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  1. Quite refreshing to read something positive. IMO these boards have gotten very negative.
  2. I agree about the CC cabin. We did a B2B in April - one week a CC and one week an A1. The noise was very noticeable in the A1 cabin and the overhang was very close ! Good Luck
  3. Fraud/Scam ??? Pretty harsh choice of words. It was a mistake.
  4. 28 cruises both on RCI and Celebrity. We always bring a corkscrew in our carry-on.
  5. Thank you, Andy, for taking away from your vacation to keep us posted. We will be on the Equinox on Monday for our first TA. It has been since 2011 that we sailed Celebrity. Hope we find things in great shape :) Sharon
  6. Lsimon....Thank you for taking your time to give me such an informative answer. It will certainly help us in Barcelona.
  7. Please help....We are taking our first TA and first time in Europe. What kind of plug/adapter do we need for curling iron, kindle, cell phone, MP3 (all have chargers), etc. ?? Thank you.
  8. We had one of the Central Park balcony cabins last year on the Oasis. NEVER AGAIN !! When you are on your balcony all you see are balconies across the way - up and down. There was a medical emergency and the captain made an announcement - as you all know we have turned around and are headed back to port. We had no idea at all. It is also very hot and stuffy on the balcony due to central park being enclosed.
  9. Hi Everyone.....Celebrity has had their 2016 Transatlantic sailings on the website for awhile. We have done many RCI cruises but never a transatlantic. We have 2 scheduled on Celebrity for 2015. We would like to do one on RCI in 2016. For the seasoned cruisers any idea when RCI puts their schedule out ?? thanks bunches.
  10. You,re so right !! Sorry. I can't figure out how to move it
  11. We have eaten at Sabor on the Navigator and it was one price for each DH and I. We are going on the Oasis (second time) in January. If you truly know...Is Sabor a la carte or one price ?? Thank you.
  12. We were on the Oasis in October. We found Blaze to be a very nice place for the evening venue because the DL was so small. The DL for breakfast was great. Carolina was nothing but nice and very helpful to us. The DL evening appetizers were fantastic!! We just got off of a b2b on the Navigator and the Ixtapa (first week) was dark and gloomy with low ceiling. The second week we were in the Viking which was so much better. The free appetizers were terrible as compared to the hot appetizers on the OAS. Guess it depends on the ship and the perspective of the cruiser :)
  13. From past experience everyone in the cabin is quarantined for 2-3 days. Miserable !!
  14. We just did a b2b on the Navigator (Dec. 8th and 15th)....Fantastic crew and the ship still looked pretty good for her age. She did need a little face lift which she's getting starting next week. The NOS is a great size ship.
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