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  1. This may answer your question: https://www.travelandleisure.com/travel-news/greece-reopening-vaccinated-travelers-summer-travel
  2. Pcardad, what do you think the chances are for Voyager to restart with the 10 day Athens to Athens cruise on September 13th? That cruise is shorter than the 15 day Barcelona to Athens cruise before that. The next cruise is September 23rd, 10 days also, Athens to Rome. Seems like good "trail" cruises. At some point they have to restart and it would seem best to start with these shorter cruises. Eventually, Regent has to get the Voyager through the Suez Canal to do the rest of their winter schedule, so why not do that with the October 3rd Rome to Abu Dhabi cruise (which we are on)? Yo
  3. Regarding the original question: I can't speak for Viking, but I do not consider Oceania to be a direct comparison to Regent, hence we have taken many Regent cruises, but only 1 Oceania. While wearing a sport coat may somewhat mitigate not conforming to the no jeans after 6 policy, I don't think it should be difficult for well to do men (Regent customers) to confirm to such a minimal dress code policy. This is especially true when there are alternatives if you must wear jeans and only jeans - the pool deck or room service. The dress code is clearly communicated to all well before embarkat
  4. How does one volunteer for the "trial" cruises? I am ready, able and vaccinated! 🙂
  5. There seems to be a group of people that say just because everyone is vaccinated, doesn't mean they can't get the virus and transmit it to others. That is, technically, true. But it is helpful to apply some math and reason to the question. If you are fully vaccinated (Moderna or Pfizer) there is a ~95% effectivity rate. So a 5% or less chance you will get the virus, including an asymptomatic case. While research continues, current data shows there is expected to be at least a 50% reduction in transmission rate for vaccinated people vs non-vaccinated people, due to reduced viral load. So e
  6. I agree with all of the above. The CDC is ridiculous and is not looking at the real world with their pronouncements. The will never allow us to fully reopen, including cruising, until we can go three weeks running with the only reported covid case in the US being a six year old in Fargo. OK, enough of my rant. I happened to catch the below interview today and while it is not completely analogous to cruising, there are many similarities...and of course, no CDC involvement. https://video.foxnews.com/v/6244007222001#sp=show-clips
  7. As long as everyone on board and everyone that comes onboard (pilots, customs officials, local tourist representatives, etc.) is vaccinated there should be no reason to require masks on board. That is what we want to hear. Masking for certain shore activities is negotiable in my mind.
  8. Here is more information to include Celebrity and an earlier start date. Certainly appears to be good news. https://thepointsguy.com/news/royal-caribbean-celebrity-north-america-cruise-restart/
  9. Great! There is a roll call at: Hope we all can cruise together...
  10. So you're saying there is a chance.... Voyager - Rome to Dubai, October 3. We cannot tell you how much we hope and pray you are correct!
  11. Although the cruise may be cancelled, it won't be because Greece is closed to US citizens. Greece announced a few days ago they will reopen to fully vaccinated tourists or those with a negative testr beginning in mid May. https://www.travelandleisure.com/travel-news/greece-reopening-vaccinated-travelers-summer-travel
  12. Many years ago we had one of our more memorable "shore" excursions on a Mariner cruise. At St Maarten's we took the America's Cup 12 metre yacht challenge. So fun, all the participants help sail an actual (albeit slightly modified) 12 metre America's cup boat in a race around a course. We were on Dennis Connor's Stars and Stripes and I was a "grinder". The boats and the settings are beautiful and the skippers make it a lot of fun. It still comes up on Google so I guess it is still in business. Highly recommend if you have the opportunity. P.S. if you don't want to "work" you can just ride alo
  13. Tracker in above post is updated daily, about 3:30 est. Quite interesting.
  14. What would you include in "SOME"? We have October Voyager Rome to Dubai booked. Of our stops, Israel and UAE are doing well on vaccinations, Italy, Egypt, Jordan and Oman not so much.
  15. I found the following vaccine tracker and found it to be very interesting. Vaccinations worldwide are just beginning and hopefully this tracker will be regularly updated. It could be instructive in helping us take an educated guess as to when various countries (that we might be hoping to cruise to) will be getting to a point where they can reopen. https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/covid-vaccine-tracker-global-distribution/
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