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  1. They add Ice and Open one can which usually fills it up when we have our refillable mugs. If they needed to, they will open another can and fill it the rest of the way.
  2. Google has also been around for a while and should always be people's first stop when trying to find information...
  3. Carnival Inspiration on October 4th! Hope we meet some cool folks there!
  4. A TA isn't necessary for a Carnival cruise. Just call Carnival and have them book it - we do that every cruise and the Carnival people get us the room we want.
  5. Better to play it safe and just not use any straws.
  6. Y'all are crazy if you really bring your own butter on a cruise... I always have my own straw in my RTiC cup, but I'm not bringing a stick of butter in my pocket.
  7. Sitzmark - Did we actually trigger someone with the word "Vanilla"... I thought Maggie was bad LOL
  8. Never heard that one! Headed to lowes for some white paint, anyone need anything?
  9. Maggie - Bless your heart, your walls-o-text are proving you wrong. I haven't gotten defensive or angry in any of my comments; I'm sorry if you feel I have offended your way of life, I didn't mean to. FYI - We don't swap keys anymore; it's not the 60's anymore hunny ;)
  10. Not myths - different parts of the country have different ways of signaling. Wife an I both have black rings, and we've met others by way of asking why they have a pineapple sticker/magnet/key chain. We do however, like watching vanilla folks freak out lol. :'):') If only everyone knew what a "Unicorn" really was they wouldn't decorate their little ones in Unicorn apparel anymore ;p:eek:
  11. Hi Brandon, Last cruise we had a 13 y/o joining us with our two 16 y/o kids. O2 let the 13 y/o join the 16's so she would have more fun. All you have to do is ask for the younger person to be allowed to move up! Cheers!
  12. Have you tried calling Carnival and asking them about it? The first thing I would do if I was getting someone else's name on my emails is contact them to get it corrected. CCL isn't out to punish loyal customers, and they will be more than happy to help fix your issues.
  13. Our goal is always to hit the limit every day... Only missed once last cruise.
  14. I did that too and it worked! Have a meeting reminder on my work computer lol
  15. We're on the Splendor Oct 6th! If there's anyone else in the LS on the boat let us know! :0)
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