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  1. We have also rented a car and made the drive. Only difficult part was driving on the wrong side, lol. We were going to do the same thing this visit but since we are there on a Sunday Cayman Auto Rentals are closed. So you might check since it is Christmas Eve.
  2. Quite a while ago we were in Grand Cayman and walked to a rental car agency when we got off the tender and then drove to Rum Point. We would like to do that again but I can't seem to find the rental agency we used. It was on the main street and maybe a 5-10 walk at the most. Anyone done this recently?
  3. Thanks for the picture. I agree great for 1, tight sleeping arrangements for 2. We have decided to just do a inside and balconies. So won't be using the Family Cabins. Will try and peek into 1 to check them out.
  4. Ok thanks for the response, I do think it is a sofa bed that when pulled out might only sleep one person comfortably. If we end up booking it I will find out in December!! 🙂
  5. Is there anyone that has sailed in a Super Family Plus cabins? They are located on the back of the ship with 2 balconies and a connecting inside room. We have been told that 2 people could sleep in the inside room but all the pictures look like it is just a sofa type bed which maybe turns into a double? We are traveling with the family which includes 2 teenagers. Since they love to sleep in we would rather them have the inside connecting room but if it only sleeps 1 comfortably we would like to know. We have called several times and asked different reps and I swear we have gotten different answers each time. Thanks for any help!
  6. Since this is your first cruise with teenagers thought I would throw out a few ideas. We have cruised since our kids were 7 and 10 and we all love it. They are grown now and we still love to cruise together. This is what we did. We didn't worry about breakfast and lunch together at least on sea days. The kids would stay up late dancing and just hanging out with all the new friends they made and want to sleep in. Now if we had a excursion we would meet or even they would sometimes run up and grab something from the buffet since we would be in a hurry to leave the ship. We would try and meet for family dinner and talk about our day. Not every evening but many of them. A lot of times they weren't interested in the show or if they were, liked to go with their new friends. Since your 3 are older they might like the specialty dining. It will take some time to get it all straightened out when you get onboard if you stay with the suite. Probably easier to get a nice balcony with 2 insides for your kids and that way you have more money to spend on tours! Just a few thoughts, whatever you decide have a great first cruise. They really are fun!
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