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  1. The idea is that your water bottle/thermos/whatever does not go near the water dispenser. Anything that touches your mouth should not be near any dispenser whether it’s water/coffee, etc. Use a new cup or glass when you need a refill anywhere on the ship. If refilling your personal water container, use a fresh glass and then pour into your container. Put the now not needed glass in the area for dirty dishes. This is a common courtesy not followed by all passengers but a great way not to spread germs whether it be covid or something else.
  2. I agree. In this new age there should be someone at all water stations to make sure this doesn’t happen. Also people using the same coffee cup or glass to refill their drink. Get a new one. Katherine
  3. Maybe cruises will have to go back to “old time dining” with most meals in the dining rooms. There could be a staff serviced hot dog/hamburger/pizza station at the pools. My thoughts — we will all be so glad to get back to cruising that whatever Royal comes up with will be accepted. I am not a big Windjammer person so would not be a big loss for me. Unintended benefit — less noro?? Katherine
  4. Got my FCC for May 1. Anyone have any idea when taxes/port charges should be refunded?
  5. Check out the itineraries during the summer (though probably not this summer). It is certainly possible to sail eastbound to Southampton, spend some time in Europe, and then take a westbound voyage home to NY. Many transatlantics each year from approximately May to December.
  6. Yes. I have been in a number of storms in the North Atlantic/ North Sea on Queen Mary 2. The liner handles the storms beautifully. I have a number of double crossings under my belt — NY, Southampton, NY. All those sea days — wonderful. Would love for Royal to have a real ocean liner. But not happening in this environment. Katherine
  7. I too was skeptical of the new Coco Cay. Thought it would be too “Disneyfied” and lose the charm of a tropical beach. Not so. I love it. In the past I stayed on the ship when in Coco Cay. No more. Love the lunches. Don’t know what they did with the flies but they are not near the food anymore. 😁
  8. I believe Dr Birx yesterday said a new outbreak should not be as bad as this one given that we will have better information about this virus. Don’t quote me exactly as I was “sort of” listening to the briefing yesterday while making dinner. But hopefully we learn in months to come how to treat and prevent corona. Katherine
  9. I think it is time for Royal to get rid of smoking in the casino. Other lines have gone this route without having casino revenue suffer. Would definitely make the casino experience more pleasant for me. Katherine
  10. Not the time to make any changes to C & A. Why make anyone annoyed when you desire to bring folks back to sailing? Assuming the changes, of course, would make it harder, not easier, to achieve tier status not easier. 😀
  11. I have done both — crossings and short 5 day cruises during the 4th of July celebrations. Also cruises in Europe, particularly Norway. I don’t need the water slides, the rock climbing walls, etc. Just relaxation for me!
  12. Lodging snob? Not sure I understand. The cabins on QM2, my only experience, are very nice. I have sailed inside, outside, and balcony. The TAs are very active with several lectures per day, planetarium, shows, trivia, cards (bridge), a real teak promenade deck, pools (indoor and outdoor), gym, etc. Yes, there are suites that have their own dining room but that affects a very small percentage of passengers. The food in the MDR, again IMHO, is very good. I guess I may be prejudiced as a pro Cunarder. I have sailed on QM2 over 300 days and have 22 crossings under my belt. My favorite cruise line. 😁. Katherine
  13. Try a Cunard transatlantic. The closest you can get to old time cruising today, IMHO. A few summers back I spent 52 consecutive days on QM2. I loved every minute of it. Katherine
  14. I would like to see the buffets changed in some way to make them safer. Too many people with disgusting habits. And how can everyone touching the same serving spoons be safe? Probably would also see less Noro too if something changes. in the past few years we have avoided the Windjammer “like the plague”. Once the Chops luncheon opened on boarding day we opted for that. Tried to wait for Park Cafe on Grandeur to open on port days or other venues on Anthem for lunch. Otherwise MDR. At the least there needs to be servers at each station. IMHO. Katherine
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