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  1. We did this for my son’s HS graduation... my son was 18 and his friend was 17.... my hubby and I had JS and kids were next door in standard balcony. It was no issue, as they were next door. I had notarized letter from friend’s parent( just the mom, as parents were divorced and dad lived out of state- no questions were even asked). The signed letter included ship name, dates, itinerary, permission to seek and sign for medical emergencies ( I also had copy of insurance card), permission to sign for any waivers for onboard activities and/or excursions.... there was never any issues what so ever and they have great memories that they still talk about today!! Do it!!
  2. Bummer.....well, doesn't hurt to ask and you have up to 48 hrs to cancel.....
  3. FYI...there are price drops going on (surprise, surprise)....I just called my TA to try and upgrade my cabin!
  4. I'm with you...already on the phone with my TA and looking to upgrade my cabin! Stay tuned......
  5. Oh wow.....bummer! They had 2 on Harmony......
  6. Sailing on the Oasis May 17th and our just opened yesterday!
  7. I am sailing on the Oasis in May (sailed Harmony which is sister ship to Oasis) and have also sailed on the Explorer.....Oasis class you need to reserve most shows, with the exception of a 2nd Ice show they offer and one of the comedian shows (I think one of them we did need to reserve). Depends when he is sailing, I am sailing May 17th and our cruise planner has not opened up to book any shows, as of today, so he should not be left out of booking any shows if he sails then or later!! It should be opening up any day now. Also, if he is sailing in May, he will need to pay in full, as it would be less then 90 days out..... All shows have a stand by line and I did see them letting those people in.....Your son will LOVE Oasis class, as there is soooo much more to do than when the Explorer has to offer, believe it or not!! After sailing Oasis class, I prefer the larger ships, but not everyone does. Hope he enjoys his cruise!
  8. You can check in together....I always checked in with my mother and she has always been a level higher than me. We have never been questioned, or told that I had to check in at a different place! This has been at Cape Liberty and Fort Everglades ports.
  9. Did they raise their prices? It was $22/day last year......
  10. OP will be about 6 HOURS away from PC at the time of the launch.....so this is doubtful
  11. Next time just tell your waiter that you would like ONE thing at a time and for them to bring out the next item when you have finished the other....I find that the waiters are very eager to do what the customer requests!!
  12. True story....on my Harmony sailing, somehow I missed that it was formal night. I have sailed many times and am not sure how this happened, but got caught up in doing stuff and never paid attention! Fast forward to dinner time in the MDR.....walking there I noticed all the photographers and some people dressed up (first clue)...then we got to the MDR and were walking through to our seats and noticed people had lobster (2nd clue)....then we got our menus and it said something like welcome to formal night (3rd and final clue!). Moral of the story: we DID NOT feel out of place or made to feel out of place at all! Mind you, we were dressed smart casual, but there were actually a few with jeans on!! So I will not stress at all about dress code, going forward!! Wear what you want and enjoy your cruise!!
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