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  1. Still waiting on Alaska 2022 as well...
  2. Don't think they called it that. Should get the new invoice any day now (haha) and see what they ended up giving us. When I called, it was before the newest email saying you could keep your perks, although the rep said that we would. We opted for keeping the original pricing with 4 perks since we had a bunch of obc for booking onboard in addition to the new obc credit they were giving. Also had premium bev pkg instead of the classic that comes with All Included or whatever they are calling it. Pricing was interesting. Would have been cheaper to take the new pricing, believe it
  3. That wifi may not be what you think it is. When I changed mine, I asked the rep to check the 4 perks we had on our original sailing and even though my receipt says unlimited internet, the rep said it was the "surf" variety, not surf & stream like we thought it was. Looks like for those who need the streaming, we can use our tier discounts to purchase that upgrade onboard... Anxious to see how the invoice turns out in 7-10 days (or whenever it arrives)... I didn't feel like the rep really knew much of what she was talking about, although I did the change the day before the em
  4. I'd certainly call if you really want that cruise. It takes them 7-10 days AT LEAST to get the refund going, so definitely possible that they can work something out.
  5. I called and changed our Edge 10 nt Caribbean from 1/4/21 to the Silhouette, same date and exactly the same ports. It was quite the experience... took over an hour, with at least 45 minutes of that on hold. Rep came back once or twice saying her computer wouldn't work correctly... lol. She did not seem to have any idea what she was doing. Finally said we could keep our original 4 perks and also get the $200 addition veranda obc specified in the email. Also kept the same price we originally paid, even though when I priced the same cabin online, it was $600 CHEAPER to just take t
  6. Do we wonder why EDGE cruises over 7 days have been cancelled, but I can take the exact same cruise on Silhouette for the original 10 days? And... my cancelled EDGE cruise still shows available for booking online. Way to go, Celebrity IT, as usual. I realize that we have to change cabins since it's not the same class of ship, but agree totally that those of us with 4 perks that booked a long time ago, should be able to move our perks straight across instead of having them cancel our EDGE cruise and having to rebook at prevailing rates. Doesn't make any sense.
  7. Very true, but has always been this way. Even with the old perks, a solo pays for wifi for 2, but cannot get a 2 device activation even asking onboard. The double onboard credit was nice, though. Crazy, huh?
  8. I believe it said "the week of November 9th", so don't be worried if it's not on the exact day...
  9. Will be anxious to see if there are any Lift and Shift offers still available... also wonder about east coast to Europe TAs. Did I miss that date or might those be included in Europe releases?
  10. Anyone done this lately and have experience? In 2019 we booked Anthem TA for 4/25/2021 and paid extra for a refundable booking. If we cancel this now, can we get refund back to original form of payment or cash refund of some sort... NOT FCC? It appears that is the case when I looked thru the FAQs on Celebrity, but maybe I missed it on the RC website. I sent RC an email, but who knows how long it will take to get a response.... lol Thanks for any info!
  11. On a Pacific Coastal cruise a few years ago, we booked really early... and ended up getting 5 price drops before we sailed. Saved a LOT of money.
  12. I have learned thru experience, to always select the NEW BOOKINGS option because they always answer quickly... lol... then they transfer you to whoever needs to handle the matter.
  13. Good news among the bad... Amex shows refund today for 2 cabins cancelled by Celebrity for 5/20 Alaska cruise. Refunded in 3 different line items but for full amount. Did not call or inquire with Celebrity other than request for refund on 3/29... 32 business days.
  14. Stan... just an FYI... I have no problem reading OP posts normally with Safari on my Mac, iPhone, or iPad... no compression or long lines of text. Isn’t technology wonderful?
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