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  1. The ship definitely has age requirements as to how you book and for related family members if those members are underage. Also you and your gf are only related to 2 kids each. You need to consider this so just look up the FAQs for rccl I know that you will need to book you and your gf in separate cabins...and 3 other kids with each of you. So that covers 8 people and therein lies the issue. Imho I believe you need a 3rd adult but I could be wrong and rccl might be able to work out the logistics correctly Btw 18 is not considered adult in the cruiseship world and you will need authorization to take those non related minors on a trip with you for medical issues etc It's probably able to be worked out but it's more complex than you realize so you need an expert to advise you. Not sure anyone at rccl is an expert on anything but perhaps a travel agent could help but the way you currently want to book the rooms doesn't seem to be possible as you need an adult in the cabins but if those cabins are very close to you and there is a related underage occupant in each of those cabins it could work My main point is you need to be sure the cabins are booked properly You and your gf can switch once on board but you need to book yourselves separately initially as you are with minors that must have cabin supervision I'm sure posters here will chime and say it won't be a problem however I've read many cc threads where it may well be an issue Also please insist that all in your group get travel insurance Not only for cancellation reasons but with 8 kids under 18 with you the possibility of injury multiplies and you don't want to be stuck paying the medical bills in some foreign port for your kids friend do you? You are taking on massive responsibility considering the ages. I'm not sure how school groups do this stuff but the chaperone to kid r ratio is definitely an important part of the equation. Plus they usually sell group school insurance on those kind of trips Again it's not your 4 kids that really matter as they are your kids and you can certainly travel with them even though you will need authorized from your own kids other parent don't forget. it's the other 4 kids that change the game plan and put the load on your shoulders Just cover all bases that's all I'm suggesting Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. Are you saying you are going to be a party of 10? If so you need another adult with you unless rc has some sort of cabin that fits 5 or some kind of outrageously I assume priced suite deal that fits 10 Sent from my iPad using Forums
  3. Kids get it from close quarters in the classroom and from riding germ infested school busses Also lots of religious holidays in sept so kids being taken out for cruises Sent from my iPad using Forums
  4. I'm sorry if my comments hurt you. No..I'm not angry. However..you swingers seem to be rather angry. Why? Why aren't you accepting of others? Why can't you accept not everyone wants to be like you? Nevermind..I know why ...because you are apparently every other person out there... Um ok...bridge for sale? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  5. Yes I'm disgusting because I don't believe married people should engage in group sex with strangers We really have reached rock bottom if I'm supposed to like what you do....and not have the ability to have my own opinion And you call me bigoted. And you think you are tolerant Sorry tolerance means I can have an opinion different from yours it also means I do not have to approve of your lifestyle. As I posted I wouldn't hurt a fly ...but once I knew the real you...you would be someone I choose not to know. Period Now if I mentioned race or religion that's a different story but I didn't You guys continue the discussion among yourselves. I'm just as happy to leave this thread as you are to see me go. Maybe I'm actually happier Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. Yup that's the case!!!! However your post does prove the "swinger" attitude. Apparently your lifestyle is not as nice as you like to portray it and are defensive of what you claim everyone is doing...Lol. I on the other hand would never swing because I took marriage vows. Also I'll never portray myself as a "really nice" person...because even though I'd never hurt a fly...I also won't be a phony and say..."oh to each his own" when what they are doing is just .....I can't even find the words. Also I'm sure all swingers are super models And nope look nothing like the average human. Lol Just like all the other cruisers I see on every cruise I've ever taken ....full of gorgeous tanned tall thin people...not Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. Michael Bolton was at our local movie theater turned has been concert hall Plenty of empty seats too. I've seen him many times...mostly in the early 90's and then again last year... No great loss Sent from my iPad using Forums
  8. Dan it just goes to show that these "lifestyle" people are not the type you want around kids. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. I have to say swingers seem quite defensive. Seem to need to prove that we "know nothing's " are just oblivious to the fact they exist. And for the kids not knowing what their parents do? Um ok Hey you folks can do whatever you want and defend it all you want but it's not the "everyone is doing it" lifestyle you try to portray it as Of course for those that think "everyone's doing it" well the "kool aid " has done its job on you Oh and please don't be jealous of those of us that don't swing and are happy as we are.... Disclaimer: save the snarky comebacks please because I just view it as your insecurity showing through. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  10. If you only knew what the wreath on my front door meant If you only knew why we have nurses clogs on our front porch If you only knew why I park one car in my front driveway and one in my back driveway If you only knew why I plant tulip bulbs every fall If you only knew why I wear birkenstocks until November Yup all signs of a wonderful home life....with 2...yes count them....2 very prominent wall decorations with pineapples on them... Swingers...get over yourself.. Those posters who now swear they will throw out their pineapple decorations...really? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  11. lol I'm not paranoid vanilla at all....I just think it's rather disgusting that couples ...married or otherwise...swap spouses/partners and think that those who don't follow this lifestyle are the paranoid ones Do they swing in private or is it group? Just wondering Btw...yup I'm guessing it goes on all over the place....I live 30 minutes north of NYC and just heard of a little town a bit further north where it's a very common occurrence No wonder the kids minds are all messed up... Hey Colton...I hear your dad fooled around with my mother on Saturday night Oh Tyler..was that your mom? I thought it was Mackenzies mom Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. I love cruises but considering everything...and that you just need to escape...and your vacation day issues...just go away locally for several nights Make it 2 long weekends if you want to avoid family on both Christmas and New Years Anyway for a cruise my vote goes to 8 nights on anthem Sent from my iPad using Forums
  13. I have mtd I just made "fixed" dining reservation times in mtd for us and I want them linked Do not confuse this with linking 2 cabins under traditional dining as we don't have traditional dining Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. Exactly It wasnt terribly difficult but it took some legwork to link them nonetheless a few weeks ago when I did it but now it's disappeared I have email confirmations of the linking saved fortunately from several weeks ago Fortunately all 6 of us still have the correct dining times after this "new" website update ...just not linked as far as I can tell Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. I have reservations for mtd. I made them for all 9 nights We have 2 cruise confirmation numbers as we have 2 cabins When we all show up at 6:30 I do not want them saying they don't have a table for 6 ready for us I'm calling tomorrow to make sure they have the reservation for 2 from one cabin and the reservation for 4 from the other cabin duly noted that we are a family of 6 If I don't link them they will not know we are together I want them to expect a party of 6 not a party of 2 and not a party of 4 but a party of 6 I have no issue calling and speaking to a human about this and asking them why I can no longer see my linked ressies Prior to the last website update I was easily ably to see all 6 of us from 2 different cabins were set up to eat at the same table at the same time for all 9 nights They didn't offer me traditional dining They only offered my mtd dining when I booked Sent from my iPad using Forums
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