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  1. we were on Allure 5 yrs ago when the previous drydock was just after our arrival to Europe. They did start working during our voyage and were fully in work very early on the arrival morning. The work they did during the cruise, was inside new cabins in the back of the ship, so mostly it was just smell of metal being worked, like welding or something. Other than that, we did not notice any interference etc especially not to the service. But, for my husbands great delight, they had a sell out of all goods in all of the stores, including the liquor store. Which meant he stocked up our already totally full suitaces with some great alcohol deals on the last night of the cruise. I remember him paying something like 10 USD for a Grey goose bottle and two gins with 14 usd together. Sorry for going to totally different direction, but I thought somebody might want to take an advantage on the sale as it is likely to happen again. Allures drydock is long and extensive, so they are definately going to clear the stores fully.
  2. John, When you get to the point of time changes, plese let us know how does it work this time. At noon or at night? Loved your periscope, seen boht!
  3. Oh, rubbing the salt on my wounds? We were supposed be onboard, but had to switch boats due to Hubby's work. Still glad I can sneak in with your review. Have a wonderful cruise!
  4. Thanks. Now I know where I can find my husband if we get separated during our cruise next week. Finns and Russians seem to share at least one thing besides the border between the countries. Our mutual love to vodka. And not to gin!
  5. May I ask off topic; Is everything else okay on Jewel? We'll sail on Aug 25th and very much looking forward to it! We have 2 specialty dinner package but the rest will be on my time dining. I have booked those other times already for MDR in cruise planner and specialty slot for the first night. I assume the second will be allocated once onboard.
  6. We've had this experience too, that some of the crew remember us from years ago. They have a good memory and then you may have something to be remembered from - some peculiar thing which occurs several times during a cruise. Or, like us origins - there have been cruises when we have been the only 2 (or 3 if our daugher was with us) Finns onboard and many ships have been made in our city of Turku, Finland. And I am sure to tell everybody that it was us who made the ship by ourselves and by hand, of course. One waiter had been promoted to head waiter and he came running towards us and jumped to hug me and got us by surprise totally, like we had met our long lost son or something. We had not even seen him yet, nor did we know that he would be still working. Then he hurried us quickly us to our table and went to explain to our table waiter team with an excited and loud voice that "these are the most easiest family ever, if you just make sure they have their sparkling water and chardonnay before their buts hits the chair, then they will order one appetizer each, share maybe one between them, one entree without any modifications and a dessert each, with coffee and cognac. They will give you no trouble at all and will tip you well". That was funny! Maybe tipping also helps memory? Also we've have 2-3 waiters whose first question has been: "Where is your daughter?" when we've met them on another cruise and were traveling without her.
  7. Thanks! I am relieved to hear that. It's no use for us to purchase own, as we may or may not come back to FL in the future. (We come from Finland). Easier to stick to rental option.
  8. I was under the impression that rentals had this Sunpass thing already included and you get the bill afterwards to your credit card. At least that's how it worked last 3 years with our Hertz rental. If this is not the case anymore, then I am also in trouble and would like to know more if anybody could enlighten the situation. Thanks!
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