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  1. Recently did Compass Sailing In Bonaire. Half-day snorkel with drinks, snacks and great hospitality. The crew were charming and funny, all Dutch. It was about $50 pp., only about 15 passengers so not crowded at all. Nice excursion.
  2. I was looking at the 50% off second person deal, this must explain the low discount. Thanks!
  3. Two weeks ago, and it’s been updated on the C&A site.
  4. A week on Rhapsody out of Barcelona next May,$100 discount and $75 off for a 5-day out of Galveston in Jan.
  5. Upon turning Diamond I’m looking at cruises. for my $250 balcony discount. Surprised to see only $75-100 off. Did RCCL downgrade this benefit while I wasn’t looking?
  6. It’s possible that you were “red flagged”. In the hotel industry if a customer has a negative experience/complaint, their account is flagged to insure that they are given superior service so as not to have any additional problems that might affect their stay. The steward should not have mentioned the notation.
  7. Researching tours for an ABC Freedom Cruise in May. For those familiar with Calabaza snorkeling with turtles tours in Barbados, are their comomparable tours in any of the ABC islands, preferably Bonaire? My DH no longer enjoys snorkeling so I’m looking for an on the water experience that can be enjoyed without getting in. Nice boat with shade and comfy place to sit, some beers, nice views. I think we paid $115 for Calabaza and he said it was worth it even without snorkeling.
  8. The Company Store.com has the cutest pjs and nightshirts in nautical prints: fish, sailboats, crabs, flamingos, seagulls. They are made from a quality cotton poplin, with piping edges and feel crisp and comfy. Got 2 pairs of the short pjs because I like to be decently dressed when room service, etc, is coming in the room. They are sea-worthy! Sent from my iPad using Forums
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