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  1. Greenland has a stark beauty. All except the last photo were taken yesterday in Prince Christian Sound. The last photo was taken a few minutes ago in Qaqortog.
  2. We did it and our TA got them to refund the original al deposit.
  3. It was a gray and gloomy day but we didn’t have pouring rain and temperatures were in the fifties. Six of us had a fantastic day with a private guide.
  4. Out of pocket only according to our insurer. Since we did not pay for the vouchers we weren’t allowed to insure them. I did not check with other agencies.
  5. You will be fine. No shorts at night.
  6. See post #5 in this thread: Jim Avery, who is on board the World Cruise, posted yesterday, I think, that Viking had advised passengers on board that the the 14 Sep sailing (which is a segment of the world cruise) would stay a day longer in Bergen and skip the Shetlands.
  7. Jim, We board tomorrow. Please keep posting if you hear more,. Thank you! Carolyn
  8. Yes - we used taxi in Jun getting off QM2. We have never had trouble using our US credit card, except where you have to pay for toilets, as long as we’ve advised our credit card company on travel plans.
  9. Balcony. Beds by the bath and beds by the balcony alternate on the S Class ships. The cabins on the either side have squares on the deck plan which means they have sofa beds by the balcony and their regular beds are by the bath. In 9192, the bed is by the balcony.
  10. We always have the premium package and asked the butler to substitute a bottle of Cabernet for the sparking wine. In every case (all SS except for one RS) the bottle has been replaced or we’ve been asked if we wanted it replaced.
  11. I agree Viking cabins have magnificent storage. However, I bring my half-size shoe bag for bathroom toiletries because it makes it easy to pack and to know here items are. It takes up almost no space and weighs almost nothing.
  12. Specialty coffee without alcohol - no Specialty coffee with alcohol is not covered, I don’t think.
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