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  1. They don't let me out much Dan :p Miss you buddy!!!


    I hear ya! I do so miss those good times with some of the best folks on the planet! Time to go find that old video and relive some good times :) FYI, we will be seeing PB Tom in a few days. He was asking about Randy/Ricky. I told him he got married and sort of threw the anchor out LOL!

  2. Hopefully this has not been asked and answered earlier....


    How far is it from the cruise terminal to the French Quarter? We have never been to New Orleans before and will be boarding the ship on Saturday before Fat Tuesday. We would like to see a little of it before we get on the ship. Our thought is to check our luggage somewhere (possibly the terminal or a hotel) and spend the morning around the area. For those who know the area, is this plausible? Is it a walkable distance? Thanks!

    It's about three to four blocks which translates to about 1/8 mile or so. It's a very easy walk .

  3. You ever listen to 92.3 when in New Orleans ? Well, Robb Holloway, on air during the afternoon drive, is my brother, his fiance' is on air in the mornings.


    Now he is a SUPER nice guy, unaffected by moderate celebrity - ism. Wish those "famous" here in LA were more like him.


    Bsan1221 - I work as a global implementation coordinator for the studios ( projects n' stuff )


    Of course I do ! Best station I have listened to in years. Jenn is a sweetie !


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