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  1. Also looking for these if anybody has them.
  2. I appreciate the response, but a kinder one would obviously be more appropriate than the condescending one you chose to post. :eek: If you read the actual TOS, it is more exclusionary than just being that simple. Such as, even though they are on the bar menu, there are also no energy drinks, fresh squeezed juices, etc.... as shown below. It says no Super Premium Brands, but doesn't say anything about Ultimate Premium brands? :tropical-drink: "The Ultimate Beverage Package does not include room service, package sales, ship specific promotions or beer buckets, designated Super Premium brands (subject to change), bottled wine, mini bar purchases, bottled water, fresh squeezed juices, select Lavazza coffee beverages, energy drinks, vending machines, wine stations or spirits, cocktails, draft or bottled beer and glasses of wine over $15 USD." I will say a very big thanks to those of you who were kind enough to post a nice response. :* I have the answer to my question through your kindness! :halo:
  3. First time NCL cruiser here! :cool:.... but not my first cruise. :D Does anybody have a current list of UBP beverages? Yes, I have read the generic description from the website, but I am looking for a detailed list. I found a couple that are from 2 or 3 years ago, but you would like to see what is actually included. Is it the actual bar menu minus some things or what?
  4. We bought a few ulu's as well as knives in Skagway where they are plentiful. We walked a block or two up the street to the post office and mailed them to ourselves at home.
  5. Does somebody have a current UBP list? I've been looking for one and can't find it. Thanks!
  6. Command strips work well and are easy to remove on the smooth surfaces. :D
  7. Were there any cabin upgrades done? Sad to see the Wok gone, but I know I will enjoy its replacement.
  8. Yes, we have taken first-time cruisers on these ships and they can't wait to go back again. They are a great sampler cruise as well as a good one for people who just have a few days off.
  9. For me it is so much easier to just visit the buffet and grab a plate of whatever rather than wait for room service.
  10. Info on the 1A cabins is still useful to me and I know it is to others. If it weren't for what is posted here, I probably wouldn't have tried my first 1A cabin. Now these cabins are my first choice when it is just me and my daughter sailing.
  11. We recently cruised on the Imagination. I loved the ship itself, but wish I could say the same for the staff. I encountered several of them that were "having a bad day". If you have a choice... go on the Inspiration. The staff there has been wonderful every time we have sailed (5 times in the last 2 years).
  12. Found this old thread and wanted to give my recent experience two cents worth here. :p I sailed last week from Long Beach and found the FTTF program to be somewhat of an issue. Those waiting in the priority departure lounge couldn't even make it anywhere near the front half of the line because of the cattle crowding method going on. :eek: There were literally 250-300 people crowding to get further ahead in the boarding line. Numerous people clutching their FTTF papers as well as numerous piggy-back cruisers on Platinums. One family in front of me had in excess of 10 people in their party including several blue cards. :mad: That family had ONE Platinum member. Also witnessed a similar situation on the last day in the departure lounge as we saw it grow from past numbers of 15 or 20 people to close to 80 in there once again also doing the piggy back ride. :( A word of advice, Carnival, don't let that extra $50 alienate your Platinums. FTTF is fine, but give them all the group 1 cards and general boarding then would begin with group 2 cards. ;)
  13. We are on board the Inspiration this week and confirmed with Guest Services that the backup generator was installed during the drydock. They also repaired a few electrical and plumbing issues. There are a few cosmetic things that they did as well. Mostly just replaced carpet. Also installed new lighted signage in the buffet area. Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app
  14. I would have to agree with the above. You never know when something might happen. I would personally feel better booking on the later flight, and if you arrive at the airport early enough see if you can fly standby on the earlier one. Better safe than sorry. :o
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