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  1. Interesting comments, everyone, thank you. As a society, I guess we really suck 😃
  2. We recently sailed on Royal Caribbean and got their version of the unlimited alcohol package. What we found was, it made sense for me, but it didn't make sense for my wife. She just didn't drink enough alcohol to justify the cost. I'm guessing the reason for the rule is to prevent sharing, but I would think there are other ways to accomplish that. Has anyone heard of any discussions regarding removing this rule, or is it here to stay?
  3. I live in NOLA. August is easily the WORST month of the year for a tourist to visit. It's insanely slow, so all the places lay off staff, which hurts service and quality levels, and all the people who work for tips (like the shot girls) get desperate. Also, the Bourbon St scene is terrible this time of year, because it's so damn hot and everyone is cranky lol. Come back in October or April.
  4. I saw this too and as a fellow NOLA resident, I'm stoked! yet our local media hasn't said a single thing about it that I can find.
  5. Got an e-mail today from RC. Available to book and has some good prices. No announcement on RC website. According to a couple of blogs, this is relocation from the Cuba cruises. Did they just refund everyone booked for Cuba in 2020 and start fresh here?
  6. Like any other place, just keep your good sense about you. Don't take off the boat more money or cards than you need. Leave the fancy jewels and other valuables in the safe. Don't wander down strange paths. Don't allow yourself to get so drunk that you get taken advantage of. Cozumel is a tourist town. If word got out that tourists are in trouble, it would destroy the local economy, and everyone know that. Having said that, I've never left the island so I can't speak to the mainland near Cozumel. We will next week be doing a tour in Progresso, but it's through the ship. Only other time we have been to Progresso, we didn't leave the port area.
  7. We booked our cruise almost 3 months ago and sail next week. I have never seen it below $49/person (buy one get one half off). I've checked it daily for months and never seen the $46 price. After seeing this post this AM I just jumped on, not today either, it's currently showing at $52. For the entirety of the time I've been booked, it's been $52 or $49. Never more, never less. In fact the only thing I've seen any real major difference with, was one of our excursions. We booked it at 59.99/person. I've never seen it lower, but I've seen it as high as 71.99, it's currently 70.99.
  8. And after 15 min or so it looks to be back up. Weird.
  9. Anyone else unable to access the website? Doesn't load properly. In the browser tab, it says "scheduled maintenance". Strange time to schedule maintenance, in the middle of the day on the last day of a cruise planner sale.
  10. We have been on 4 Carnival cruises and 1 Disney cruise. Next week will be our first RCI cruise - on Enchantment. Of the 5 previous cruises, none have been on particular huge vessels - I think the largest was Triumph. We decided to do this cruise because we are kinda tired of Carnival out of New Orleans, and it was easier/quicker to get to Galveston than it is to get to Florida. So even though we have done Cozumel and Progresso multiple times, we figured a new company would be a new experience for us. That, and we got a great deal 😃 I'll try to remember to come back to this thread after our trip and share our experiences comparing the two. A few things that jumped out at me already: 1) RCI's alcohol package not having a daily limit 2) RCI's alcohol package has a lower "threshhold" price - i.e. I think RCI covers any drink up to 12 or 13 dollars, whereas Carnival it's like 19 per drink 3) The shore excursion we are going on in Progresso, booked through RCI, is $40 per person cheaper than the exact same excursion booked through Carnival 4) RCI seems to have a tremendous number of sales. Most of them all seem to be around the same price, and be at a pretty decent discount to on-board pricing. Carnival seems to have much fewer "sales" and seems to not offer much of a discount for making purchases pre-cruise vs on-board
  11. My friend... 21-0 will always hurt me more than it will excite you 😃 You could always make a joke about LSU can't have a cruise like this because the boat doesn't serve corndogs...
  12. It's absolutely concerning for that new of a ship to have that issue. it may or may not have to go to dry dock. Remember, the three cruises before the start are each extended a day, so now you are down to 18 days. Then, presumably, they would want time, after the repair, to "road test" it. Finally, remember, they probably didn't want to cut a cruise in half, so it might be ready to roll 4-5 days before the next scheduled cruise. Probably use the time to clean up other things, etc. Of course if it's something exterior to the ship as opposed to in the engine room, then yes, I would think dry dock is a given. Is there anywhere in Texas they can dry dock it, or would it have to go all the way to Freeport?
  13. LOL. Galveston is a fun place, there is a beach, etc. Houston you can easily play tourist for several days. Or, use the up to $200 a person refund Carnival is offering for cancelled airfare.
  14. I'm sorry for this mess for you. If I were you, I would consider taking my refund and doing something else this year, and then using the 100 percent credit to book a cruise for next year, after you select your vacation dates for next year. RC is an option out of Galveston, or, you could see what's available on the Glory or Valor out of NOLA. You could drive to that port. And since I'm guessing the cost of those cruises would be cheaper (maybe) than Vista, you could use some of the extra money to arrive the night before and get a hotel.
  15. I thought so, but some people in this thread are swearing that you can't, "new rules"
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