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  1. That must have been the difference in price & they did put nice wine glasses in the room. It was fine!
  2. As a follow up FYI: The price I paid (our selection of wine) to order ahead for the cabin was $31.50 per bottle of wine. On the ship we paid $28.00 per for the same wine. $28.00 was on the wine list for the "order as a gift" page, but my NCL agent told me there was a price increase of the wine &7 we ordered 2 bottles. Obviously there was not!!!
  3. Cruise West was sending me volumes of brochures....right to their end. So glad I did not make a cruise deposit with them!
  4. This seems like rather sound advice. Never being to Alaska before, it might as well be Nepal to me, but it is my partner's birthplace. He really wants to explore about while still able. A cruise will certainly suit my comfort desires, and perhaps encourage me to return on land for a road trip. The photos of Alaska that I've seen are both incredible and beautiful. Thank you for your kind words....any other advice you can impart is most welcome! Little Feet
  5. My partner in travel was born in Nome, and would like to revisit the place. Is there a way to do an Alaskan cruise and include a trip to Nome? I did not think there were cruises that went that far north. We are considering flying to Alaska and doing a land trip via car for a bit before boarding a cruise ship to go south. Has anyone done such a trip?
  6. Never been to Alaska, only cruised Caribbean and Central America. Which cruise lines are the best for Alaskan cruises? Is it ultimately better to visit Alaska on land? How does one choose? If one were to only go to Alaska once, how should they visit...sea or land? We are in our 50's.....active and advernturous. The female of this couple loves comfort in travel, indoor plumbing, hot water, room service, and pillow top mattresses. Thanks for any and all advice!
  7. Great reply! Almost anything beats the root canal trip!!
  8. Guess we just got on with a "lively" bunch, huh? Been off the cruise for a few weeks now, and have learned a lot about Karioke. Seems many participants perform the most "dramatic" songs they can come up with. Think I'll pass on this entertainment next time, preferring the professional performances. Something for everyone!
  9. My comments are picked apart as if I said nothing good about the cruise....I did enjoy it, I know I commented on the fact that it was clean and the food decent. I had read bad reviews before this cruise and did want to stay off the ship. My friend , that was foing on the cruise with me, convinced me to come along. Have cruised often on HAL, Princess, Celebrity and a bit on RCCL and have just never encountered parents taking their little ones to a bar late at night to experience adults behaving so badly. I was in wonderment why it why it was allowed by NCL......One cruise critic poster write to me that they wondered why a "fat chick shaking her ass around" upset me? Not upset....just not my style. She was indecently exposed and I do not think that is ever a good thing in front of small children. If I am just "not with the program", then so be it. In all....the SKY cruise was fine.....and I know that I did not bash it, just wrote of a situation that I was unhappy with.
  10. Wow! Touchy! I did enjoy the cruise....I wrote that the kids in the raunchy Karioke bar and the "quality" of the performances were my ONLY complaint! I'm not exactly a "party party party" person....to quote the SKY cruise director! I am NOT partial to RCCL. I did not find the other passengers as offensive on HAL, Princess, Celebrity or RCCL. Certainly, there might be some, but have not encountered them being lewd. The one thing I am sure of was that there was a fat chick doing a rump dance in a short skirt that was in very poor taste (I believe that the "dance" would bring about an arrest for indecent exposure in my state or town).....and since I am the only person that must think so, I shall cease to be offended by not chosing that cruise line. I did think that the ship was clean, the waitstaff generally wonderful, food edible.....I do think that NCL should have a base of standards that they enforce....like maybe no kids in the bars at night when they allow passengers to be raunchy???? Maybe you all think I have been living under a rock, and perhaps I have been. Just not used to seeing anyone flash their rump at a crowd in a Karioke bar...so maybe I am just too prehistoric for NCL to be my cruiseline of choice! Do remember being "mooned' once while driving.....and I would not think that would be good to do in a public bar or in front of little ones.
  11. Not been to a whole lot of Karioke...that is true. Did see some of it on RCCL and one bar in my hometown. It was mostly just drunk people singing.....never saw the floor show that the NCL passengers provided!
  12. It was not just one fat chick......but she was the most shocking. The children were with their parents.....a few babies in arms too. I can't understand why it was allowed by the NCL bar.....but I did not want to get into any arguement that night so we decided to leave. After all......you think the issue is a problem with ME......so better to not approach anyone else with it!
  13. Just got off the Sky yesterday from a 4 day cruise. Despite my fears, it was a very well maintained ship, my cabin was clean, the A/C worked just fine, and the food was edible. Did think the some of the passengers were not behaving with reserve. The Karioke was disgusting......lewd behavior that really shocked me. Some passengers were not decently dressed....saw a bit of total male nudity at the pool (one man just took off his swim trunks and dried off with a towel in plain view), a few women were having wardrobe malfunctions (falling over and out of their tops).....but it seems the level of behavior was rather unrefined on the Sky. Did not have a bad cruise, but will not sail with NCL again. The ship itself was nice....no complaint there.
  14. With considerable encouragement, I did take the 9/13 cruise on the Sky. My 9 aft cabin was perfectly clean, the air conditioning worked great, the food was edible. The only serious complaint I do have is concerning the behavior of guests and the lack of "control" by NCL management. We attended the Karioke, and it was later at night in the Outrigger. Some of the songs were performed with lewd behavior. 2 "ladies" performed a song and during the performance one of the ladies bent over (in half) and then shook her booty literally. Up, down, back and forth......shaking away. She had on a full skirt, and not a long one! She was a large woman and had a great deal of body to shake about. It was probably the worst thing I have seen on a ship in the name of "entertainment". There were children, some very young, in the bar. I do believe that NCL should have censored that behavior and/or had the children removed. Other songs were also in bad taste, but nothing compared to the "rump" exhibit. We did leave that bar and went to other entertainment on the ship. Thinking about the bar experience, maybe I "got what I paid for". Low cost and low class?? I have attended Karioke on RCCL and never thought anyone behaved like these women. Not sure if this behavior/tolerance is native only to NCL. This was my only complaint, but I will not sail again on NCL because of it. Been on more than 20 other cruises (RCCL, HAL, Celebrity, Princess) and I have never seen such performances on those cruise lines. NCL did not let me down about anything else. Since we all can choose, I am going to stay with the other cruise lines. Anyone else find the Karioke on NCL to be on the disgusting side? Little Feet
  15. No I do not know him....I read his review and then decided that I don't want his experience. I thought $729 for 2 (balcony) was a good price......my past cruises were for at least 7 or 14 days....and I have had OV, balcony, and suites. Also I am already in Florida so I have no transportation issues getting to the ship at the time of sailing. If there was another ship doing a 5 day or so sailing from either Ft. Lauderdale or Miami I would take it. The Sky was OK in 2008....that review by Scotoco sure changed my mind.
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