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  1. [/b][/b] Would you mind elaborating on why you wouldn't sail MSC for a special celebration? I am considering booking for our 40th anniversary and don't want to regret it. I have spent two days reading and still haven't decided.
  2. I am trying to decide on whether to book the Divine too. Princess is our favorite line so your comparison to Princess is a positive for me. The only reason that I am considering another line is Princess isn't in the Caribbean at the end of May. The ship is beautiful. The only thing that I have seen so far that is a negative for me is food presentation. I know that might seem petty but I do enjoy the beautiful food displays. I guess as long as the foods good I could overlook the detail, lol. The 2 for 1 balcony special is hard to pass up. I am also trying to decide whether to pay the extra for the YC. It looks very nice and still a reasonable price compared to say Norwegians Haven. Can't anyone comment on a comparison of those two?
  3. I have really enjoyed your review. Thank you for sharing! I am planning our 40th wedding anniversary cruise and considering trying MSC Divina/Eastern Caribbean at the end of May. You information has been really helpful.
  4. My favorite is Antiqua. Aruba, Grand Turk, St. Martin, Grand Caymen, .....I think that it would be easier to name the islands with not so great beaches. I personally don't care for the black sand beaches. :)
  5. Sure will. I plan to write a complete review of the Royal and the Islands we visit. :)
  6. TracieABD, We arrived in Ft Lauderdale today and anxious to board the Royal tomorrow. I have my fingers & toes crossed for you and your Mom. See you at the meet and greet! Get rid of that negative Mojo cause "Every little things gonna be alright." :D
  7. dmwnc1959, Thanks for posting these pictures. They are the best that I have seen of this cat cabin. We are in B406 which I assume will be the same. We board tomorrow for 20 days. Yea!
  8. We got our cabin assignment on 01/21 for our upcoming cruise leaving this Wednesday 01/28th. We had booked a IA gty and that is what we got. It is one of the sideway IA's midship. It appears to be a perfect location:) No visit from the upgrade fairy this time but we are happy with what we got. Midship location was our priority and that is where we are.
  9. Anyone used this company for a tour? How was it? Bridgetown to Holetown, North Point, Bathsheba and back to Bridgetown. In port from 9:00am to 6:00pm. Would there be enough time?
  10. The thing is that I booked the highest IA because of the location which is great, not in hopes of being upgraded to a balcony. Like I said, if there were to be an upgrade, it could only be to a balcony. That would be icing on the cake. We will be perfectly happy with the plain cake. :D
  11. There are some people who do not use the internet. Is there a way that they could give there minutes to someone else?
  12. TY Tracie! I look forward to meeting you too. I am so happy with doing the 20 days (1st one more than 7 nights) that I'd be happy in the cargo area, :eek: lol, just kidding on that one.
  13. We are 11 days out from boarding the Royal for 20 nights. We booked in July with final payment in November. We have yet to be assigned. My strategy was this. We decided to go with an inside for the price difference. This enabled us to do 20 instead of 10 nights. I booked the highest inside (IA) which is a great location midship. Now, if there were to be an upgrade, it would be to a balcony. I know it could be a balcony in a less desirable location and obstructed but it would be a balcony. To get a balcony at the price we paid would be great, either way we will be happy. I think that the important thing(as so many here have said)is book what you will be happy with. If you get upgraded, that is icing on the cake. "Woe is me", not at all. I love surprises! I think the anticipation adds to the excitement leading up to the cruise. I also enjoy reading about others gty assignments. Some people like to make choices ahead of time and have control of their arrangements which is fine. Some are a little more adventurous and go with a gty. To each his own. The main thing is to enjoy your cruise, make the most of whatever the assignment, be happy and be nice to others. As Forrest Gump said "And that's all I've got to say about that." :D
  14. Are taxi's in the area to get you back to the ship or do you have to call for one to pick you up? How much travel time should you allow?
  15. Boarding The Royal 01/27/15. I got the email today but no movies listed. There was a short video about MUTS.
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