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  1. We received the same/similar email. Upon reading the small print, it says: Celebrity Cruises reserves the right to void the FCC Savings amount if the guest named above receives other reimbursement which includes claims through our travel protection or requesting a refund. Since we had requested a refund we should still be getting refund on our credit card. I agree with onyourmak that it might be Celebrity's way of hoping that passengers with cancelled cruises opt for the FCC rather than a refund.
  2. I had the same type of incorrect date on my cruise. I click on the closest date and proceeded without any problem. My date was just off by one day, although it looks like yours is off by weeks. Hopefully your cruise reservation # that the systems asks for will give the cruise line all it needs to process your refund/FCC (which ever you are requesting). Good luck!
  3. At first I thought you meant this May 21 (2020), then I realized that you were talking about May 2021. LOL Yes, we are all hoping next year is calm, stable and healthy.
  4. Save your money and cancel the cruise. Re-book the cruise next year.
  5. There is no place for the town car to just wait for you outside the terminal. The traffic control staff will shoo any vehicle that is not actively picking up/loading a passenger. The town cars are usually waiting in the cell phone lot awaiting their passenger's call.
  6. The Sea Bands work for me. Since they are so inexpensive (less than $10), it might be worth your while to buy a pair and try them. The Sea Bands are reusable so if they do work for you, they can be used on future cruises.
  7. Just heard on a Canadian radio station (CBC) that Canada will airlift any Canadians on the Grand back home to Canada.
  8. Leaving out of Seattle? If so, hopefully by then there will be a 'best practices' system in place so the passengers/crew will be screened and the embarkation/disembarkation will all be routine and straightforward.
  9. Unless you plan to be the very last person off the ship, you will most likely be at SeaTac before 10:30 AM. While SeaTac is very busy during the summer months, you should not have any difficulties making a 12:30 pm flight.
  10. Traveling/Cruising in Asia? Make sure you bring your entire supply of medication, not just for enough for the duration of cruise. Make sure that everyone does the on-line check-in. It is the passengers responsibility, and not the big-box store or travel agent. If you need Visas for certain countries, make sure you have them, or you will not be allowed to board the ship. Good luck!
  11. https://www.everettsd.org/site/default.aspx?PageType=3&DomainID=4&ModuleInstanceID=145753&ViewID=6446EE March 2, 2020 | 7 p.m. FAQs have been updated: Can students engage in remote or online learning? What should I do if my student, or another family member, has an underlying health issue making them more vulnerable? I’ve read in most cases people who contract the COVID-19 virus have mild symptoms and take care of themselves as they would with any flu, is this true? Click link for answers and also get resources, best practices for prevention of this virus/flu, and link to messaging sent to school families and staff. REMINDER: Jackson HS on regular schedule Tuesday, March 3. As per the Everett Public School District website regarding the high school mentioned above - Jackson High is "on regular schedule Tuesday, March 3."
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