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  1. We entered from Pacific early morning in January last year. Very little humidity, no rain, and a mild sunny day. We loved the trip and there was more than enough space to get good views throughout the day. We even saw a morning parade at what appeared to be a navy base. We could hear the band from the ship. There was a presenter on board throughout the morning narrating information about the canal from time-to-time.
  2. Absolutely FREE. There is a small fee to hold the sloth when it is out and about with its handler. Recommended to support the gift shop and the restaurant ( a limited local menu which has tasty items and sodas/drinks too). We really enjoyed the time here and would recommend it to visitors.
  3. They made them every evening in the buffet on the Star in January. We requested them to be made South African pancake style (rolled with cinnamon and sugar inside) and the chefs did a great job making them as requested. We usually went up to the buffet at about 8:30 in the evening and there was rarely a wait.
  4. We were on the Star in January (OV cabin) for 14 days and there was frequently a new towel animal in the cabin for my son. Not every day, but definitely was done. We did not need to ask, it just happened.
  5. Try to complete it at least a week before. I left completion of check-in to 2 days before, and they locked the check-in module so I had to complete it at the port. Could not even print boarding passes or luggage tags .... luckily it was not too busy when we arrived at the port.
  6. The first photo shows the distance from our ship's berthing to the park - the green treed area behind the tug boat. The shuttle takes you the whole way along that pier, and does a U-turn right there at the entrance to the park. The bus turns right there by the building with the blue canopies. The lady in front of us had a wheelchair and they helped her with getting on/off. Inside the park it is very flat, and there are ramps for entering the shops. Entrance to the park
  7. No need to skip the port, there is a very nice wildlife garden (with lots of birds, animals and even a sloth), shops and a restaurant right at the harbor entrance. When you get off the ship there will be a free shuttle bus right there that will take you the few hundred (~200) yards to the cruise terminal. I think there were toilets as well, but then it is only a 3 minute ride back to the ship anyway as this is entirely inside the port.
  8. We also enjoyed the bird park. You can also hold the sloth that they have there, cost a $3 donation, but then our family and friends did not mind it as the photo opportunity was so worth it. The birds are really tame too.
  9. We were on the Star 14 day cruise last month, and it was ~$161 for the 14 day cruise. As others have said it is only for the green-swipe games, but then at $1.60 per game my son got his money's worth as he was playing a lot of time each day. (Not many kids on our cruise).
  10. We were on NCL Star last month and did not see lobster tail on the menus. There were items such as lobster bisque, etc., but nothing where the majority of the plate could be considered a lobster tail specifically. Overall, we really enjoyed the variety and quality of food in all of the restaurants and dining rooms. Hope you enjoy your cruise.
  11. We did full transit on NCL last month. Each person in each of our cabins got a certificate. here is an example.
  12. We did the ships tour with NCL last month on a Thursday. It is over an hour each way on a 1-lane each direction road. VERY HILLY, and I think traffic could be heavy on weekends. One also has to go through the volcano-damaged zone with roadworks so that can slow things down while you drive up to Antigua, and back. The port is an industrial one, and I do not recall any taxis being at the pier. Might have been some, but I do not recall any being there. Hope that you do find the info you need.
  13. We rarely saw our cabin steward, but my parents in neighboring cabin did see him more often. He did a great job with morning and evening service on the Star. When done he would move to other decks, to clean other cabins. No smoke sensed near these cabins, although YES there would be some smoke IN the casino, but not too bad (I am not a smoker, and was still ok in the casino).
  14. We sailed on NCL Star for 2 week Panama Canal cruise in January 2019 - We had cabins 6500 and 6502 near the casino and theater on Deck 6. This was quite convenient as there was a short-cut into the casino, we just had to walk down the passage straight into the casino (just past the rest-rooms). No need to walk to the starboard side and then enter the casino on that side. We did not find any noise drifting from the casino (although we did expect there to be some casino noise before we cruised this was not the case). If we stood in the passage when a show was on in the theater we could hear some of the show performance, but once in the cabin very little noise bleed occurred. Shows end by 10.00PM or 10.30PM latest and we were never in bed before that time anyway. So overall - very quiet. These are not connecting cabins, but then being that they were at a dead-end passage, we could leave the doors ajar so that the kids could go back and forth between the cabins. There is no cabin 6504. At the end just past 6500 is a storage room although the crew are rarely in there. The door was open once or twice when I saw a crew member in there, but we did not hear any noise coming from there even when they were in there. The angled "wall" next to cabin 6500 is actually a door from the theater. We used it to short-cut from the theater to the cabin - especially if someone needed the restroom. Looking down the passage to the casino. Light green carpet was the cross passage to the elevators, after which you can see blue carpet where the casino restrooms are and then red carpet where the slot machines are in the casino. Never heard any noise from the casino. From the elevator lobby (casino door is right behind me), you can see the short passage for these 4 cabins The dark area on the right is the entrance passage to the theater, and this runs behind the wall to our passage. Elevator lobby. 6502, 6500, storage room and the secret door to the theater (below the green light on the ceiling). All 4 of these cabins are OV and the same. Could sleep 4. Two in beds, 3rd in bunk and 4th in trundle bed. Toilet cubicle and shower cubicle. No more door hangers for DO NOT DISTURB !! There is a dial behind the number and you can turn it from WELCOME, to DO NOT DISTURB, to MAKE UP CABIN, or TURN DOWN.
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