still make the night a bit special.Here I am on one such night on the Explore.The staff appreciate it even though I was in a minority. And that woman isn't my wife but some Explorer fans may well recognise the Chick with a Gun.
  7. Strewth.When I am in the USA many just don't know what I am saying.Rojaan though is a very good translator and can do most American accents. Have no problems in Oklahoma.Just have to talk slower. In Washington State they often think I am a local.
  8. Cunard also has cancelled their 21/22 cruises in Australia.Surely won't be long before SS does also.
  9. Cunard has just announced that they have cancelled all their summer 21/22 cruises. SS will likely follow, Cunard Unveils New Itineraries, Cancels 2022 World Cruises, Australia Cruises (cruisecritic.com.au)
  10. Though most of those studies are not rigorous and basically meaningless. For example the hair dresser study on top of the list proves nothing.If however the study had the hair dressers wearing masks with half their clients wearing masks and half not then if there were cases in the non mask wearing group it could be more meaningful.But then if a client was positive was the infection picked up whilst they were having their hair done or somewhere else. A Danish study that was a little more rigorous found that masks didn't significantly prevent the wearer from contracting Covid.Wh
  11. But even if everyone is fully vaccinated there will still be some people who will get Covid.The majority though will have less severe cases and much less likely to pass it on. But the age cohort of SS means occasionally there will be a severe case. COVID-19 Vaccine Breakthrough Cases Increased — Coronavirus Today
  12. The incentives to vaccinate in Australia are not from the Government.Our major airline Qantas along with Accor are talking of offering up to 10 prizes of a years free travel on the Qantas network for a family of 4 with Accor giving them a million points for accomodation. But all their vaccinated members are to get 1000 frequent flyer points so something for everyone. Qantas to offer rewards for COVID-vaccinated travellers, says other businesses should do the same - ABC News
  13. Another who has enjoyed La Dame. Not concerned by the upcharge.Nothing compared to the price of the cruise.Plus we book through Virtuoso so have OBC. And we have never had stiff, pretentious service there as well.In fact one of our most relaxed and enjoyable episodes of service occurred in La Dame on our Wind cruise of the Black sea a few years ago.
  14. And this is why I won't get on a cruise ship with unvaccinated passengers. Covid, Malta denies entry to Msc Seaside - Malta News Agency
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