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  1. Sorry, but you can't have it both ways. 🙂 Bridge Climb will operate in almost all conditions. Personally, I never had problem booking on short notice or even just showing up.
  2. buchhalm

    Cunard Site Down?

    Website issue? Trying to look up cruises from Thailand (I am IN Thailand, not a cruise leaving from Thailand), I get no results whatsoever. No cruises found. None . I. All of 2019. Tried via VPN and Cuard AU/UK. Same thing. But online retailers seem to sell plenty of cruises, even some of the travel industry only websites have Cunard deals available. What's going on?
  3. buchhalm

    Letter to Corporate Headquarters

    I am so intrigued. Anybody else??
  4. buchhalm

    Temperature on the Quest

    ....unless you sleep with your window open!
  5. buchhalm

    Hotels in Sydney

    Christ! There are dozens of such questions and hundreds of answers in this board. Could you guys not just do a bit if simple search before asking the same thing over and over and over again?
  6. buchhalm

    late night flight arrival in Abu Dhabi

    I third that opinion. The hotel is clean, modern and convenient for your needs. There are arrivals duty free shops at the baggage carousel, if you want to stock up on booze. A few coffee shops will be open in the arrivals hall, as well as a small shop that sells sweets, toiletries, soft drinks etc. There is a small food court just under the hotel where you can get a cheap breakfast or lunch, if you don't want to eat at the hotel. Allow an hour for a comfortable time window hotel to cruise port (Abu Dhabi cruise terminal)
  7. buchhalm

    Sydney Trip Review

    A great review . You obviously did your homework. A lot of things even seasoned Sydneysiders may not know about. I agree with the Doyle's comments. Haven't been there in many years, but I would guess they still charge well above the norm for just OK grub - and then have the audacity to give you sauces in small plastic cups, like in a primary school canteen. Our fav spot for fish and chips was always "Bottom of the Harbour Seafoods" on Balmoral beach. As for your opinion on our opera house, let's agree to disagree. 😉
  8. What Anne said. Having lived (until very recently) in Bahrain, Oman and the UAE, for 14 years, Anne's comments are good. Err on the conservative side. Personally I have never worn shorts of any style, unless at a beach club or boat or within our own residential communities. Neither has my wife. If you see anybody in shorts on the street or in malls, you can bet they are tourists. Long pants is the go for guys.
  9. What Anne said. Very, very easy to do. Any taxi from Dubai will happily take you to Abu Dhabi. Should take an hour or a bit longer. Fare around 300 AED. The Louvre is spectacular. Never mind the stuff inside, the building alone is worth the trip. Don't buy tix in advance. Easy to buy on the day through machines or at the counter. I prefer the latter, because they often have special such as 2-for-1, or half price offers. Allow 2 to 3 hours. From there, taxi it to Shk Zayed Grand Mosque. Free guided tours or free audio guides are available. Look at the official website for all the info you could possible want. The mosque is closer to Dubai than the Louvre, so I'd do the museum first.
  10. And often enough "Australian citizens" who live in the country or foreign students studying in Oz, in both examples for years, and who don't speak any English... that raises my blood pressure. Australian customs and quarantine are so kind to provide officers who speak a number of Chinese dialects, Arabic, Greek, Italian etc for the most common culprits....
  11. Not harsh enough. $250 or thereabouts only. And that's for the entire loot, if someone brings a whole case of stuff. I believe there should be levels of fines. An undeclared chocolate MAY mean a small fine, but fresh fruit or such mean a higher fine. And when it comes to "exotic stuff" such as fertilized pickled eggs, honey covered crickets and bags of twigs ("tea"), a hefty fine should be applied. PER ITEM. No warning for any airline crew. THEY should know better. They are trained. Threatening people (especially tourists) with court action is useless. Just an expense to the tax payer. Hit them hard where it hurts. Monetary, on the spot fines.
  12. Good tips above. Declare, declare, declare (just tick YES) on the incoming passenger form. After luggage collection, you will be met by customs and quarantine officers who will check your form. When you ticked a yes to anything, they will ask you what you have and decide there weather to send you to the green or red channels As long as you declare any food stuffs, you won't get into trouble. As a previous poster said, worst case scenario is that they make you chuck the items away. In my flying days I always repeatedly told my crews to "Declare anything you stick in your mouth, apart from your fingers". Still. Too many got busted...
  13. My DW is banned from ordering carpaccio in restaurants. It is be biggest rip-off in hospitality. About a teaspoon worth of beef.... 😁
  14. buchhalm

    The TK Experience on Seabourn

    We were on the Quest in July, and i cant find anything wrong regarding table spacing. There seemed to be plenty of room. But there are a few 2-tops right by the entrance, between bar and dining room. Horrible. The equivalent of sitting by the toilet door.
  15. buchhalm

    tours in Abu Dhabi

    There are two must sees in Abu Dhabi. The Louvre museum and the Shaik Zayed Grand Mosque. Taxi to both.