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  1. As did I ! Ahhh...just like the old days but now we are on the other side of the little red triangle. LOL!
  2. I hear ya! I do so miss those good times with some of the best folks on the planet! Time to go find that old video and relive some good times :) FYI, we will be seeing PB Tom in a few days. He was asking about Randy/Ricky. I told him he got married and sort of threw the anchor out LOL!
  3. I heard Lucy was loose and I had to come check. You see, I used to be one of her handlers before she was put away :D And a cruise in 16 days helps too :p
  4. This is from a business owner in Cozumel... "Carnival Magic cruise ship was denied access in Cozumel due to a quarantine of one passenger with coming in contact with a ebola patient."
  5. 8398 is in a decent location. We will be 4 doors down in 8390 :D
  6. We are doing the Conquest to San Juan cruise. We have been on her three times but she will be upgraded by then so it should be a bit different. The Sunshine will be here a while so we will do her later on :D
  7. Turtle Bay @615 Bourbon Street is a great place for Cajun/Zydeco. They have a fairly decent and affordable menu also. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Turtle-Bay/121753449298#!/pages/Turtle-Bay-Bourbon/117960264957917
  8. This is another option...... http://www.airportshuttleneworleans.com/ It appears that the rate is the same either way unless you have more than two persons... http://www.unitedcabs.com/id1.html
  9. selucrey


    Not really. It's easy access for wheelchairs.If you park at the terminal, you just take the elevator down. There will be personell to aid you as needed and you will be among the first to board.
  10. selucrey


    No, I was refering to Grandma :) They can be dropped off at the front door of the terminal, no problem. Where will you be walking from? If it's from the Hampton, you should take a cab. In reading your post again, it appears that your Husband will park at the terminal. No problem there. You just pre-pay and drive up the ramp where Porters will take your luggage. They can then take the elevator down to wait on you.
  11. selucrey


    It's way too far to walk for older people so I recommend a taxi. You can enter the parking garage at the terminal around 11 AM. It's a very easy process.
  12. selucrey


    Destrehan and San Francisco are closest to New Orleans. There are companies such as Grayline Tours that offer bus tours to each of the Plantations and may offer a better opportunity to visit those further from The City.Houmas House and Oak Alley are my favorites but Nottoway is the largest. You could do them all in one day by car but you really need to spend a couple of hours at each.
  13. selucrey


    We have toured many. I recommend the following... Destrehan San Francisco Oak Alley Houmas House Nottoway
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