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  1. Or the adults who load up their plate and munch as they handle more food utensils? Or stuff the french fries in their mouth while still getting other items in line? or how about picking off dried fruit in bowl in the lines with their barehands and popping it in their mouth? It isn't just kids that take and replace items, I sit and see it the whole time I am eating because we tend to sit in the small center tables. Some kids just let thir parents do what ever they want.
  2. You do realize the age line is lowering as to death from child covid right? The children are contrating it and dying. and that link is old 2019. it is no longer valid: This is Feb 2021: Among cases reviewed, data were available for 41.9%, 8.9%, and 49.1% of cases for hospitalizations, intensive care unit (ICU) admissions, and deaths, respectively. Among children, adolescents, and young adults with available data for these outcomes, 30,229 (2.5%) were hospitalized, 1,973 (0.8%) required ICU admission, and 654 (<0.1%) died (Table), compared with 16.6%, 8.6%, and 5.0% among a
  3. https://www.upstate.edu/news/articles/2021/2021-04-01-pfizerkids.php
  4. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-vaccine-pregnancy/pfizer-biontech-start-testing-covid-19-vaccine-in-pregnant-women-idUSKBN2AI2NT
  5. I have seen and heard more adults be big mouths and obnoxious over any children. But you just need to be anti child. I get it. But with out those children you won't cruise long. they bring in as much money as you do. and they are easier to control than any adult who, for instance gets drunk and pukes in the sink for the ship people to have to clean up, Yep true story. then there is the adult who puked in the pool, yep whole pool had to be emptied. Or how about the drunk in the theater who thought we all wanted his opinion about the show through out? I'd cruise with 50% more children than
  6. Because the baby will and does receive the immunity via the mother, it has already taken place, the baby was born just fine and has the antibodies now. what mother doesn't want her "baby" protected? It is safer that way. but that is not the point, that is a personal choice on her part,not for you or I to decide.
  7. They are testing on children and babies as well as pregnant women, So I'm pretty sure children will stull sail. I still find them preferable to most adults. Kids don't get drunk and mouthy.
  8. Lamb, roasted, grilled, fried, any old way. Lamb.
  9. We had a room right down from splash academy we never heard them. We haev been on both breakaway and getaway and both near the academy. Never a sound.
  10. I wish they included water in drink package, the specialties coffees, and orange juice ( fresh squeezed) like RCCL does. I don't like the water boxes they get a strange taste after you have drunk from them, (yeah I don't like the ship water for me it tastes off) I also wish they had different menus for the three restaurants. Lastly I wish they didn't have a "we only make this drink" at the bars. I don't want to have to go to different bars to get the drink I want if I have a bar I favor for the atmosphere...
  11. DH has received his first of 2 and has a card...
  12. No it was his own 15 month old child and it wasn't Jenner.
  13. Guessing most don't realize that the vaccine for small pox was created and given in days to the creators 15 month old son.... those old enough to remember have the scar to prove it and the small pox has been eradicated.
  14. I am in the get the vaccine parade. I have watched my son in law lose his grandmother and uncle to Covid just last month weeks apart. His mother has lost the rest of her nuclear family from Covid, (After losing her husband to early Alzheimer's 3 years ago.) I have watched as my husband goes to work daily, hoping he comes home covid free. I have worked as a screener enforcing masks and taking temps and asking the same 6 questions 300+ times a day, all while hoping I come home Covid free. So yeah I get the vaccines, I have both pneumonia vaccines, flu vaccine, DPT up to date, whoo
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