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  1. Hi Bill! You will have a great solo cruise! After meeting all of us crazy solos on last year's cruise, you will have a blast! You will also find you can do what you want or do nothing at all. We love your wife Diane, so please make sure you bring her for our re-union cruise next year. Don't forget to seek out our favorite bartender Reinan, I think he is at the Casino bar now. Have a great cruise! Ted.
  2. Hi Arzeena! Okay, I have to ask..... Where is Harbor Nights and this O'Flannigan's you speak of. Lobster Curry!!!! I need to know!
  3. Hi! Can you order drinks in the MDR with DOU package? Thanks, Ted.
  4. Hi! Where did you find your Voyager number? E-mail or MSC website log in? Thanks.
  5. If you use this code, do you have cancel and re-book at current prices? Thanks, Ted.
  6. I just called MSC and they said they will honor the DOU promo that I got when I booked. If I wanted the new promo of Easy and Wifi, I would have to cancel and re-book at the current prices. The current prices are almost double of what I paid back in August. The rep even said to keep the price I booked with the DOU promo. Ted
  7. I booked in August with the DOU package. Will they still honor that package?
  8. Licor 43 Mini Beer 1-1/2 ounce Licor 43 – chilled Splash of Heavy Cream Fill shot glass 2/3 full of chilled Licor 43. Top with layer of heavy cream. Layer heavy cream on top of Licor 43 by slowly pouring it over the back of spoon. While I love a good mug of beer, this little shot tastes more like a decadent creamsicle. Great way to celebrate a touchdown, field goal or great play. Cheers!
  9. I booked a MSC cruise in August with DoUs package. Are they still honoring that package or do I need to "upgrade"?
  10. We did see a competitive lady diving for the small piece of food they were tossing at her. One minute she was sitting upright, the next moment she was on the floor! Was that part of the show?
  11. Hi Arzeena! I just love the way you say things! Right to the point! lol. How are we going to meet in St. Maarten on November 1 st? There's 11,900 people in town that day! You have to tell me the story about the Sunshine......
  12. Thanks! Just booked this cruise and the one before it to CA/NE, 11-day $899.00, Inside Studio. This will be my first time on MSC, plus they will match your rewards status from another cruise line. Ted.
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