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  1. They were starting to get pretty tired looking but we also had some great trips in the upper deck. One of my best flights was from London to Dubai overnight. There was hardly anyone up there and I had a blast with the 2 flight attendants while everyone esle slept. They were so funny. Susan, I hope all is well with both of you.
  2. Here is a link for a insurance company that is highly recommended on the Regent Seven Seas forum. The owner Steve has posted on the forum answering questions. We haven't personally used them as our circumstances are different in Canada. https://tripinsurancestore.com/ If you go to the Regent forums and do a search you should find many discussions regarding insurance and in particular i know there was a thread that had extensive discussions on insurance for world cruises. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/106-regent-seven-seas-cruises/ Good luck in your search.
  3. It is very easy to get the pdf of the available shore excursions once they are ready. Go to 'find a cruise' and pull up your cruise. Go to the'free excursion...' tab, select the first port that has shore excursions offered, scroll down to where the list of shore excursions begins and right above that is a link 'email all shore excursions...', click on it , fill in your email address and they will be sent to you within minutes. Our list is available for our Sept 2021 cruise and it lists all the prices and available time slots. We get to book on Sept 22 or in our case as we are on the west coast at 9:01 pm on Sept 21.
  4. I have started reviewing the excursions for our Sept 2021 cruise so i will be ready to book when the date comes around. Even started looking at flight options for deviation or for booking our flight home with points. This may be the first Regent cruise where we don't do included air but that will be dependent on what kind of refund or points refund we can get in case the cruise is canceled by Regent. We have points we want to use and the air credit is a good reduction in the cruise fare. We have only a 1 way flight to worry about on this cruise.
  5. thanks Susan. Loved this. Good laugh for the morning.
  6. So are you saying that when cruising re-starts that people with compromised immune systems shouldn't be cruising even when if it is considered to be safe or just not cruising at the start until more assurance of safety? My DH has a compromised immune system and has been cruising for years. Will he be one of the first to re-board a cruise ship - no but we are certainly planning on being on one once again when it is relatively safe to do so. Nothing is ever 100%. If it was just about me, i am willing to risk my own life to live the way i want to live and that includes cruising. However it isn't about me risking my life it is about all the other people around me that i potentially could negatively impact with my decision. Stay safe and stay healthy everyone.
  7. The best bet is to ask Regent as suggested by FlyerTalker but from my experience of deviating for each cruise is the 270 days is from the date of embarkation. We generally add a day or 2 before the begining of the cruise.
  8. Regent contracts with the various airlines for different routes. So they may have a contract with Cathay for instance on 1 route but you may not be able to get Cathay for another route as they haven't contracted with them for those flights. Knowing which airlines Regent contracts with isn't that helpful cuz they may or may not contract on the routes you want. I can't remember the class of service Regent books but it has always said on our flights they are restricted business class. You may be able to pay an upcharge for your desired flights. For example we wanted to try Emirates back from Dubai and we had to pay an additional 1500 pp to do so. We didn't do that. I have not been able to get any advance info on the airlines and routes. What i do is i ask my TA to release the air portion of our booking so i can deal directly with Regent Air. I call them at the 270 mark. I have researched which airlines and routes i prefer and work with them to see if any of them will work. As mentioned already you don't pay the fee until you have accepted the flights. Don't know the answer re: using SBC. Hope that helps a little. Good luck.
  9. When we turned gold we got 1 bag a week of free laundry. Worked out fine for us and now having unlimited free laundry and an extra $100 means i can use the extra SBC to pay for the dry cleaning. We have had good luck with the laundry service whether it was free or we paid for it. On our 1st cruise i did laundry and said never again. Not wasting my vacation time doing that so from then on we used SBC to pay for laundry. I don't begrudge others getting the free laundry perk. I don't cruise to get perks, i look at the perks as a bonus and will gratefully take anything i get for 'free'. The perk i covet next is the free deviation but will never reach that level so it is a pipe dream.
  10. They have some products for Canadians so you can contact him and see what is available should you ever need to in the future. I did so when i was looking for a policy for our 2019 cruise. In that case they didn't have anything that met our needs but did have some options that cover Canadians.
  11. No worries. It took me a bit of time to figure out the quote thing when i first started using it. Ditto on the crossed fingers and toes.
  12. We live in Kelowna and Regent did allow us to add YVR TO YLW return to the cruise we were supposed to take Sept 2020. I hope we will be able to once again add YVR-YLW because it is so much easier to not have separate tickets and the hassle with the baggage. The extra baggage fees and the concern on delayed flights is a drag when you have to ticket separately.
  13. We are doing Vancouver to Tokyo. On our last cruise when i saw it i jumped at the chance to have only 1 long distance flight. Other than cruising to Alaska, every cruise we take involves multiple long flights. Love the thought of driving to the port but not having to drive back from Vancouver after a long flight from Tokyo. Haven't figured out the logistics yet. Hoping i can talk a good friend into driving us down to Vancouver. She is always up for a road trip so it might just work out. We would then pay the upcharge to Regent to add our home airport to the flight back from our gateway airport of Vancouver. We will be on Explorer and very much looking forward to a return to her. Not only does this have the benefit of only 1 long flight, it gets us to Alaska which my DH hasn't cruised to yet. I have done a few cruises to Alaska but this would be his first. London to Barcelona sounds lovely as well as getting on the 'new' Splendor. By the time you sail she will be virtually new considering the way cruising is being delayed.
  14. It is not rubbish. Air Canada started out being owned by the Federal Government and received its seed money from them which as far as i know is taxpayer money. They were moved to a crown corporation and may have kept their head above water but only because they received preferential treatment. They may not have received any direct funding from the government since being privatized but they continue to receive preferential treatment to the determinate of the Canadian taxpayer and competitors including other Canadian airlines.
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