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  1. Ny favorites are 1. Dubai to Cape Town where i went on my 1st safari, saw a river full of hippos, visited the Taj Mahal and may other wonderfully interesting places 2. Our first one on Regent that took us from Istanbul to Safaga where we had 3 wonderful days private tour in Instanbul, a 4 day post cruise in the Valley of the Kings and Cairo to see the pyramids up front as well as other fascinating places 3. Beijing to Bangkok where we got to take a private tour to see the Terra Cotta Warriors, a pre-cruise tour to the sites in and around Beijing including the Great Wall, a stop
  2. Book your speciality restaurant reservations as soon as they become available in order to get the days and times you want. It is good to try every speciality restaurant once. Most of the time you can get extra reservations after you board. If you want to make extra reservations, make sure to take a copy of your itinerary with you to the reservation desk so you are aware of port and sea days and what you may have planned. Of course if you have a butler he will do that for you. When booking online look carefully at your itinerary and figure out what days work best for the times yo
  3. If you go to the topic listing page at the top there is a thread called Suite Guru. It is a spreadsheet where some of the suites on each ship have been reviewed. It is worth checking out once you know which ship(s) you are interested in. Hopefully the link below will take you there.
  4. yes you can get OJ for the mini bar or have it delivered from room service when you want it. I suspect the OJ would be fresh if delivered compared to canned or bottled if in the mini fridge. I don't drink OJ so can't tell you for sure.
  5. I don't think there is a limit per se but I don't think they will give you a fully stocked bar with a variety of alcohol. There is the potential for too much wastage. Once the bottle is open in your cabin they have to throw it out if you don't finish it or take it home with you. You can easily get a bottle or 2 of wine and a bottle of alcohol. They will be replaced automatically when you finish them. After our first cruise where i ordered extra champagne, every cruise after that had an extra bottle of champagne waiting in the cabin. There is a welcome bottle of champagne on ice w
  6. The $200 fee is good for a booking made within 1 year of cancelation so that may be what happened. Haven't heard of any change made to the policy due to Covid. Mind you when we canceled our 2019 cruise and rebooked it within a year i had to be persistent in getting them to find the $200 amount to be applied to the new booking. Once i provided all the info on the date when the cruise was canceled and the cruise details they found it.
  7. Sorry you are having to deal with this. It appears that the ball was dropped by someone other than you and you are having to deal with the fallout. Neither your TA or Regent agents are perfect so mistakes can happen. Hope you get your refund very soon.
  8. I have had Regent do my laundry on every cruise since our first one. I have not had a problem with the elastics being ruined. The only things i do in my cabin are my bras and sockettes. I always bring along some laundry soap and clothes pins to do those and hang them in the bathtub. I think the self-serve laundries will re-open once the main threat of covid has passed. They were well used facilities and I think Regent will re-open them as soon as they can do so safely. Yes they have extended the benefits to others but i think it will either be temporary or we wi
  9. Though i am not celiac we have met and sailed with people who were. They said that Regent did a great job of ensuring that they had the food that met their requirements. As well when we did a galley tour of Explorer the Executive Chef went out of his way to take us to the area of the galley that is set aside for special needs and to describe what the staff goes through to ensure that those special needs are met. Though i am sure they aren't perfect the comments we got from people was that Regent did a super job and did not have an issue with having delicious safe food everywhere
  10. Your experience sucks. Unfortunately Regent has had problems with their IT department in the past. We had a similiar frustrating experience with booking shore excursions a couple years ago when i logged in, picked all our excursions then they disappeared when i tried to save them. It happened on a weekend and by the time i could get hold of someone, we missed out on a couple of excursions we wanted. They were small group ones but we were able to get on the regular ones to the same places. I hope you get all the ones you want and that your experience with Regent improves. I am sure
  11. My comments were just about the issue of stopping at a foreign port not about the viability of Canadian or American east coast cruises right now or even the near future.
  12. Well if it does exist, the stop in St Pierre and Micquelon woud solve that as they are part of France and therefore a foreign port. So come to think of it that would solve the US problem as well. They could avoid Canadian ports and only visit US waters and ports with a stop in St Pierre and Micquelon.
  13. A number of years ago we used Dubai Private Tours to do a half day tour with them. dubaiprivatetour@gmail.com The tour guide was excellent and we saw a lot in a short period of time. i always like a private guide for at least a little time in a new city to get more information.
  14. Though we are not celiac we have met a few people onboard who are and they were extremely happy with how Regent was handling their dietary requirements. I think you will be well taken care of.
  15. The economic forecasts i have seen for BC show us doing okay because foreign tourism isn't the sole basis of our economy. It is hurting, no doubt about it but with the government support most have received, things have stayed ticking along. There has been good job recovery in BC (i believe the best in Canada) even during the ongoing pandemic. Where i live the real estate market is a sellers' market and is still very hot which can't be the case if people don't have money to spend. What i am concerned about is the debt that future generations will inherit.
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