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  1. buchhalm

    tours in Abu Dhabi

    There are two must sees in Abu Dhabi. The Louvre museum and the Shaik Zayed Grand Mosque. Taxi to both.
  2. buchhalm

    Is Copy of Passport Good Enough?

    I firmly believe that they will wait for late ship sponsored tours. I've seen that happen a few times. If, if course, YOU don't get back on the tour bus, that's another story. By that I mean if you fail to meet the bus after a "time to explore the shops at you own leisure" or such, then you are on your own.
  3. buchhalm

    New Arts Centre - Dubai

    😉🙂 Until the opening of the Royal Opera House in Muscat, the Louvre in Abu Dhabi and the Spring of Culture in Bahrain, we used to joke that if you wanted living culture in the region you needed to open a tub of yoghurt..
  4. buchhalm

    New Arts Centre - Dubai

    Picture one: represents the hoops one has to jump through as expat to get anything done by authorities. Picture two: represents the relationship between the UAE and Qatar Picture three: explains how most Emiratis treat labourers from Asia ....
  5. buchhalm

    Sydney Must do's

    Good one from Globaliser! Spot on about bridge climb. Expensive, but SO worth it. Everybody I ever sent on this tour came back thrilled. Remember that you will be breath tested before the climb, so go easy on our great Aussie wines before the climb. For simply walking across the bridge, I would suggest to start on the northern end. That way you will have the city on front of you and don't have to turn to enjoy the views. Take a train to Milsons Point (First stop after crossing the bridge). From there the stairs to the bridge are easy to find (or staff at the station will tell you the right exit from the station). From there it is also a easy 10 min walk go the water front for spectacular city and opera house views and views of the bridge from underneath! Around the bend to the right you reach the historic Luna Park amusement park that has good photo ops.
  6. buchhalm

    UAE & Oman cruise.

    Good tips from Little Britain. The free guided tours at Shaik Zayed mosque are well worth it. They do start ON TIME. No need or opportunity to pre book. Just be at the clearly marked meeting point. To get one of the free audio guides, you need to leave some form of ID as deposit. There is a ban on foot wear. It's bare feet or socks / stockings ONLY. Taxis in the UAE are inexpensive and always metered.(no meter, the ride is free). Dubai taxis may take CC, those in Abu Dhabi do NOT. Drivers generally understand English, but don't expect to discuss Proust. Since fares are quite low, have small notes on hand. 5/10/20. Anything larger and they have trouble making change. A rounded up tip is appreciated but not expected. For Muscat, there are lots of links on these pages. I myself have posted several, if you care do dig for them. 🙂
  7. A new feature for users of Sydney public transport. You can now pay for your trips with contact less enabled credit cards. No need to buy single tickets or the "opal card" ( our cash less transport card). The new feature may be convenient for tourists. The negativething is that you will not get some of the discount benefits that Opal card users get. - at least not yet.
  8. buchhalm

    Flying out of Amsterdam

    Be careful with Ryanair. They are a low cost airline and charge for everything extra on top of your air fare. Even for printing your boarding pass, if you don't bring one. A price that looks cheap, ends up way more than you thought. Better going with a "full service" airline, with clearer up-front pricing
  9. buchhalm

    What is the most niche cruise you have been on?

    That depends entirely on the ages of the passengers. 😎
  10. Taronga is wonderful. When you are bored with the animals, the views are spectacular, the ferry ride over is lovely. They do of course have all the Aussie animals, but it's no touching.
  11. buchhalm

    What is the most niche cruise you have been on?

    Nudist cruise in Croatia.
  12. Pretty much anything us available here at any pharmacy or chemist. Certainly over the counter stuff such as cold and flu medicine. I am taking " prescription only" blood pressure medication that I get without problem at any chemist without a prescription, simply by showing a photo of the medication's box on my phone. Sometimes the name of the medicine may be different to the brand you are used to, but the active ingredients are the same. An exception are medicines such as antidepressants which are strictly regulated here and only available at certain hospital pharmacies
  13. buchhalm

    The TK Experience on Seabourn

    We liked a cocktail called "The old Cuban ". Rum, lime, champagne etc. Very refreshing
  14. buchhalm

    The TK Experience on Seabourn

    The best thing about the TK restaurant (On Quest) were the cocktails. A lot more skilfully prepared than in the other venues. The food was ok, but not spectacularly so. I don't understand people having palpitations about eating there. We did not find the food (old fashioned) to be significantly better than in the main dining room. Portions are more than generous. Some dishes are just plain silly. "SUPER CHILLED salad" whooptidoo. A ice cream Sundae is just weird. They roll up with a gueridon (side table) and a few bits of silverware, and one would expect something exciting to happen. But no. Scoop of ice cream plonked into a dish, poor on some sauce, place one cherry. Show over. Pfffffff. And staff seems miffed if you don't order from the special wine list. Ho-hum
  15. buchhalm

    Sydney...Where to eat???

    City Extra is pretty decent. Think American style diner, and you know what to expect. Quite big portions (by Australian standards). I'd stay away from the Italian restaurant next door.