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  1. Hi Has anyone tried the new classic soda package now offered. How were the smoothies. Were there many flavors. Also does anyone know if you can get your hair cut for a female on board ship and the approximate price. I looked on the cruise personalizer and there was nothing offered under the spa services. We will be sailing on the Majestic Princess out of Sydney in January 2020.
  2. Hi sailed on the port side same section on the Island Princess. I am assuming the Coral Princess is the same. The balcony is large and half covered by the upper deck. Gives easy access to all points on the ship. You got a good upgrade. Enjoy your cruise.
  3. Hi Thank you for the reply's. For some reason it is hard to get information about cruises out of Australia. Especially what the cost will be. One other question can you bring 1 bottle of wine per person on board at embarkation. Really looking forward to to the cruises we have booked.
  4. Yes a Princess cruise on the Majestic Princess. Was wanting to know the regulations for Australia. It will be 3 B2B cruises first to New Zealand, then the South Pacific then to Tasmania. I checked and pop seems higher priced in Australia than in Canada by doing a google search. Especially Dr Pepper you can get a case of 12 cans for $ 4.99 CDN on sale. Same goes for Pepsi as well. Thanks for any information.
  5. Hi i am doing a cruise from Sydney NSW next January and I am from Canada. Are there any restrictions when boarding a ship in Sydney at Circular Quay. I was wanting to bring Pepsi on board. That will purchased near by. It is a Princess cruise. Also does any one know the cost per day for the classic soda package in AUD. Also what are the internet package pricing in AUD. Thanks for any information.
  6. Hi it should have said a pack safe neck wallet. That held my passport and my cell phone.
  7. Was at the museum last May and we used the coat check that that is across from the washrooms as you enter the museum on a lower level. Donot remember people having back packs with them while on tour of the museum. Used a package neck wallet to keep my passport and my cell phone under my blouse. Sometime you can leave things o the bus while you are in places that donot allow back packs or large bags. The Hermatge is fantastic. Enjoy your tour.
  8. If you are flying home for a cruise with EZ Air that you need to book a Princess transfer to the airport to get the flight covered by EZ Air. Also depending on your flight time you may have to wait for the air line check in counter to open. It all depends on your flight time and the air line you are flying. Also after security keep checking your boarding gate they change ours with no announcement. Just happen to check a screen listing flights. Also you pick up you luggage inside of the terminal when using a Princess transfer. The Princess rep will tell you where to get your luggage to check it in for your flight. Hope you have a great cruise.
  9. Hi my Dh and I did Princess tours in St Petersburg last year. We did a back to back Baltic cruises. So we had 4 days in St Petersburg. They were 4 fabulous days. One of the days we did a full day with a car and driver and guide. Which was really fun. Then on other 3 days we did excursions from the ship but did the small group ones. You were on a large bus but there was not a full bus load. If you do the full day tours you get lunch included. There was entertainment at lunch as well. Your days in St Petersburg start early and you will do alot of walking especially when you do the places. So make sure you have very comfortable shoes. on one of the days we walked 11 k in one day. We were happy with the guides we had for our tours in St Petersbug. Also as stated ship tours get priority through immigration so you start your day earlier than those on private tours. We found going through immigration took the same time both days. on the both times we did it on both cruises last summer. I hope you have a great time what ever you decide.
  10. Hi I think there was a similar complaint last year on the Regal transatlantic cruise that internet was slow. We were on the Regal last May in the Baltic's and the speed was really good. Had no problems with the internet. My husband had a problem with his phone he had a vpn enabled and Princess @ sea did not like that and he had trouble connecting to the internet as well. We even tried at the internet cafe for help and the could not explain why there was a problem. I had no problems with either as i had did not have any anti virus on my phone. Hope the speed improves and you have a great cruise.
  11. Hi was in the Baltic's last May and I looking for the Russian hats as well and the only ones were were fake fur ones. The old Soviet style.My sister had got my Dad and Husband hats made of rabbit fur years ago. Did not see any while we were there. We did not go shopping for souvenirs other than at the different places we visited. Most of the souvenirs we saw were geared to the would cup. Also the places all sold the same things.The nesting dolls had the traditional designs and ones with Disney Frozen on them. There were some unpainted nesting dolls at the shops at the cruise terminal in St Petersburg before immigration. There also was a shop after where we docked as well but never went in on the way to and from the ship. Do not recall seeing any nesting dolls in Tallinn. The only other thing I can suggest is to ask your tour guide they may know where to get the items you are looking for. Hope you have a great trip.
  12. Hi we did a B2 Baltic cruise last May and the weather was like July temps over there. I got a sun burn while sitting on the balcony. There were some cool days. Used the balcony every day even did the ultimate balcony breakfast twice. There are spectacular views on a Baltic cruise. Also it is nice to see what the temperature is and for viewing the sun rises and the sun sets. The one advantage of a cruise in the spring is the days lengthen so you get more sunlight and in does not get really dark at night. Have fun with your planning.
  13. Hi on the Regal last year it was on by the deck that the gang way was located by the elevator. Never used it it.so not sure what the fee for the ATM was and the exchange rate that was charged. This was on the Baltic sailing last May. Maybe the machines get moved depending on the ports involved and the different classes of ship.
  14. Thanks for the suggestion. There are plastic sock needles but I think air port security might think they are weapons due to the shape of them. And they are very expensive. I have checked a knitting store in Sydney and they sell a brand of bamboo needles that you can get here in Canada. So i am hoping I will be ok and I will declare them and hope I have no problems. I am lost without my knitting or crocheting. My Dad used to hook rugs on burlap and used wool fabric cut in thin strips. I still have the rugs he made. Is this the type yo do.
  15. I was on the Island prior to the addition of aft cabins and you accessed the laundry by the small hall way. The door is where the L for laundermat. The door to the laundry is on a closer and sometimes it is propped open. On some ships the laundry they have an inner and outer door. Not sure if the Island has that. It is great being near the laundry you can just pop over to see if it is busy and if not just go back to your cabin and get your laundry. Also the machines are the stack-able type with washer on the bottom and dryer on the top. The actual laundry room is smaller than on the Grand class ships and the Royal class ships Hope this helps and have a great cruise.
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