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  1. We loved this hotel as well, before our Seabourn cruise Lisbon to Dover in 2019. Short taxi ride to docks also.
  2. Totally different scenario, but Chase insurance for a rental car collision with damages of ~ $2500 was fantastic. They handled everything start to finish after I filed the required information. I was very impressed.
  3. Chase Sapphire Preferred card also has the travel insurance benefits.
  4. While I haven't worn a suit in the 17 years since retirement, I do enjoy wearing a sport coat and tie on formal optional nights. My wife likes to dress up just a little more than on normal casual nights and I like to match her by wearing something a little better than I wear when we go out at home, i.e. casual wear. It just makes it a little more of a special occasion for both of us.
  5. The problem is not getting the tour you want, as you have already booked it months ago and paid for it on your credit card as well. It is that other cruise lines allow you to spend your SBC (often a substantial amount of money) on tour reservations before you board, often up to a year before. Having to go to Seabourn Square, wait inline and have them issue your credit card a credit and then immediately rebook you into the tour using your SBC just seems inefficient and unnecessary.
  6. Same is true on Regent. It would be a lot easier and less confusing if Seabourn adopted this policy. This is my only complaint about the Seabourn experience.
  7. Agree, nothing is a sure bet these days, and I empathize with your frustration. https://www.reuters.com/world/uk/us-relax-travel-restrictions-passengers-uk-eu-november-source-2021-09-20/ "Foreign nationals will need to present proof of vaccination before travel and will not be required to quarantine on arrival.The White House said the final decision on what vaccines would be accepted is up to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC on Monday pointed to its prior guidance when asked what vaccines it will accept. "The CDC considers someone fully vaccinated with any FDA-authorized or approved vaccines and any vaccines that (the World Health Organization) has authorized," said spokesperson Kristen Nordlund. That list could change pending additions by either agency, she said."
  8. Regent has always flown us from LAX business class to Europe. Flights to Asia or Australia are always business.
  9. We have cruised on Regent (8 with 2 more booked), Seabourn (4 with 1 more booked) and Oceania (once in 2011 on the Marina). These numbers tell our preferences. Our Oceania itinerary was superb, the food was good, not great, and the service was ok. We had problems with engineering trying to move us to another cabin to complete work that was to have been done during a prior refit. We could find nothing in our cabin that needed to be worked on. The cabin they wanted to move us to was a substantially lesser cabin. We refused. We love Seabourn, the ships, the food and the crews. We also love Regent for the same reasons, although we are not favorable to the Navigator. Clientele is similar on Regent and Seabourn, we have met many, many interesting and engaging people on both, so we keep coming back. Of course, everyone is different and has different experiences...
  10. Any vaccine approved by the WHO will be acceptable when the US loosens its restrictions in early November, exact date tbd.
  11. For our January San Diego to Miami cruise, we are waitlisted for Grand Cayman tour (who knows if we will actually go there) and shut out for tours we would like to take on Catalina Island. Not too concerning for us as we found your can walk Grand Cayman and see most everything. Also we are close to Catalina so can go there if we choose (understand this is not true for most). Had hoped to take a tour into the center of Catalina, which we have not done. Also Catalina weather in January is highly likely to be poor. Our experience has been tours are easy to book if you do it when they open one year out. Also we have had success booking tours that were waitlisted once on board, seems there are quite a few cancels or sometimes Regent adds capacity if possible.
  12. Apologies, my mistake...this is the case on Seabourn, not, I believe, on Regent. We have always just asked the cabin attendant when we board and very quickly we get our favorite beverage in our cabin.
  13. You can order a bottle of your favorite for your cabin (any category) on the online registration form.
  14. Just it’s taste. Somehow it is addictive 😀
  15. Are there plans to do testing throughout the cruise? What are the restrictions on shore excursions? Regent only or can you do a port on your own? Thanks for the great information and enjoy your cruise.
  16. Yes you can book on board, we have done so. There is a Regent rep specifically for this purpose. I believe the advantage is 5% off the published fare. Not sure if you also sometimes may get a minimal shipboard credit. Actually last year we were able to book “onboard “ before we embarked. Then the cruise we were to be on cancelled and the cruise we onboard booked cancelled as well, so it ended up not helping us.
  17. Friday we were required to make final payment on January 19, 2022 Explorer, San Diego to Miami. So I guess not.
  18. Agree. Not long ago I gave blood and they tested for antibodies. Came up positive from my vaccine. Simple.
  19. Likely United code share, both are Star Alliance and you get United miles and all perks that you have as Premier Gold or whatever level you are. This is common on our flights from LAX.
  20. I don't think this is true of Regent passengers. I have always felt comfortable and well dressed in Reyn Spooner shirts, if our cruise was traveling in tropical climates.
  21. Question...would Florida's ban on vaccination proof (if upheld) apply only to cruises leaving from Florida? Or would it also apply to a cruise ending in Florida, (e.g. January 19 Explorer San Diego to Miami)? Asking for a friend...
  22. Any idea when cruises after April 2023 will be available for booking?
  23. Probably true, but we will always remember Regent canceling our most anticipated cruise in years - twice! The second time in October, on Voyager, will always, IMO, remain a cruise that could have, and should have, sailed. Some explanation of the whys behind their decision-making to drag out restart so long might have helped. I will always believe that Regent could have done it much faster and just as well.
  24. Only bad news for GOARMY! is they are now flying on BA! ☹️
  25. We booked port side going west to east so to see more land during cruise. Would do starboard going east to west for same reason. In the canal it doesn’t matter as you will likely be on deck or in observation lounge most of the time.
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