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  1. I have several Grandeur blocks. Have given a couple away but will hold onto what I have. Many fond memories! Katherine
  2. Anyone have information on the status of Grandeur? Will she sail again for Royal? Will Royal have her sail for a few cruises in 2021? Will Enchantment still permanently replace her in Baltimore? So many questions . . . More than a little time! Katherine
  3. You beat me to it. I laughed when I read that in the original post. I know we are not to criticize misspellings, or I guess incorrect abbreviations, but some are too funny to pass up.
  4. I miss cruising but not the packing and unpacking. In 2019 I did 10 cruises so a lot of my free time was taken up with planning, packing etc. Now I have been knitting! My son is getting a new apartment and he has graciously been allowing me to help with the picking out of furniture and all the stuff needed for a new place. He is helping his Mama keep from getting more bored! My check book is a lot healthier, though, than it has been in years from the lack of cruising. John - I get you and Laura have been very busy with your new experiences in Ocala. New things to do during the pandemic has helped us all to prevent boredom. It will be interesting to see how many cruise addicts go back to their former cruise habits when all is back to “normal”. Katherine
  5. Told you! 😁😁 I got an email from the post office that a government envelope is coming today — looks like my old passport. (I signed up for the service that emails me what will be in my mailbox each day.) Congratulations, nascarcruiser. It feels good to get that over with, doesn’t it? Katherine
  6. I got that too after website had same info for many weeks. The next day got an email saying passport was on its way. Good luck. Katherine
  7. You did it!! Been laughing my — certain body part — off. 😁
  8. Final tally — passport received on day 66, passport card on day 68. Expired passport not yet returned but no big deal. Just glad I have a current passport in my possession. Katherine
  9. Update — applied for renewal 7/10. Got an email saying new passport will arrive by 9/16. I am ready to sail! Katherine
  10. Just got an email minutes ago. Passport should arrive around 9/16. Applied on 7/10 so that will be about 9 weeks. Katherine
  11. Yep. And my mother would light the end for me!
  12. Love the pictures and the caption following. Just read an article about a 31 year old with terminal cancer. Message — be happy you have a history. We are all so fortunate to recall these items. Happy Labor Day. Next question for 2020 — will there be Trick or Treating??? 😁
  13. A cruise friend called Royal today. She was told by a rep that they are planning/hoping for November sailings. Large ships to sail first. No news on where Grandeur will end up. Just an FYI. Katherine
  14. And “Bay Days”. Has two sailings where we had to do that. Enough is enough. K
  15. Sorry. Bad assumption on my part. Assumed it meant new itineraries from Baltimore. Time will tell. 😀
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