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  1. We had our refund in just over two weeks from the November cruise that was canceled by NCL.
  2. We had booked an November cruise that has been canceled. They offered a 10% discount on a future cruise but looking at the 2021 and 2022 cruises we can take (my wife is a teacher so we are limited on when we can go) they are 30-40% higher than the cruise we had booked. We told them to send us the refund and we are done for now. We have another one booked for July on RCCL and will see if that goes. If it does not go we will probably be done for a while.
  3. We have another one booked in July on RCCL. We will wait until after that to see if it goes and what kind of restrictions they have to see if we want to go through all this again. I am losing faith in these companies and the agencies that control them. I have my own views of all this lockdown and may just rent a remote cabin so I don't have to deal with the uncertainty.
  4. A little more than 2021. I would expect a little increase.
  5. The problem with the 10% is the same cruise next year, same week, (my wife is a teacher so we are limited on when we can go) is about 30%-40% higher. I realize they are having a hard time but this is a lousy way to treat their customers.
  6. We booked a November cruise in May. Of course it is now cancelled. Looking at similar cruises next year, same week, they are 30% - 40% higher.
  7. We are booked on the Jade for Nov. 22 and have the "Your Cruise is on Hold but time is running out" with the Make a Payment button. Of course we have paid in full by now. There is also a message in the Message Center that says I have a payment due but cannot access anything. I called and they are claiming a website glitch, not to worry, everything is fine. We shall see.
  8. We had new cabin assignment for Independence on Saturday but the cost was much higher. After a few more days they adjusted the price and it is over $400 less than the original price.
  9. I just checked our July cruise that was switched to the Independence. When they originally switched the ship and assigned the cabin, the cost was much higher than original. When I called they said it would be adjusted in the next couple of days. When I checked today it is now over $400 lower than the original payoff. Not complaining but find it interesting.
  10. I hope they are right but do not know if I trust what they say. We have 54 days until our next cruise and I really want to go.
  11. No one knows one way or the other. but they have not cancelled the November cruises, yet. Hopefully the first part of October we will know something.
  12. I hope y'all are right about the November start date. We have a cruise booked for Thanksgiving week and are looking forward to it. I have said I will not take a vaccine but am undecided about masks. I do not like them, I have a hard time breathing in them, and do not believe all the hype about them because the recommendations seem to change on the daily. I have seen too many negatives about them and personally believe it is a power trip for some politicians. That being said, we shall see what happens in the near future. We also have one booked for July 2021 and hope things are getting back to normal by then. (For those that want to go negative on that statement, keep it to yourself. We have heard it all and I choose to be hopeful. 😉)
  13. I think with all the changes they just made they are having a hard time keeping everything running. It took me three days to buy a coffee package. Of course the day after I was finally able to pay they refunded it because they changed the ship we were on. I don't know why they could not move it with the reservation but I had to repurchase it again today. Fortunately it went through without a problem.
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