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  1. I feel your pain (albeit slightly less money at stake) I booked on the Symphony last year, and literally the next day they changed the perks to include drinks packages. I rang them up to see if they could do anything, but they could not. And this was 9 months in advance. The cruise was the same price as well. Its not like they had raised it to make it seem like a good deal. Its very frustrating that if you book from the US (and possibly other countries) that you can swap and change until the payment date. The only way around it is to book on board. My parents did that with Celebrity and now have a few "cruise credits" (as they like to call them) that they can use and change as many times as they wish.
  2. Ok so some Americans I have heard- either vloggers or my own family, call pasta “noodles”. I also know lots of Americans that call pasta by their proper names! It wasn’t meant to be a sweeping statement so sorry if it came across as one!
  3. Another fellow Brit. I believe Americans call any pasta “noodles”. I often hear Americans call penne/tagliatelle noodles. But yes, chilli with kidney beans! Spag Bol goes with “noodles” 😂 Which in our house is Chilli but without the chilli power or beans, but with the addition of mushrooms 🇬🇧
  4. I was on the Adventure a few years back and my sister slipped on some water in a bar and sprained her ankle. Before they even did any scans/provide her with any relief, they took photos of her shoes (mid wedge heel). I don't know if they thought we were going to sue them, but it seemed the wrong way round to do things? She was on crutches/wheelchair for the rest of the cruise though. The water was their fault, but they would most likely have blamed the heels if we had taken any action
  5. Thanks for the info! I think we may stick to the slides. I do love a good water slide. However now the Navigator has the mat slide and aqua coaster I may reconsider. Still plenty of time to change my mind another 11-12 times before I go
  6. Oooh I’m going to the aqua park when I visit on the Navigator in April. Are you doing the slides, zip lines or both? We have just the water slides booked, but are tempted to switch to just the zip lines.
  7. I’m visiting Roatan next month on the Navigator. Going on a trip with a local tour guide so I need to make sure I stick to ship time! 😫 She has said she will get us back at least 2 hours before the ship sets sail...unless she means when the ship sails in ship time? Uh oh
  8. Awesome photos- I can’t wait to board next month! You don’t happen to know whether you can take go pros on the water slides? I saw some footage of the riptide and it would look awesome in my holiday video. I don’t know whether they just allowed it for media or whether anyone can use go pros on it. I know you could on the Abyss on the SoS also I am so happy about that late night grub. I see my favourite pumpkin cheese rolls!!! And those burgers after many drinks won’t taste that bad 💁🏻‍♀️
  9. I’ve not sailed Brilliance (or that class of ship). I think it depends what you are after! Reflection is a gorgeous ship. But if it’s the ports you are really interested in, I would go for the one with the best itinerary!
  10. I’ve sailed Celebrity in both the Caribbean and Europe. I’ve also gone Royal in the Med. Med cruises are port intensive, so the ship is often put second to the itinerary. The Symphony was wasted in the Med, I missed so much of the ship!!! My family and I sailed 10 nights on the Reflection around Italy and the Greek islands. One of my favourite cruises! I found the food in the MDR and buffet to be slightly better. The rooms are also on par with the newer Royal ones. Lots of lovely public spaces, very modern but still luxurious. All loungers round both pools are padded, robes in all staterooms etc, a glass of bubbly in your hand as you embark. It’s the little things that make it feel that extra bit special. I found the entertainment to be fine. After port intensive days you don’t tend to stay up late! The theatre shows are the same as Royal, and they have the usual trivia, piano man, band etc. They also had two silent disco nights when I was onboard! It was so good! I’ve attached a photo of the second one that was hosted in the Solarium!
  11. Does anyone know whether this is available for UK passengers yet? I am on Navigator in April!
  12. I like the sound of what Virgin Voyages are doing. No main dining room, but lots of different dining venues that are all included. Yes their fares may be slightly higher, but if you are one to purchase UDP it may appeal. I’m assuming they may follow a 1 app, 1 main, 1 dessert policy(with exceptions for poor quality etc). But no one knows for sure yet. If they did I wouldn’t be upset. It’s no different to going to a normal restaurant. And the fact they have multiple venues makes it exciting. In in regards to Royal, it wouldn’t bother me if they implemented it. I don’t know if it’s cultural, but we are used to small portions in all restaurants in the UK. Doggy Bags are not really a thing! On cruises, If I ever order more than one of something it’s either a soup and salad, or if the waiter has brought me something as he wanted us to try it. I never order 3 courses when I eat out on land unless it’s a special occasions! So, I imagine the British cruise lines may adopt this policy. P&O are under the carnival group so I could see that happening. They already limit cakes in the coffee shop to one per coffee ordered! I cant imagine it happening on royal/X due to the culture and target audience. We’ve all seen them throw lobster tails on plates like they’re going out of fashion! A waiter on an X cruise used to bring my Dad a curry each day, in addition to his ordered main. Just because he mentioned he likes them! My dad didn’t order them!
  13. I find this so strange as it was marketed as a venue for parties “late into the night”!
  14. Another quick q: The app is stating Izumi as including Hibachi- now I know the app is saying lots of things that aren’t true, but could someone please confirm? 😊
  15. Glitterati

    Tres Leches

    From the album: Royal Caribbean MDR Food Pictures and Menus

    Day 5- Dessert Symphony, Med 2018
  16. Glitterati

    Steak Diane

    From the album: Royal Caribbean MDR Food Pictures and Menus

    From Night 3 (no photo of menu) Symphony, Med 2018
  17. From the album: Royal Caribbean MDR Food Pictures and Menus

    From Day 3 (no pic of menu) Symphony, Med 2018
  18. From the album: Royal Caribbean MDR Food Pictures and Menus

    Formal Night 1 Starter Symphony, Med 2018
  19. From the album: Royal Caribbean MDR Food Pictures and Menus

    Formal Night 2- Dessert Symphony, Med 2018
  20. Glitterati

    Beef Tenderloin

    From the album: Royal Caribbean MDR Food Pictures and Menus

    Formal Night 2- Main course Symphony, Med 2018
  21. From the album: Royal Caribbean MDR Food Pictures and Menus

    Day 2- Starter Symphony, Med 2018
  22. Glitterati

    Lasagne Al Forno

    From the album: Royal Caribbean MDR Food Pictures and Menus

    Day 5- Main Course Symphony, Med 2018
  23. From the album: Royal Caribbean MDR Food Pictures and Menus

    Classic starter- available every day Symphony, Med 2018
  24. From the album: Royal Caribbean MDR Food Pictures and Menus

    Formal Night 1 Main Course Symphony, Med 2018
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