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  1. Just off the Vista yesterday--no night lights.
  2. txmom11


    Houston IS on the way--not like there's an airport in Galveston.
  3. Well, up to 15 drinks (alcoholic beverages that is).
  4. We did two 5 day back to back to push us over the summer before the change. We now have 100 days. 100 more to go for Diamond--don't see that happening until after retirement.
  5. I am looking at our Coconut Monkey Head right now. I remember the Carnival forums--learned a lot there but then it got mean and I went away.
  6. Me too! Scared the cats!
  7. Us too--family dinner was an expectation. They could do stuff with their new friends (as long as I knew what and where), but dinner was for family. On our last cruise, we had one couple at our table for 10 that was never on time. Our waiters didn't wait more than 5 minutes for them. They would show up in the middle of the main course -- once after we had ordered dessert. :o
  8. We use Carnival gift cards that I buy through AARP so we get the 10% discount. I've never done CC.
  9. I wouldn't see it as a hassle--it takes 10 minutes, and I have a whole week to enjoy myself. It does depend on the friends though. I only cruise with really good friends.
  10. To be kind, you could put their carryons in your cabin once they board. Don't bring them to your cabin, but just put the bags in there so they don't have to lug them around.
  11. 11 inches of rain in 5 hours will stress ANY drainage system! We tend to cruise during hurricane season (and every other season except summer), and have had our itinerary change once. Galveston drains quickly. Oh and yes, we are scheduled to cruise this hurricane season (9/30 on the Vista)!
  12. I cannot imagine that is would be a fun, relaxing cruise for you--maybe wait a couple of years.
  13. They have a midnight buffet on the Journey's cruises and I usually end up missing the chocolate extravaganza since it's during the day.
  14. Love that lady's spirit!--"just throw them in the back and I'll ride the running boards!"
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