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  1. nathuhbelle

    Favorite/Lease Favorite Caribbean Islands

    Favorites: Dominica, Antigua, Barbados Least Favorites (but seriously, I've never been to an island that I didn't enjoy): Private islands, Nevis, St Thomas
  2. nathuhbelle

    Sun protection for fair skinned cruisers

    For me: -zinc-oxide based sunblock - I've always burned super easily through chemical based sun creams - re-apply often, even if it isn't sunny outside. -don't forget that your lips can burn too -hydrate, hydrate, hydrate -SPF50 long sleeve rash guard -large brim hat and sunglasses
  3. nathuhbelle

    Ladies: how many shoes do you take?

    In the Caribbean/anywhere that's primarily beaches, I bring three: flat gold sandals, chaco's for hiking/beach, vibram five fingers for gym.
  4. Three for me is the norm (including what I wear on the plane): flat gold sandals, Chaco sandals, Vibram five-fingers. I can hold them all in one hand, so they don't take up much space at all. The least I've ever taken was the single pair of boots that I wore backpacking around Scotland.
  5. nathuhbelle

    Comfortable camera strap?

    I'll go against the grain...I've got a Crumpler "Industry Disgrace" strap (though now you've all piqued my interest in the Black Rapid) and find it to be quite comfortable.
  6. nathuhbelle

    waterproof cameras for snorkeling

    We have both the Canon D10 and D20 and have had no problems. One thing I would recommend is to test it in a cool bath...submerge it for a while and make sure that you have no issues with seals leaking. If there's a serious problem right off the bat then you'll know before taking it on your trip. Other than that, rinse it when you get out of the water and make sure that your seals are clean and dry when you change SD card/batteries/etc.
  7. nathuhbelle

    Sunburn! ouch.

    From a fair skinned Texas girl...where the sun never seems to stop beating down - Yes! It's definitely possible to survive the Caribbean without burning. Definitely look for some long sleeves with SPF built in - Columbia has some great fishing shirts for both men and women that are comfortable and cool. Also, if you're snorkeling, consider wearing a surf rash guard. There are quite a few with built in SPF, but it's also just a good physical barrier to the sun. I burn right through most chemical based sunblocks (which is really unfortunate since they're SO easy to apply...). I've found that I do very well with the physical sunblocks that are primarily zinc oxide. They do give you a ghostly pallor though, so be sure to rub them in well...or look like a vampire, your choice...
  8. nathuhbelle

    Favorite excursion ever?

    Canyoning in Dominica - basically rappelling and leaping off of waterfalls as you make your way through a slot canyon in the rainforest.
  9. nathuhbelle

    what to pack

    I also go with essentials only; I'm a light packer by nature (everything goes in a backpack), and I always mix & match items to re-wear. Beyond clothes: - empty water bottle (I use a Platupus because it packs flat) - sunblock - basic toiletries (we use the cruise ship provided shampoo and soap) - small first aid kit (broad spectrum antibiotic, otc meds, antibiotic cream, etc.) - waterproof camera and dslr - if cruise line allows it - WINE
  10. nathuhbelle

    Only ship in the port, do you care?

    I much prefer being the only ship in port (and preferably on a small ship).
  11. nathuhbelle

    Suggestions on what to do??

    If you like VERY active tours, then Canyoning is one of my favorites; you're rappelling down/jumping off of the waterfalls as you make your way through a slot canyon. http://www.extremedominica.com/ It's one of the best things that I've ever done.
  12. nathuhbelle

    Carnival Paradise - Water Purchase

    I'll second the bring your own bottle and fill it on the ship.
  13. nathuhbelle

    Low Cost Things to Do/Old San Juan

    Also, if you have a US National Parks Pass...you can use it for entrance to the forts. Both are very interesting.
  14. nathuhbelle

    What's in your First Aid kit?

    Sodium Naproxen (ie Aleve) / Ibuprofen Cipro Z-pak Pedialyte Powder (comes in little packets) Immodium GasX ColdEZ Benedryl Coughdrops Antibiotic Cream Bandaids Epsom Salts Hand Sanitizer
  15. nathuhbelle

    Evening activities

    I'm interested in that as well. We'll be in Gustavia for New Year's Eve (Azamara Quest overnights there). We'll obviously be dining on the boat since prices on St Barth's are outrageous on the holidays, but would love to know a local spot to grab a few cocktails.