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  1. Excellent video of day 1. I sure hope you'll continue!
  2. One possible explanation (in addition to greedy company) would be that none of the ships stop at Turkey - meaning they don't get outside EU area and are therefore bound to pay taxes (VAT) to EU countries. That rises prices for about 20-25% alone.
  3. Judging the whole dinner experience, especially on a longer cruise, with just one question is not fair. Especially if you have my time dining, you will most probably end up with different teams on different nights. Some are good, others really bad. Whom should I judge? I always make a comment about the MTD problem for the cruise line. I also comment about the "need for perfect 10"; it is the cruise line's fault if they think only 10 is acceptable. They should just have Yes/No options where YES = 10 and 0-9 = No. Because that's what it really means! There is not going to be any change, unless we - the cruisers - complaint about the unfair judging system to the ones that make decisions about the survey. If I face problems, I will complaint on the spot. To the maitre'd, hotel manager, front desk, guest services. That's the only way I will have the annoying thing amended for me. And that is the only thing, which interests me and serves my purpose. I of course hope it will also affect future cruises, too - there is always place for improvement. On the other hand, I will give praise on the spot as well. If I enjoy, like something or think I've received extra special care etc, I will thank and let the person know, AND tell his/her boss about it.
  4. Miryam1234

    Just got off the Oasis.. Any Questions??

    Did you yous the Voom or Surf & stream? If yes, how was it?
  5. Great, thanks! My husband says he recognizes most of those and can consider the size now better.
  6. Thanks! This was most informative! Do you happen to know what kind of a car is Ford Fusion (Avis)? We dont have that car in Finland, and I was wondering what it is size wise. We're looking for a full size car but these types are confusing.
  7. May I ask; what were your expectations? Because most of the times, the disappointment follows when the expectations aren't met. Sorry your not enjoying thoroughly. We sailed with another family on our very first cruise. That family never returned, as they felt the same way as you (=cruising is just not their thing) and we were hooked from the first step, really looking forward to the next cruise in 270 days or something.
  8. My daughter is in Sockholm for the weekend and Ed Shearan concert tonight. They are visiting Vasa Museum as well! Glad to see tour photos as children dont share anything with their parents while traveling it seems! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. Seems to me that you are landing your day in Helsinki together with Mr & Mrs Trump and Mr Putin. I hope your day goes well - there are massive security procedures being built for the event at the moment and some sights are restricted around Presidents Palace by the market square. But anyways, welcome to Finland! The weather should be good, as we are facing heat wave. July is the warmest month of any year and this time to the utmost. Looking forward to your adventure; I wish I could do a Baltic cruise but my Husband denies traveling "this close". He insists that cruising is meant for warm conditions and you can never be sure while in the Baltics.
  10. Miryam1234

    Obstructed Balcony on Jewel of the Seas

    The cabin was fine as the obstuction is a hatch that can be opened to climb on the white cover on top of the lifeboats which actually obstructs the whole deck view. So ylu actually cannot see the lifeboats at all, but you cannot see directly down to the water due to the cover. If i had a chance, i would go at least one deck higher, but ours was guarantee as well. And at least we had a balcony and could see the sea if we watched directly horizontally and not down! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  11. ^^ This! I just love the way some reviews go off road in the most enjoyable way. I have learned a lot, and not only about English language. The debate of TP seems to be global problem, and my Dear Husband always calls me The Wife (sometimes with a tone that clearly represents the hashtag) although in Finnish, and I never knew I could be offended. Here, it sounds like a compliment rather than an insult. And the lips on the child's forehead - never knew about that either. Too bad my rotten spoiled balcony/suite loving daughter is already 21 so I probably don't get to try that anymore. Looking forward to the rest of the story.
  12. I find this really interesting and therefore I follow. At least, it has offered something different from the standard reviews and keeps me amused. Please, do continue!
  13. Miryam1234

    booking multiple dining packages

    We had BOGO on Navigator TA April 2018 and were unable to attend on the second night as they did not have availability at Chops for the time we wanted. They asked us to pick another night to get the time we wanted, and we chose night 4 instead.
  14. My daughter asked for berries at MDR breakfast on Freedom and they did bring her a bowl of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. She enjoys those with oatmeal or plain yogurt.
  15. Miryam1234

    Current Captains Con't

    So who is he replacing? Captain Esben Been or Toni Calne? Sent from my iPad using Forums