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  1. "Hand-held" means that somebody is getting down on their hands and knees to work their way through all the grout. Even at 5 minutes per cabin, (which I highly doubt), that is 6,000 labor-minutes (100 hours) for a ship with 1,200 cabins. Even if the ship had 20 such machines and divided up the work, that would be 5 hours per person. When do you suppose the crew is going to find those 5 hours when passengers disembark at 9:30 and the next wave arrives at noon?
  2. You honestly think that I am “taking my chances” by using a stateroom bathroom that has discolored grout? The odds of that being the dirtiest, riskiest thing I encounter on the ship, or in the terminal before the cruise, or in the airport or on the airplane before I get to the terminal are very, very slim. I really don’t think I need luck to cross the bathroom threshold.
  3. So now we’ve proven that Princess bathrooms are less hazardous than Tahitian food trucks. Not sure where this discussion is headed.
  4. Yes. The OP got OBC and a free dinner comped by customer service as a good will gesture. It wasn’t part of a promotion where they charge you more for the cruise and then tell you that you are getting something for free. In this instance, their Specialty Dinner really is free.
  5. Discolored grout is not indicative of general uncleanliness. Grout is notoriously difficult to clean. I do not expect cleaning crews to scrub between tiles with a toothbrush every couple of weeks which is what it would take to keep the grout shining.
  6. Think about ALL of the public places you went today. Your office. Your office’s bathroom. A coffee shop. A restaurant. A grocery store. A subway station. An airport. Your own home. Do you really think that any of these places are cleaner than your ship’s cabin? Did any of these other places kill you? Make you sick? Upon what basis would you think (or expect) your ship’s cabin to be any different? If I ever need to have my appendix removed on my cabin’s bathroom floor, I will request that the floor be given a stronger cleaning. Until then ....
  7. Can’t really say it any better than that. Whether it is worth a $29pp upcharge can be fairly debated. When offered to you as a freebie? No brainer.
  8. This is from the Club Class FAQ pdf found on the Princess website: “Guests who would like to book a Club Class Mini-Suite, but would prefer to dine in Traditional Dining can request this change by calling Princess or your travel consultant.”
  9. I’m impressed that he recommended that as a substitute for the Tig. Less than half the price. Very reliable. I see that we can pre- order Whispering Angel from their list. Price is high but only about $10-$15 more per bottle than retail plus corkage. Still, I hate paying $50 for a $19 wine. My wife will want an I.V. drip of Rose on this “sea day intensive” cruise. (3 sea days and a Princess Cays day). We chose this SPECIFICALLY to unwind so our usual one-bottle-per-day won’t do. It’s silly how much planning I put in to our wine consumption but one has to obsess about something!
  10. Did the exact same thing yesterday and they appear to be fine.
  11. I actually think that this is the easiest way to use them. No issues or problems at all.
  12. Yours were not “reasons”. They were “opinions”. And those opinions were very much insulting towards the federal judiciary and rather uninformed. The judge’s actions were colored by the fact that she wasn’t offered free cruises? Seriously? A federal judge intentionally trying to sink a company’s stock price? Seriously? And this was by no means the largest environmental fine. BP agreed to a Consent Decree in excess of $18B. Anasarko agreed to a fine in excess of $5B. This judge has actually shown great restraint in her dealings with Carnival.
  13. Not a chance. None. Zero.
  14. Still struggling with that. Thinking Insignia, Maybach, Ornellaia, Kosta Browne, Rochioli, Aubert and Scarecrow. Have to figure out if I have time for a Total run to pick up some Rose and Champagne before departure.
  15. I think they classified some of the forward corner Minis as Club Class. They show up as "M6" and are listed as Premium Mini Suites, but when you click on the cabin, it pops up as a CC. But 95% of them are mid-ship, so yes, it largely does not matter which one you get. There will be preferences, however, for deck. side of the ship and/or direction of the layout.
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