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  1. Navywife1

    Fort Lauderdale Hotel

    We stayed in the Airport Hampton Inn and Suites. It was a nice hotel and across the st is an authentic German restraunt it is a cute little place and the hotel has a shuttle that goes to the Ft lauderdale Pier and airport service
  2. Navywife1

    What time you get up on a cruise

    If its a port day I get up early to get ready for the day and all. If it is a sea day I will sleep usually unitl I wake up. Sometimes I might get up early and watch the sun come up on my balcony. I also have room service bring me coffee every morning so I dont have to leave my room if I dont want to. I have 4 children we generally go without them so if momma can get some extra sleep I take it :rolleyes:
  3. Navywife1

    Reg balcony vs Premium Balcony

    Premium balcony rooms are usually a little roomier and the balconies are bigger. I love the aft balconies they are huge and open . If they are the same price I would go with the premium. Now the Large balcony catagory are usually the L shaped and on the newer ships they are the vista balconies
  4. you have to have a valid govt issued ID and your birth certificate and if you are married and female you will need your marriage liscense. I wouldnt take any chances. I would go down to the DMV and let them know what happened and see if they can issue you one there or atleast a state id
  5. Navywife1

    Hope to Leave the Ship in Grand Turk!

    Its a short dock from what I remember. Last time I was there though was when Carnival was the only cruise ship that docked there and it wasnt very touristy yet. It is a beautiful place. But in case you need assistance I do believe the ship has some wheelchairs available for use
  6. Navywife1

    Your Favorite Towel Animal

    The monkey. I like how they hang it from the ceiling or by the balcony door. I always leave that one up.
  7. Navywife1

    Favorite Food Onboard

    I love warm chocolate melting cake and one cruise we went on they served beef wellington it was so good too. But mostly warm chocolate melting cake and of course baked Alaska
  8. Navywife1

    Just off Magic...why do I feel this way?

    One of the things I like least. My last cruise stayed with me for a few days. You still have your sea legs and your equilibrium (sp) is off. It should start getting better the next day or so.
  9. Navywife1

    Acts of kindness you've experienced while cruising

    On the Liberty back in the summer of 08 we were going on a birthday cruise for me. My mom ,two of my aunts ,my sister and my husband were all ready to get on board. For some reason before we could get on board they were making everyone show their birth certificates for the 4th time. Well it was really windy that day and when my mother took hers out the wind caught it and it blew away into the atlantic ocean. It was sickening. My mom just stood there in shock. We werent sure what was going to happen. My Aunt went and told one of the ships crew members and immediately he came over took my mother by the arm and wisked her inside. We though omg they arent going to let her sail and this and that. We explained what happened and he was the nicest guy. He realized how upset my mother was he got her something to drink and sat her down, made sure all of us were with her. He filled out a form and copied mine and my sisiter birth certificates and stapled them all together for her. We didnt know what was going to happen. He came back over to her and said have a great time on your cruise ma'am. You will need this to get back in the country. That was that. They were so quick and efficient and caring. On the same cruise, we had docked in Cozumel. My mom and aunt decided not to get off the ship. My mother who was a brittle diabetic woke up and knew her sugar was low. So she decided to go to the lido deck grill and get something to eat. She was fine until she started back to the cabin. Her sugar had started dropping rapidly and she became disoriented. She was wondering the halls looking for her room. She was on a different floor and her cabin steward recognized her and said Ms. Willene can I help you find something? Right away he knew something was wrong with her. She told him she was looking for her room. He escorted her back to her cabin where my Aunt was just waking up from a nap. she had no idea my mom had even left. He refused to leave until he knew my mom was ok. The rest of the week he was always paying special attention to my mom making sure she didnt need anything and that she was ok.
  10. Navywife1

    Early saver and military rate

    We are looking at booking in Feb we were going to use the early saver it is like 10.00 cheaper a person but it is a nonrefundable deposit right. So we were thinking of using the military rate cause if for any reason we have to cancle we can get the money back. Now I am confused after reading this which one I really want to use. I guess I need to go do some more homework
  11. Navywife1

    Chocolate melting cake!

    That is my favorite yum and of course baked alaska. Just an fyi Carnivals fb page will post recipes sometimes and if you are pinterest carnival has the recipe pinned on their pinterest page
  12. Navywife1

    1st day on Sensation... Bored.

    Sorry your cruise isnt going well for you. My first question is why didnt you do your homework and go on one of the bigger ships that have more active things to do? If you go on carnivals website and explore the ship you would have known if they had hairdryers. Really you are bored cause you want to be and your children are just feeding off your negative attitude in my opinion. My suggestion make your cruise what you want it to be. If they dont have enough activites create some. Maybe do a family scavanger hunt or something. Try and have some fun
  13. Navywife1

    MDR seating...

    yes you can !! We have always made our table and dining arrangements prior to cruising. Talk to your PVP
  14. Navywife1

    Where Did the Old Caranival Go???

    Ok this so made me lmao. Cause it is so true. Well atleast all the Texans I know
  15. Navywife1

    And the nightmares begin

    I always have funky dreams right before I go somewhere. That is one reason I always go one day before so I make sure I am there