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  1. Croatiaweek reports as of April 24, 2020 the 3. Maj dockyard in Zagreb has started work on Eclipse II, for Scenic. This ship is the first new ship to be built at the dockyard after four years. According to the article the laying of the keel, which I believe was previously to have been in late March of this year will instead be at the beginning of this summer with the Scenic Group planning to buyild an additional four MORE polar cruise ships in the 3. Maj dockyard with a contract value of 860 million Euros. www.croatiaweek.com is the source of this information but it is especially good news
  2. Thank you for taking the time to provide such a thorough answer. It sounds like you had a wonderful time which does not surprise us and the least. Remember we were on board on September 10 for the cruise from New York to Halifax so we saw the ship before it was completely rigged out And it sounds like things have just gotten better and better. We have four more scenic eclipse cruises planned over the next 18 months and can’t wait though we will have to. And it sounds like things have just gotten better and better. We have four more scenic eclipse cruises planned over the next 18 months and ca
  3. In catching up on some of the postings on scenic eclipse cruisers on Facebook and here on Cruise Critic we are getting inconsistent messages about what is and is not provided for the Antarctic cruisers. Are trekking poles provided For use during the cruise? Or do you need to bring your own? Also are the boots which are provided for use during the cruise insulated or lined or are they just rubber boots? Any clarification would very much be appreciated.
  4. Tahoe Traveler were the boots which scenic provided lined for warmth? Also were trekking poles onboard?
  5. Enjoy every minute. The ship and crew certainly are worthy of lots of WOWs! And thanks for bringing us along with your postings.
  6. We would do 3 and 4. The falklands are. Best explored on land where you can interact with the penguins
  7. Tahoe traveler. By our calculation you’ve been on the ship almost a week and we haven’t heard a peep! Are you having so much fun that you don’t have any time to report? Hopefully you made the ship and all is well. Continue to enjoy but do let us in on the fun so that we can enjoy it vicariously.
  8. In referring to the four combinations I am presuming you were referring to the fact that there are both short and long sessions on the helicopters. There is only one duration as far as I recall with the submarine. Having been to antArctica before I would recommend talking with the submarine Captain to see whether he feels that the views will be good or that it would be better to see the sights from the air. I could see doing a short session on the helicopter and a session on the submarine as a good way of experiencing both adventures. For us the issue of clarity of the water makes a big differ
  9. Bon voyage. We are confident that you will have an amazing time! We will be particularly interested in additions to the state rooms, new art around the ship and news about new programs instituted since we were on board back in September. Have a great time and don’t forget to write!😀
  10. We just recently sailed on the Scenic Eclipse And while it has 10 dining options, there are no names associated with the venues nor frankly are big names needed. The food speaks volumes for itself as does the diversity of dining options all at no additional charge. With 34 chefs from around the globe on board from various countries and a 31-year-old executive chef Tom Goetter who is a veritable wunderkind in charge, every meal was a gustatory delight, the menus in the Restaurants onboard change every three days and the kitchen is working with over 2200 recipes to feed 200 passengers during
  11. We have friends who are magician members of the Magic Castle and we had dinner with them last evening. They advised that due to popularity, it is very hard for even the members to get reservations quickly at the castle. It is taking some times as much is 2 1/2 months to get an available dinner date. Weekend brunches are sold out for the first two of the three seatings regularly and around the holidays it is even worse. In answer to complaints from members, the castle is holding aside a certain amount of seats on a very limited basis which are priority marked for members but in some instances
  12. We understand exactly. Luggage Forward can transport from Ushuaia to CA. Maybe luggage concierge does too. That may be cheaper than the extra luggage fees charged by the airlines. We have never used either service but it may be an option. For steaks in B.A. check out Parrila Cero 5 for lunch or dinner!
  13. Just so you know, we did not tag our roll on luggage nor did Scenic ask us to do so as it was always with us. And remember they have both free self service laundry and paid laundry onboard which may allow you to take a lot less. Please keep the cruise critic website updated so everybody can learn of how this works out and enjoy your impressions of your cruise once you are onboard. We loved our Antarctica cruise even though it was on a larger ship. And the steaks in Buenos Aires are not to be missed! Best beef in the world.
  14. Are you relying on the scenic terms and conditions page or have you contacted the airline directly to find out what their excess baggage policy is? The terms and conditions page on the scenic reservation is not really necessarily controlling. And it is inartfully phrased it best. I have two suggestions for you. The first is that you have your travel agent or you yourself call Scenic’s North America offices in Boston Massachusetts and speak to their guest services director or have your travel agent do so . The second suggestion is for you to call the airline directly to get an answer from them
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