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  1. I passed by Glory on way to office this morning around 730. Locally they are saying new departure time between 10 and 12. Pilot is/was on board, but may have to swap out pilots (they have duty time limits) but not a huge deal to do that. Leaving by noon should put them into Costa Maya on time on Wed without much issue.
  2. I'm trying to figure out where Glory was going. Aren't the ships at that pier side by side, not front to back? Why was he making that maneuver?
  3. Right, so my question is... if we have kids, and those boats have a lot of kids, and they all go to Sanchos, how is it? I'm not worried about their being a bunch of kids at Sanchos if my kids are there and having fun. I'm more concerned about drunken issues at Sanchos... and maybe if it's more families that won't be an issue?
  4. Wow... did the driver hear you trying to find someone to split a cab with? I make it easy. It's $17 so we give them a $20 bill and tell them have a great day.
  5. We will be in Cozumel the Monday of Thanksgiving week, on Carnival Valor. Has anyone ever gone with their kids to Mr. Sanchos? I know they have the extra area with water trampolines and such. We have 2 daughters, 8 and 11. Both like pools and beaches and my youngest might like the trampoline area. We went over the summer (wife and I) and it was a loud, drunk place to be. But there were 5 boats in town and it was the week of July 4th. When we go, there will be 3 boats there (us, Carnival Breeze, and Disney Fantasy) so wondering if fewer boats (one being Disney) and being in November instead of summer might make for a calmer crowd. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  6. This past summer we were in Cozumel on a day when 5 ships arrived. We were the last to arrive. We had book Sanchos ahead of time, and twice (once when we told the taxi line person where we were headed, and once when we got in the taxi) we were asked if we had AI reservations, because they weren't taking any walkups. To say it was packed was an understatement. No one helped us find a table. Eventually, we found a table on the extreme end (right up against the rope, down by where they sell the banana boat tours). Our server was overwhelmed. It took us 45 min to get any type of food, and 20-30 min for drink orders. We had no luck finding beach loungers. Eventually we just gave up and headed to the pool. The pool bartenders were working insanely hard but just couldn't keep up. Finally, around 2 am, as some of the earlier arriving ships had their guests headed back, it started to open up some.
  7. Interesting comments, everyone, thank you. As a society, I guess we really suck 😃
  8. We recently sailed on Royal Caribbean and got their version of the unlimited alcohol package. What we found was, it made sense for me, but it didn't make sense for my wife. She just didn't drink enough alcohol to justify the cost. I'm guessing the reason for the rule is to prevent sharing, but I would think there are other ways to accomplish that. Has anyone heard of any discussions regarding removing this rule, or is it here to stay?
  9. I live in NOLA. August is easily the WORST month of the year for a tourist to visit. It's insanely slow, so all the places lay off staff, which hurts service and quality levels, and all the people who work for tips (like the shot girls) get desperate. Also, the Bourbon St scene is terrible this time of year, because it's so damn hot and everyone is cranky lol. Come back in October or April.
  10. I saw this too and as a fellow NOLA resident, I'm stoked! yet our local media hasn't said a single thing about it that I can find.
  11. Got an e-mail today from RC. Available to book and has some good prices. No announcement on RC website. According to a couple of blogs, this is relocation from the Cuba cruises. Did they just refund everyone booked for Cuba in 2020 and start fresh here?
  12. Like any other place, just keep your good sense about you. Don't take off the boat more money or cards than you need. Leave the fancy jewels and other valuables in the safe. Don't wander down strange paths. Don't allow yourself to get so drunk that you get taken advantage of. Cozumel is a tourist town. If word got out that tourists are in trouble, it would destroy the local economy, and everyone know that. Having said that, I've never left the island so I can't speak to the mainland near Cozumel. We will next week be doing a tour in Progresso, but it's through the ship. Only other time we have been to Progresso, we didn't leave the port area.
  13. We booked our cruise almost 3 months ago and sail next week. I have never seen it below $49/person (buy one get one half off). I've checked it daily for months and never seen the $46 price. After seeing this post this AM I just jumped on, not today either, it's currently showing at $52. For the entirety of the time I've been booked, it's been $52 or $49. Never more, never less. In fact the only thing I've seen any real major difference with, was one of our excursions. We booked it at 59.99/person. I've never seen it lower, but I've seen it as high as 71.99, it's currently 70.99.
  14. And after 15 min or so it looks to be back up. Weird.
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