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  1. As others said, DECLARE anything you consume. Worst case they will take it off you and very politely explain why xyz is not allowed. No trouble or fines. Coffee in SEALED packaging is ok. Candy, chocolate etc is ok. Anything containing HONEY is not allowed. Many times my airline colleagues were caught out for not declaring food items on their incoming passenger card and immediately fined. Usually passengers are just given a warning and the items are confiscated. But airline crew should know better. There was always one with "Just an apple/cup noodles/mars bar". Otherwise legal or not, if it's not declared, they were on trouble. Good! And by the way, we DO have Starbucks in Australia.
  2. Public bus? You will be talk of the town! Don't expect a schedule.
  3. SLL Hilton is (by Salalah standards) an OK hotel. It is about 15 years past it's use-by date, but the owners see no point in doing any improvement work, as they have a continuous flow of guests. Restaurant looks fancy, but is very basic 3-star quality at best. Stick with simple grilled stuff. The pictures of the pools look lovely, but are a bit drab in reality. The beach is reasonably clean, but there can be very dangerous surf conditions and rips. Be extremely careful. Be prepared for lots of noisy kids!
  4. Just grab a maxi taxi (van) at the airport. Remember, that most Sydney taxis will not be able to take more than 2 pax with luggage. There isn't a lot of boot space, as most is taken up by the gas tank!
  5. I have never heard of this company, but they seem to be legitimate. Based in Melbourne. The reviews on the Australian arm of trio advisor are overwhelmingly positive. Prices look ok and standard. Perhaps send them an email and ask about the sizes of their tours. I could not find anything about this on their website either. They don't seem to have a FAQ section.
  6. YES,YES,YES to OzKiwi recommendations. That Wavelength boat trip is superb. Fab restaurant in port Douglas, "Nautilus". Rent a car in cairns or pt. D. Public transport does exist, but don't expect huge frequency! Pt. D. to Daintree is a lovely drive. There is a wonderful rainforest walking track. Walk slowly and quietly and look left and right and UP. You are very likely to see plenty if blizzards, spiders and snakes. Don't bother them, they won't bother you. From Daintree village, they run crocodile watching river cruises. Big crocks in the wild. If you are feeling very energetic, and don't mind bouncy rides, there is a company in pt D that runs small group 4WD tours to Cooktown. That's FULL LONG DAY. Up, via cape tribulation, the tropical rainforests and back via the in-land route. Not cheap, but worth every can't. Not easy to find on line, but you should be able to book in pt D at the tourist office
  7. Quote from the Australian home affairs website: "Why do I need to indicate that I have an Alias? When travelling to Australia we need to ensure that you have a valid visa. If you have used a slightly different name on your ETA application to that on your passport, knowing that you have an alias or another name or different spelling of your name will help us check that you do have a valid visa."
  8. In my thinking it is more like Dwayne Johnson, alias The Rock. A name you use in every day life.
  9. Salalah is a great laundry day destination. Unlike in the rest of Oman, the people of Salalah are exactly of the ilk that give Arabs a bad name. Perhaps consider a ships excursion, but certainly don't attempt anything on your own. Whilst it is not dangerous, you are likely to be ripped off from the time you set foot on land to the moment you depart. Safe your sightseeing for other parts of stunning Oman. I am still trying to work out WHY cruise lines visit this port. Just to show another port in the itinerary?
  10. If you are not pressed for time, look at round-the-world (RTW) fares. Usually fabulous value! As the name suggests, you start at some point and fly in one direction around the world. Minimum 3 stops. All the big alliances have this in their programs. Google star alliance or one world alliance RTW .
  11. There is a fabulous website about different countries that educates with a twist. Called "geography now". Their latest offering covers Oman. Google "geography now oman" It's very quirky!
  12. You say that your ship will be in port until 5 pm. If that is the DEPARTURE time, you will obviously need to be on board before that. If your GBR cruise gets back to CNS at 4 pm, that is not enough time. If you ARE on the Serenity, the next schedulled stop is DARWIN. That would be an EXPENSIVE flight. But then again, if you are cruising Crystal, that may not be an issue for you. 🙂
  13. Given the diabolical and unpredictable traffic in Bahrain, especially from Wednesday afternoon to Saturday night, I would STRONGLY suggest taking a ship's tour in Bahrain. There is nothing a private driver would show you that the ships tours offer. Bahrain has relatively little to show in the way of must-see sights. The go-to travel agency in BAH that can organise anything is Kanoo Travel and rental car agencies, such as Oscar's can provide cars with drivers. But if you are stuck on a highway, in a muddle of crazy drivers from across the bridge to Saudi Arabia you might just miss the boat.
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