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  1. Oh I'm sorry Jean I have mixed you up with someone else...apologies.
  2. I agree Jean. We're happy to sit on our balcony until it's over. We had the best Headliners we've ever had in April on Ventura. Hoping for the same on the "ferry" on the transatlantic in October :). Booked a guaranteed suite (on select fare) and have been reading your posts on the forward facing one's. We had an aft last year and loved it so wondering if we'll get a forward one this year πŸ™‚
  3. I am of the same view Jean. Never attend them but I know a lot of people love them; just not my scene.
  4. Lots of info on the F social media site
  5. Hi, the only cabins that have baths are suites on Iona. Deck 9 is probably the best deck for a conservatory mini suite :)
  6. It is very odd. Maybe we weren't in there when there was a live performance. We have booked E739 (not a suite) for this year so perhaps we will notice noise then (hoping not too though). We will miss the huge balcony that G733 has this year though πŸ˜•
  7. We had an aft on G deck - G733 and didn't hear a thing πŸ™‚
  8. I have had no problems. I log on every day as we sail next week. Printed our tickets off today too πŸ™‚
  9. We had a corner aft on G deck Britannia and it was fabulous. No noise from the Live Lounge and the odd speck of soot. Would definitely book it again πŸ™‚
  10. Yes they have it and if you can't see it ask and they bring you little pots πŸ™‚
  11. We have pre registered too for Iona's maiden voyage......in a conservatory mini suite so fingers crossed we get it :)
  12. Hi Pat. So pleased everything has been sorted out to your satisfaction. I am sorry we wont be seeing you in November in the Caribbean but have lovely memories of our first Caribbean cruise with the Pink Roses Group in 2014 and your organisational skills in getting us all to the beaches and back safely. I hope you and Scott can enjoy some other kind of holiday in the future if you can't cruise. Sending lots of love Nicola x
  13. Wowzz this is not always the case. I have booked select fare before but the cabin has been on a guaranteed basis so this could be the OP's case.
  14. Pippa ignore the negative comments. Ring up who you booked with and see if you can change. There's no harm in trying. Enjoy your last cruise :)
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