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  1. May I ask off topic; Is everything else okay on Jewel? We'll sail on Aug 25th and very much looking forward to it! We have 2 specialty dinner package but the rest will be on my time dining. I have booked those other times already for MDR in cruise planner and specialty slot for the first night. I assume the second will be allocated once onboard.
  2. We've had this experience too, that some of the crew remember us from years ago. They have a good memory and then you may have something to be remembered from - some peculiar thing which occurs several times during a cruise. Or, like us origins - there have been cruises when we have been the only 2 (or 3 if our daugher was with us) Finns onboard and many ships have been made in our city of Turku, Finland. And I am sure to tell everybody that it was us who made the ship by ourselves and by hand, of course. One waiter had been promoted to head waiter and he came running towards us and jumped to hug me and got us by surprise totally, like we had met our long lost son or something. We had not even seen him yet, nor did we know that he would be still working. Then he hurried us quickly us to our table and went to explain to our table waiter team with an excited and loud voice that "these are the most easiest family ever, if you just make sure they have their sparkling water and chardonnay before their buts hits the chair, then they will order one appetizer each, share maybe one between them, one entree without any modifications and a dessert each, with coffee and cognac. They will give you no trouble at all and will tip you well". That was funny! Maybe tipping also helps memory? Also we've have 2-3 waiters whose first question has been: "Where is your daughter?" when we've met them on another cruise and were traveling without her.
  3. Thanks! I am relieved to hear that. It's no use for us to purchase own, as we may or may not come back to FL in the future. (We come from Finland). Easier to stick to rental option.
  4. I was under the impression that rentals had this Sunpass thing already included and you get the bill afterwards to your credit card. At least that's how it worked last 3 years with our Hertz rental. If this is not the case anymore, then I am also in trouble and would like to know more if anybody could enlighten the situation. Thanks!
  5. Oh! We were supposed to be onboard on this cruise, as I have a big birthday next week. But then Oasis transatlantic April 21st became available and we chose to move our trip with a month or so, and go for the transatlantic. I can celebrate a little later, I dont mind. Navigator cruise was quite expensive, too, as our 14 days TA was only 15 eur more compared to Navigator - both prices included gratuities and drinks package. So with 15 eurs we got 5 more days which I think was a great deal. I didnt know this was right after a refurb, since I only picked it up because of the date. It would have been great to be among the first to experience all the new bells and whistles. But thanks to you, we get to hang along. Have a great trip, I'll be following closely!
  6. Thank you for the detailed report! Just the info I was looking for. For us, my husband is the one who rents and drives the car, but needs me as a translator when returning the paperwork, so we may still need to unload the car, unless the valet people already know about the shuttle situation at the time of our drop of. Did you happen to pick a car up after your cruise as well? Apparently it will be driven to the port for us to pick it up. At least our rental information states that the starting point of our rental is cruise port and not Marriot.
  7. One possible explanation (in addition to greedy company) would be that none of the ships stop at Turkey - meaning they don't get outside EU area and are therefore bound to pay taxes (VAT) to EU countries. That rises prices for about 20-25% alone.
  8. Judging the whole dinner experience, especially on a longer cruise, with just one question is not fair. Especially if you have my time dining, you will most probably end up with different teams on different nights. Some are good, others really bad. Whom should I judge? I always make a comment about the MTD problem for the cruise line. I also comment about the "need for perfect 10"; it is the cruise line's fault if they think only 10 is acceptable. They should just have Yes/No options where YES = 10 and 0-9 = No. Because that's what it really means! There is not going to be any change, unless we - the cruisers - complaint about the unfair judging system to the ones that make decisions about the survey. If I face problems, I will complaint on the spot. To the maitre'd, hotel manager, front desk, guest services. That's the only way I will have the annoying thing amended for me. And that is the only thing, which interests me and serves my purpose. I of course hope it will also affect future cruises, too - there is always place for improvement. On the other hand, I will give praise on the spot as well. If I enjoy, like something or think I've received extra special care etc, I will thank and let the person know, AND tell his/her boss about it.
  9. Did you yous the Voom or Surf & stream? If yes, how was it?
  10. Great, thanks! My husband says he recognizes most of those and can consider the size now better.
  11. Thanks! This was most informative! Do you happen to know what kind of a car is Ford Fusion (Avis)? We dont have that car in Finland, and I was wondering what it is size wise. We're looking for a full size car but these types are confusing.
  12. May I ask; what were your expectations? Because most of the times, the disappointment follows when the expectations aren't met. Sorry your not enjoying thoroughly. We sailed with another family on our very first cruise. That family never returned, as they felt the same way as you (=cruising is just not their thing) and we were hooked from the first step, really looking forward to the next cruise in 270 days or something.
  13. My daughter is in Sockholm for the weekend and Ed Shearan concert tonight. They are visiting Vasa Museum as well! Glad to see tour photos as children dont share anything with their parents while traveling it seems! Sent from my iPad using Forums
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