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  1. Yes it is. We have booked the free post cruise Tokyo trip as well. Really looking forward to it. Hope you join us. There is a roll call started.
  2. We had a cruise booked for Aug 28 this year and had to cancel due to DH's health with nothing to do with Covid 19. We took the reduced deposit from that one (was booked using onboard rules so can make one switch) and put it on Jan 31, 2022 cruise around South America with a few days sailing around some of the Antarctica Islands. I felt we would never actually get to take a cruise that lands on Antarctica so this was the next best thing for us. Regent was fantastic dealing with the cancelation and re-booking. They honored moving the deposit inspite of the fact the canceled one was in USD and we wanted the new booking in CAD. Normally we would have had to book the new cruise in USD because of the USD deposit. They refunded our USD deposit and charged us the same amount in CAD (so didn't charge us for the foreign exchange). Our refund of the deposit and paid shore excursions was received pretty quickly. Vey happy with our treatment by Regent. We already have a cruise booked for Sept 2021 and are really hoping that one will be okay and things will be back to near normal. It will be the only cruise we have taken that requires only a return International flight. A relaly nice change for us.
  3. I don't think allowing an opt out option is at all like 'Canadian dollar at par'. I would say the 'Canadian dollar at par' equates more closely to the discounts offered in the UK and Europe. As the number of US customers far surpasses the number of Canadian cruisers the impact on Regent's bottom line could be far greater by the large number of loyal US customers wanting to opt out than the few Canadians taking advantage of the 'at par' cruises offered. We have never taken an 'at par' cruise but i have looked at them. They are the cruises that are the least popular and Regent is trying to sell them off without breaking their no US discounting policy. I don't know how Regent not honoring their onboard price guarantee has anything to do with 'at par' cruises. The one time we had a price guarantee opportunity, Regent honored ours. Sorry if that didn't happen for you but not sure why that has anything to do with my comments on opting out. If fact i said i understood why people might want to opt out, i just didn't think Regent would go for it because of the potential negatvie impact by the large number of repeat US cruisers that might want to take advantage of an opt out.
  4. Being all inclusive with the excursions was the reason we tried Regent in the first place. Before Regent offered cruises in CAD when our dollar was tanking we did stray to Celebrity suite class for a couple of cruises because they offered great exchange rates and most important the itineraries we wanted. We really like the what Regent offers including the excursions and the pre and post cruise trips. I understand those who cruise a lot with Regent would want to opt out of the excursions for ports they have been to many times. I doubt Regent would want to go that route as it would negatively impact their pricing model.
  5. As TC said you are correct, i forgot there were 2 people who mentioned it. My apologies.
  6. It was the same person. She said she would go to both places. No judgement on my part. Just passing on the info.
  7. Thank you and you stay healthy as well. BTW we also deviated a flight on cruise late in 2020 that we had to cancel so we are in the same boat of losing that money.
  8. We are also booked on this cruise in part because Vancouver is our home gateway and we will finally be able to drive to port to board a ship and and not have a long flight to start a cruise. Also in part because it included Alaska and we have been trying to take an Alaska cruise as my DH has not been on one yet. For numerous reasons we have had to cancel every Alaska cruise we have booked. We are looking forward to spending time in Tokyo again. The other ports in Japan are not ones we stopped at before so that is an added bonus.
  9. Regent has always let us know that air deviation fees are non-refundable. When you make the decision to deviate then the fee is gone the minute you accept the flights and pay the fee. Don't know why you think it is unfair.
  10. We receive our rebate cheque when the TA sends us our final documents.
  11. Thanks for taking us along on your virtual cruise.
  12. We have been to parts of South America and Africa that required the yellow fever shot. My DH can't have it so we have always got the official waiver and we haven't had a problem entering any place yet. Of course that doesn't mean that is true of all places now. Good luck. Have a great cruise (hopefully).
  13. You're right it is CLL. I stupidly hoped that after his first round of treatments and everything was fine for almost 10 years that maybe he had beat it. Just before the 10 year anniversary of ending his treatments, his blood work once again indicated he would need to start treatments again. I am extremely grateful that it is this type of cancer and that the threat of death from the disease or invasive treatments doesn't exist.
  14. Thanks for your kind words. My DH's cancer is chronic and he has been living with it for at least 20 years. We are very lucky in that he is not likely to die or be seriously ill from it but it does require periodic treatment. This is the second round of treatment he has had to have. The first round was about 12 years ago and he started again about 2 years ago but due to other conditions he has been on and off treatment during the 2 years. Hopefully this round will be successful in putting it into remission once again but in the meantime no travel for the a portion of the treatment.
  15. We won't be cruising until next fall but this has nothing to do with Covid 19. My DH has re-started his cancer treatments and we can't travel until sometime in 2021. We had to cancel our fall Baltic cruise for that reason. I wish everyone happy sailing when it is once again safe to travel whenever that may be.
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