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  1. The Canary Islands were famed for their sweet wines.Basically a sherry style.But we can't call such wines that any more.In Australia officially the style is now called Apera.The irony is sherry was very much out of favour in Australia but Apera is taking off especially with younger drinkers.
  2. It was the one under the gin in my last post.here it is again. https://ginglebellsgin.com/ So if any CC members especially those in the cooler are on a cruise with us just ask ands I will bring a bottle of the finger lime gin or the butterfly gin with us.Ask nicely and possibly one of each.
  3. I think I might have a new favourite Aussie gin.The makers do have a sense of humour. . https://ginglebellsgin.com/collections/gin-baubles/products/blure-butterfly-pea-flower-gin-with-elderflower-750ml?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=b+Lure+Butterfly+Pea+Flower+Gin+With+Elderflower+Bottle+Release!&utm_campaign=b+Lure+Butterfly+Pea+Flower+Gin+With+Elderflower+Gin+Bottle+Release I'm sure Rojaan will buy me a bottle for Christmas.
  4. A beautiful,smooth gin.Unfortunately too easy to drink.The best of the Tasmanian gins I have tried.Although I have tasted a few as since the pandemic began I have worked here for over a year.There are literally hundreds of Tasmanian gins now.
  5. This is now my preferred bottle.Tasmanian gin. .
  6. Having spent 8 days in Antarctica and later 3 days in South Georgia- was actually 4 but 1 day was a total loss due to a severe southern ocean storm - I would definitely take the option of South Georgia. On our cruise to Antarctica one guest was a senior Linblad captain -they were deciding if they would buy the ship we were on.He described South Georgia as Antarctica on steroids or the Galapagos of the Great Southern Ocean.
  7. Our experience as well.But as we were then penny pinching Aussies it was only 1 at the Long Bar.As you say too bl**dy expensive. Now a little affluent I am looking forward to a few more first in the TPR in Changi and then in the F cabin of SQ as we wing our way to Frankfurt.
  8. Spent 3 days there 2 years ago and loved it.Stayed in the Gatehouse of Osborne Castle.Fantastic.As always I did a report. (4) In Royal Footsteps-southern England and the long way home. | Australian Frequent Flyer
  9. Though if Rojaan was aboard 6 of those would be in our fridge.😁😉
  10. We were quite unhappy that the Singapore to Athens cruises were deleted as that would have taken us to 349 nights.We settled down when the options were presnted and we have gone with the 110% FCC plus getting the cancelled nights credited. So now booked on Barcelona to Venice cruise on the Dawn in August 2022 and considering Lisbon to Athens and then continuing Athens to Rome.Starting out in March 2023.
  11. Though all the Asian countries have less covid cases per million population than the USA.On our Singapore to Athens cruise the only country that has a higher number of cases per million than the USA is Israel. This is India's graph.But they have a population of 1.2 billion.About 32000 cases per day. Now here is the USA.About 130000 cases per day.
  12. Thanks for that.One of my all time favourites.
  13. I think it is wishful thinking.Although it is very likely our border may well open on December 17th it will be a phased reopening almost certainly.I doubt foreign tourists will be allowed into Australia until 2022 and probably second quarter 2022. If only Australian passengers I think the cruises will be hard to sell.
  14. I have tried a few wines from Sardinia as our favourite Italian restaurant had a chef/owner from Sardinia.After a while the red was always a Monica after all everyone needs a monica in their life. Fringe Wine: Monica - Sardinia, Italy
  15. Lockdown again. . And I can;t sing one of my favourite songs. .
  16. I always enjoy Trivia and the putting on SS.Always a laugh and good conversation as well as the good natured rivalry.
  17. It does appear the delta variant is more likely more likely to cause severe infection in the young than previous variants.Not only a healthy 30 year old dying of covid in this outbreak but 25% of those in ICU are <40 including a teenager. Young people warned after COVID-19 death of Sydney woman in her 30s - ABC News
  18. My writing very much looked like the bottom version.So I then started to print.If not rushed it can look like the top 5 words.But if stressed,fatigued or under the influence it reverts to the old way.
  19. Another quite sad at her departure.For her size she was remarkably stable.We went through 3 Force 12 Atlantic gales on her.Some spilt wine,broken plates but the next morning most were at breakfast. The crew were fantastic especially the lads on the side gate.Several we have now met on the larger ships.
  20. I would second Fletchers advice.We stayed at the hideous hotel on the Argentinian side.Far from hideous inside and waking looking out over the falls was fantastic.Personally I would think of staying 2 nights in Brazil at the Belmond then 2 nights in Argentina at the Sheraton. And much better to not do it on a Silversea excursion.
  21. We certainly hope to be in Singapore in February.But I swing from hope to despair.Hope has returned as the Government has talked about having a vaccine passport by years end.Just hope that means we will be let out.
  22. You can still make the night a bit special.Here I am on one such night on the Explore.The staff appreciate it even though I was in a minority. And that woman isn't my wife but some Explorer fans may well recognise the Chick with a Gun.
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