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  1. Have people already been invited for the test cruise? I am hoping to receive an invite. Katherine
  2. That would be very nice. I would jump on that in second. Thanks again for taking us along on your trip.
  3. Just got an invite to Independence simulation cruise. Four nights out of Galveston - starting 8/1. Too bad I can’t accept. Hope there is a test cruise out of the northeast soon! Katherine
  4. Thank you, John. Enjoy tonight -- win some money! Katherine
  5. Can’t wait to hear all the details. Have a great time. Katherine
  6. Thanks to all who contribute to this thread — especially Rich and Roy. Still miss my parents who died at very young ages — 47 and 58. Today’s weather looks a little cloudy — hopefully won’t get rained on during my 5 minute walk to church. Then dinner with twin and DBIL and watching the Mets game. Though I have lived in PA since 1975 I am still a Jersey Girl at heart! Katherine
  7. So no diabetics allowed? Can someone tell me what other conditions would not be allowed? No problems for me but wondering for DH. This is just for simulation trips, right?
  8. Just thinking out loud — maybe casino players above choice would not be quarantined. Casino manager would want players! Do you know your itinerary?
  9. Didn’t mean to start a big discussion. I am sure there are plenty people who would be glad to play “pseudo” positive regardless. Will be anxious to hear everyone’s experience.
  10. Then that would make me hesitant to go on a test cruise. I want the casino!
  11. So, can someone actually be quarantined to their cabin for the whole trip?
  12. Great news. We were invited too but we would not travel to FL for such a short time. Can't wait to hear about your trip. Katherine
  13. Thanks, Graham. We were “overly young” back even then to get married — 18 and 19. Lots of hurdles getting college degrees and making ends meet. But worth it. 😀
  14. Thank you for the Daily. More pleasant weather here in SE PA today — less humid. Also celebrating 52 years of marriage! Yikes — where did the time go? Katherine
  15. Wow. Quick change. I will continue to get blocks for new ships but will decline for blocks I already have. I have, in the past, given my blocks to crew members or honeymooners. No need to have multiples.
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