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  1. Our Adventure cruise a few years ago went to Canada instead of Bermuda. Royal compensated those who decided not to cancel and others had the option to cancel, I believe. Royal made a bad situation as good as they could, but, of course, there were still people very upset. Those who had never been to Bermuda were the most upset, understandably. But . . . If you book a cruise during hurricane season you have to expect that there could be consequences. Katherine
  2. One bag per cruise — regardless of length. I believed the cruise has to be at least 5 days in length.
  3. Have a great trip. Thanks for sharing information. Katherine
  4. Got it. My point was that sometimes Royal calls for good things — not telling you your trip has been cancelled. 😁
  5. I got a call once asking me to change cabins to accommodate a family with minor children. Actually I missed the call but got a voice mail. Offered me $150 OBC. I said “Sure!” Might be good to answer the call.
  6. Again, hoping all is well with the family. I can’t imagine that a family with children would intentionally “cut it too close” in this scenario. Prayers for them. Just hoping that no one was hurt or is ill. Katherine
  7. Love the longer cruises and do them out of the northeast. The turnaround days on shorter trips don’t bother me though especially since some ships are now not requiring passengers to actually get off the ships — the customs agents come onboard. The consecutive cruiser luncheon also is a nice feature. But I would do all 12+ days if I could! Katherine
  8. Yes, I am talking about Royal’s 75% credit any reason to cancel insurance. We have done both — cancelled before embarkation day and as a no show on embarkation day. Outcome has been the same, in our experience.
  9. The 75 % future cruise credit from the Royal insurance. I believe the OP and her mother have insurance.
  10. My opinion — You won’t get repriced after the cruise. If your mom doesn’t go apply for the credit after the cruise. The catch is that only she can use that credit - not anyone else.
  11. I love Grandeur and have sailed on her over 40 times. Yes, she is showing her age, but aren’t we all! I am glad that, if all goes according to plan, it will be on Grandeur that I will hit Pinnacle in September. The other topic — time in Bermuda. On my upcoming Adventure cruise we arrive in Bermuda at 8 am and leave at 5 pm. This is on an eight day cruise. Four total sea days which is fine with me. But that port time I am sure is difficult for those wanting to do some activities that day. I just don’t want to see Royal pull out of Baltimore. Very convenient for us and under a two hour drive. Katherine
  12. Due to DH’s health he has been a no show several times this year. We always take the RC insurance and have received the 75% voucher for a future cruise. One time, booking thru the casino, I never applied for the 75% voucher. The cruise fare was so cheap to begin with it wasn’t worth my effort. Every time we have received back the taxes, port charges, etc. All was taken care of efficiently and quickly by Royal so no worries. Enjoy your trip. Katherine
  13. I thought there was a Prime discount that is automatically applied. At least that is what a host told me. I would hope to use the diamond plus free days and then apply the discount for the rest of the trip. Am I wrong?
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