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  1. I booked one out of NOLA for Sept 13th. The balcony deal was sooo good I could not pass it up. I just went ahead and paid the whole thing. If it’s cancelled I’ll just roll it into another one. I’m booking a Panama Canal one in January out of Tampa but only paying the $99 deposit each in that.
  2. Yes, a very nice captains Lounge with pastries, cookies, coffee, etc. We sail from NOLA often and you will not be let in the terminal until your assigned time, unless you are Diamond, Platinum, or Suite. Your boarding pass should have a "priority" on them, if it doesn't ( and they do check) you will not be allowed. Enjoy your early embarkation! P.S. the doors to the terminal do not open until 10am.
  3. On the Dream now, and wanted to write my turning Diamond during cruise experience! Embarked on Sunday and “ officially” turned Diamond Today,, 4 nights in!! Was a bucket list item for me! Received my Diamond card upon check in. My husband and I never wear a Lanyard, we have always just kept our card in our back pack or in my small clutch. I did plenty of “ bragging” to my “ lower on the totem pole Platinum😄” hubby in the privacy of our own conversations. We went to our Cabin and there was already waiting for me a really nice leather passport/luggage tag set, a Diamond letter congratulating me.
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