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  1. I requested my refund today. NCL was so excited that they sent me 28 emails confirming my request LOL. I appreciate the enthusiasm.
  2. I received two emails for my cancelled 5/14 cruise. The first was an attached pdf and had one had one sentence about requesting a refund. The second one had absolutely no mention whatsoever about the option for a refund and explaining how my awesome FCC Could be used. I feel that is something that is not just borderline it crosses the line on sales practices - I get the fact they want to highlight the option they want but it is wrong. I have no doubt it is actually more than likely illegal but I also get that at this point the rule book is out the window. I am more concerned at the audacious manner this tragedy is being manipulated to their benefit and how many people who will not realize there is an option for a refund (the option of one week also cannot be legal either but that is another matter)
  3. I think the FCCs have a better shot then the refunds in Chapter 11. Refunds are people walking away. FCC are for people who want to stay cruising. I think the best case is to sweeten the pot to convert as many people to FCC.
  4. I agree. Deceptive practices for sure. If they were a bank they would be in hot water telling people that a full refund is lesser value.
  5. I think those are the people who will stay cruising - and it makes total sense. I cannot with my animals. I have to coordinate months in advance ( have show dogs so I cannot board them as they are intact for showing and kennels do not allow intact) so I just cannot take the chance again. Last year Cuba and this year Alaska - it is not a good fit for me unless they want to allow 3 big hairy Aussies dogs to travel with me LOL
  6. It is simple. They have no money. They are dripping the funds out as long as possible. As more waves are added it is less and less probable we will ever see our funds. They also hope to get people to convert to FCC. Personally at this point they would have to give me 200% before I would even blink and even then they would have “special” pricing for us that would have been jacked up 300%. Totally done with cruising for years
  7. Yep My 5/16 cruise says I need to make a payment. I bet tomorrow we get cancelled
  8. You realize the rate from the Fed is not available to the masses and I can guarantee you that cruise ships LOC are not going to get the best rates. In fact I am positive that they will be doing whatever they can not to need a new one. I am sure the LOC they currently have is being used but the rates that would be offered to them currently would make Cousin Guido’s coal black heart fill with joy.
  9. I wonder if NCL would agree it is acceptable for me at final payment date to tell them I am processing the payment and it could take up to 90 days. Think they would agree??? LOL
  10. Their next advertising should be Marie Antoinette saying “Let them eat cake”. They won’t be known to nickel and dime anymore its going to beg dollars and more dollars. Assuming they survive
  11. HMMM again not everyone is getting money. Most people are, not everyone. Companies have had to create processes with incredible speed to get money out to people but it was not simple - not even for the IRS. I do not expect for the cruise lines to move as fast but the truth is this has nothing to do with process and all to do with holding on to funds (or replenish funds)
  12. Again focusing on port fees taxes and excursions, all money they are required to have on hand to pay out and NOT THEIR MONEY TO SPEND - I would assume most companies would have that not co-mingled with other funds but again that’s just me. Like if a company decides not to pay the payroll taxes or Social Security for their employees - that is not “short term liabilities” that’s called something like a FELONY. And of course they are weighing bankruptcy - if they were not then they would not be doing their job. Weighing bankruptcy does not mean pulling the trigger. It is the responsible thing for a business to do - you need to keep all options available including bankruptcy. And I do not blame them for trying to keep cash as long as possible - but some of that money is not part of their money - it is held for other parties - that was my focus. I guess things have changed a lot since you retired.
  13. Hmmm well I am a Senior VP of a Fortune 100 financial institution - I will make sure to let my company know I am incompetent and lack knowledge of normal business practices. Good to know. I am sure if we ran our company as NCL we would be shutdown in a millisecond but carry on
  14. Here is the deal. Excursions and taxes and port fees have an existing workflow. All of those could be refunded at a click of the button. The reason those are not (and are really what annoys me as that is not their money other than their cut of excursions) is because THEY SPENT IT. The whole excuse of no process does not ring true - the fact is there is no money to refund so the hope is that 90 days gives them time to hopeful hook more reservations - I mean my 5/16 cruise is still open for booking and they know it won’t go (Alaska via Seattle) but if they can get a deposit then they will take it. While the other cruise lines may be doing it - I have yet to see anyone with these tight timelines and ridiculous refund process. I cancelled an excursion 30 days ago - still no refund. That money should never have been spent by them but times are tight. They spent our gov’t taxes and port fees - that money was not ever theirs to spend but yet its gone. This has nothing to do with complexity - for ANY of the cruise lines, it’s cash flow and I bet they are weighing bankruptcy especially as this continues.
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