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  1. straight from the horse’s mouth. https://www.ncl.com/suspended-sailings
  2. I’d love it. I’d pay extra for it. Actually... I’m booked in Haven... I guess I’m already paying for it.
  3. Yes, they make the bed into a couch in the AM and then back to a bed in the PM. We didn’t have to ask them to do this.
  4. Showing that they’re doing something people don’t like is hardly advertising for them. I was just showing proof that this is happening. Here is the edited message.
  5. We did the non-Haven Gem suite this summer and it was amazing. Not the full luxury experience... but I don’t think the Haven on Gem would be worth an extra $1000 since the literal only difference is the Haven area proper.
  6. You’ll have a much easier time finding ONE empty lounger, so I wouldn’t be too worried.
  7. Went through a local travel agent, got extra perks and she watches pricing and contacts NCL if my cruise fare goes down which has saved me thousands. And it feels good to support a local business.
  8. We were non-Haven in our last trip and NCL had advance notice of my son’s peanut allergy. Every single time we sat down for a served meal someone would come to the table, confirm at the table who had the peanut allergy, and then would go over the menu pointing out any foods that may be a problem. The only time this didn’t happen was (obviously) the buffet since nobody is serving you. But I would have no worries about food allergies onboard. They were impeccable and very careful every time we ate.
  9. A bunch of people with reservations for Six in April & May got this email today... anyone know what’s going on? If they’re pulling Six from Breakaway my daughter will be so upset!
  10. Thanks! We intend to fly into MiamI but if there was an amazing option near FLL we would make it work.
  11. Looking to stay in the Miami area for 2-3 nights before our August cruise. Kids are 16, 12 & 7 and will prioritize swimming over breathing so pool or beach is a big plus. Any recommendations? Willing to branch out to the Ft Lauderdale area as well if there’s a great place... thanks!
  12. Once a week I price out my cruise and see where it’s sitting. It’s a pain but as you said, their advertised sales are just lip service. I do wish there was a site that would do this for me though...
  13. No loungers. There isn’t room. This was room 11030’s balcony. Honestly I don’t see how a lounge would fit with one more chair and the table.
  14. We booked our trip on 1/1/2020 and prices are currently $500 more with the same perks. THANKS NCL! 😂
  15. There is one coffee machine in the buffet that has coffee beans in a container on top- that’s the best coffee on the ship. Great Outdoors is amazing, any time of day.
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