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  1. Premium OJ in Luminae last week on the Millennium. I don’t know about Blu but it was not available in the Buffet.
  2. Yes, Thursday or Friday for a Saturday boarding. We tested on Wednesday two weeks ago for a Friday sailing. From the Celebrity website https://www.celebritycruises.com/health-and-safety All vaccinated guests 12 years and older must present a negative Covid-19 test result taken as either as an Antigen or PCR test conducted within two days of embarkation
  3. We were on the Millennium last week and I thought the new muster drill was very well done because it focused on the important information I remember how uncomfortable I was on muster drills on previous cruises because I was crammed into a restaurant or bar. From the latest muster drill, I remember how to put on the life jacket and I passed the email quiz on the order of actions afterward. As a Viking Sky Survivor who spent 26 hours in a muster station in 2019, I would tell you most of us didn’t know how to put on a life jacket. Thankfully, people got up to demonstrate it for us when it was essential. I think the new way is much more effective.
  4. The extra tips for is available in the Retreat if you are in a suite and at guest services. You can’t do extra grats in lieu of the regularly charged grats, I don’t believe.
  5. They asked for our cabin number in lieu using the sea pass almost every time last week on the Millennium.
  6. Suites were at 100% capacity, even though the ship was at 50 %, when we were on the Millennium last week.
  7. I guess I don’t know what to tell you. I have told you the facts about our upcoming cruises. We are not allowed to post information on specific travel agents. My agent is with a big online TA but not the big box store or the agency everyone is so aggravated with. You need to do some homework to find someone who can give you what you need.
  8. Travel agent often have group rates. A good one will tell you but you sometimes es can ask.
  9. Call them. I don’t think you can do it online
  10. I booked the Oct 2022 Apex TA several months ago. My travel agent offered me two rates - one with “all included” and one without perks. I chose the rate with perks because the price difference was not dramatic. We were offered both rates for the cruise prior. That price difference was dramatic and we booked it without perks. our TA does a lot of business with Celebrity.
  11. We got off the Millennium on Friday. There was a $49 “stuff the bag” laundry special on day 5. We are elite plus to each of us had 2 free laundry. I sent laundry every other day because we could. Everything came back ok. For the first time in our experience, there was an “oops” in the laundry and our non-underwear load was combined with another cabin’s laundry. Our butler, errrrr, personal retreat host, was beside herself over the mistake. She and I went through it and I separated it.
  12. This was our experience with a party of 8 on the Solstice. The Maitre’D asked us to choose the same time each night and he’d made sure a table was ready for us. If our plans changed, he asked us to stop by and let them know. If plans changed, one of us stopped by when they opened to let them know whether we were coming, when we’d like to come and how many were coming.
  13. The danger is that you will never go back. We love the larger cabin and smaller dining venue. The retreat concierge can fix anything. butlers have been amazing from a cocktail party in a Royal Suite (really cheap upgrade) on Evening Chic Night to sliced limes for San Pellegrino and anything I wanted to eat while quarantined for Norovirus.
  14. Transfer within 30 days of booking as long as it before final payment
  15. We got it for $38 per day/person in 2018 on Explorer. I know it was a long time ago but it was a wonderful Seattle/Sydney cruise.
  16. 6145 and 6146 are our favorite cabins on the M Class ships. I would not bid for a move up to a Celebrity Suite. I confess we are booked in 6145 on the Millennium and did a really low move up bid to a Royal Suite. For us, it is all about the separate shower.
  17. Does anyone have feedback on Millennium boarding in Seattle?
  18. They are usually on page 18 of the edocs. Do you have your edocs?
  19. Murano is our favorite specialty, by far. Lots of people get the lobster. I personally love the rack of lamb. There are often first night special discounts and you can sometimes get discounts later in the cruise. If you have a particular time you want to dine or specific day, I would reserve it in advance. With a discount, it is usually early or later in the evening.
  20. I was successful in getting both our CDC cards reissued with our full names. I thought it might make life easier in the future.
  21. I flew to Reagan National on American on Thursday and home on Sunday. They were definitely serving alcohol in First Class on Sunday. My Thursday flight was at 6 AM so I don’t know what they were serving!
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