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  1. I have learned thru experience, to always select the NEW BOOKINGS option because they always answer quickly... lol... then they transfer you to whoever needs to handle the matter.
  2. Good news among the bad... Amex shows refund today for 2 cabins cancelled by Celebrity for 5/20 Alaska cruise. Refunded in 3 different line items but for full amount. Did not call or inquire with Celebrity other than request for refund on 3/29... 32 business days.
  3. Stan... just an FYI... I have no problem reading OP posts normally with Safari on my Mac, iPhone, or iPad... no compression or long lines of text. Isn’t technology wonderful?
  4. Our May cruise to Alaska was cancelled by Celebrity on 3/24. Up until yesterday the cruise still showed as active on my Celebrity account. Today, I got an email cancelling all of our cruise planner purchases... although we got no refund because they were all paid for with OBC. The cruise is no longer showing on my Celebrity account. Hopefully this means that our requested refund is in the works... lol... not holding my breath, but it's a step in the right direction!
  5. Same issue with Delta. Called a week ago and rep said she would submit the request. Since I didn’t get any kind of acknowledgement via email, I gave it a week and called back yesterday. Got in the queue to receive a call back in approx. 25 min and that happened as scheduled. New rep said there was no note regarding previous refund request... and she would do a new one. I actually received the email noting the confirmation number immediately following the call. It says to please allow up to 30 business days... we’ll see how it goes!
  6. We had the opposite issue on HAL... so much food waste because even if we asked for a very small portion, we were always served way more than we wanted. Not at all impressed with the HAL buffet!
  7. Not sure about Canada phone numbers, but I called twice in the last couple of weeks to move a cruise and cancel a different one... had no wait at all.
  8. Last week we moved our Norwegian Fjords cruise from this year to next year... kept the same booking number and obc from booking onboard... also kept our 4 perks because the same promotion was available. Also, the new one is 7nt instead of 8nt, so we even saved some money and moved from SV to C1 as well. So, yes, you should be able to keep your obc.
  9. While on Celebrity, not RC... just something you might consider. Because of final payment coming up in a couple of months, we moved our Norwegian Fjords cruise from 8/20 to 5/21. Moved up to next higher category of cabin and kept our onboard credit from booking onboard. Deposit transferred over, so no money out of pocket. Since we booked onboard a long time ago, we only paid $100 pp deposit. Even if next May gets cancelled, we would still be out nothing. Fairly sure that August won't be a possibility, but not sure we even wanted to chance it. All of our prepaid private excursions have happily given us a refund or gift certificate to use on next year's cruise without a price increase. Best wishes deciding what to do... not easy for any of us!
  10. Very happy our local port authority and city have opened San Diego for the Eclipse. Hope some others can find this a safe haven for their debarkation. I was just reading that there are 30 cruise ships currently sailing around our world somewhere. That's a lot of ships looking for a port!
  11. We went on a 4 day RC cruise in early March and even then I couldn't wait to get home. Something about being in our "safe" place, even if it isn't as safe as it usually is. Hope you get here soon!
  12. Come on people... most of us here are fairly loyal to Celebrity or RC. They are in a huge crisis right now and things are changing every day. I'd love to know what's going on with all 7 of my booked cruises. Business owners of every size and kind of business are facing huge losses and trying to salvage what they can. Restaurants, hotels, tour operators... the list is long. I'm all for speculation of what they are going to do and enjoy having stuff to read while I'm sitting at home doing nothing. Have they made some mistakes? Of course... Do we need to vent? Of course... But blaming Celebrity for not posting a decision about a cruise that is 4 weeks away is just crazy. It could change within hours. Let's try to take a breath and be a little patient...
  13. I couldn't find one that was 8 days with the same itinerary... what did you book?
  14. Have 7 booked... likely will not sail 5/21 Alaska... looks like the 125% FCC is a good option to help pay down one of the other ones. Will wait and see if our end of August Fjords cruise is a go... the waiting game begins!
  15. haha... depending on what cabin you have, it's easy to reach the shower gel from the bathroom sink!
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