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  1. Never had a problem with the Blairs and have sailed with them at least 10 times. I like that they do a Sunday “service” when at sea for those who are used to going to church on Sundays. I find John very friendly and I think his welcome aboard show is nice. Just my personal opinion.
  2. I had a friend who had a scheduled test cancelled last minute too. Did the Urgent Care give you a paper copy of your results?
  3. That would be great. Hard to schedule a test at pharmacies around here but local Urgent Care is doing walk in testing for $50 - rapid or 24 - 48 hour testing. Trying to get all my ducks in order for our November 7 cruise. Would be nice if all this testing nonsense for the vaccinated would not be required. Requirements now run thru 10/30 I believe. Katherine
  4. Anyone know if rapid testing from Urgent Care facility is acceptable? All I am hearing about is home testing or CVS, Walmart etc. Thank you.
  5. So - I live outside of Philly and would not mind a ship with Eagles fans. We don’t frequent the bars or pools usually so that should not be a problem. Do frequent the casino. We are Pinnacle so will also have the lounges open for happy hour, I hope. I booked this thru the casino along with the March 27 cruise. Would really hate to see either one cancelled as it is the last opportunity to use my tier benefit. Katherine
  6. Thanks for all who post — especially Rich and Roy. Update on BIL — Jim is in rehab for at least the next few weeks — he has to learn to be more independent before coming home. Bad news is rehab facility has a case of Covid so no visitors while they are on lockdown again. Love the pending meal idea — would love to see more of that. Katherine
  7. JAM37 and all — thanks for prayers and thinking of my BIL. He has had hip surgery and is in some pain. He will be transferred to a rehab center - length of time unknown. Many memories this Saturday, of course. I was teaching 6th graders and we spent the day trying to keep the news away from them because we did not know if the children had any relatives who worked in NYC. What a day it was. Prayers that our country never experiences something like that again. Katherine
  8. Good morning, all. Lovely day here in southeastern PA. Prayer request please for BIL who fell getting into daughter’s car yesterday. Fractured femur, wrist and hip — 80 years old. On morphine now but we will know more later today. Thank you. Katherine
  9. Grandeur of the Seas - early in February 2020. Next up - Anthem of the Seas - November 7, 2021.
  10. Thanks to everyone who posts - especially Rich and Roy. Pinochle card club today — nice to get back to some normal stuff. Best wishes for a great holiday weekend. Katherine
  11. So . . . I know my Prime membership is extended to 3/22. Do I keep the points I earned 2019/ 2020 pre Covid? Will those points help me qualify for the new year starting 4/22? Just trying to figure out what I have to do to continue my Prime membership. Katherine
  12. This is great news. We have 3 b2bs booked between November and March. DH uses a scooter and there would have been no way for me to carry all the luggage. So pleased that sanity has prevailed!! Katherine
  13. Thank you Rich and Roy for continuing this thread. So nice to read each day and to keep up with the cruising community. I have only done two HAL trips, one to the Caribbean and one to Alaska and enjoyed them both. Mostly sailing Royal because of closeness to ports. But really love them all! I survive Friday the 13th even though I was out and about. Went to a local mall and noticed many more people wearing masks again. Praying that our covid nightmare is over soon. Best wishes for everyone to have a wonderful Saturday. Katherine
  14. Thank you! Of course the cabin I booked today ends in 086! I may have to call tomorrow to see if I can change cabins. I like the glass door in the showers. Katherine
  15. I know. Thinking it's cabins under and over BOLEROS since that was added.
  16. Anyone know which cabin numbers are part of the extension? I had one once which had glass shower doors which were nice. Thanks.
  17. Have people already been invited for the test cruise? I am hoping to receive an invite. Katherine
  18. That would be very nice. I would jump on that in second. Thanks again for taking us along on your trip.
  19. Just got an invite to Independence simulation cruise. Four nights out of Galveston - starting 8/1. Too bad I can’t accept. Hope there is a test cruise out of the northeast soon! Katherine
  20. Thank you, John. Enjoy tonight -- win some money! Katherine
  21. Can’t wait to hear all the details. Have a great time. Katherine
  22. Thanks to all who contribute to this thread — especially Rich and Roy. Still miss my parents who died at very young ages — 47 and 58. Today’s weather looks a little cloudy — hopefully won’t get rained on during my 5 minute walk to church. Then dinner with twin and DBIL and watching the Mets game. Though I have lived in PA since 1975 I am still a Jersey Girl at heart! Katherine
  23. So no diabetics allowed? Can someone tell me what other conditions would not be allowed? No problems for me but wondering for DH. This is just for simulation trips, right?
  24. Just thinking out loud — maybe casino players above choice would not be quarantined. Casino manager would want players! Do you know your itinerary?
  25. Didn’t mean to start a big discussion. I am sure there are plenty people who would be glad to play “pseudo” positive regardless. Will be anxious to hear everyone’s experience.
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