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  1. Drink cards were available on my last two cruises... Harmony and Anthem. They became available about day 3-4 on an 8-day and 7-day Cruise. Price was $79. They also had a beer card on Anthem for $59 I think.
  2. Love the Anthem, behind the Oasis class ships! I sailed Harmony and will be sailing on Oasis next May. I love the larger ships because there is more to look at and to do! I would definitely sail Anthem again! Enjoy ur cruise!
  3. My next cruise is in May 2020 and each port has a bunch of excursions listed! What ship/itinerary? Maybe check on ur roll call and see what others are reporting?
  4. I can't open this, however it looks like from 2015 and I am thinking that they do not do this any longer. One of the reasons is that they have very few "Open skate" times and with having "Advanced sessions", it really would limit the amount of folks that can use the skating rink, IMO.
  5. Wow...just off the Anthem in May and I have to say that the pool wait staff was fantastic!! They constantly walked around and as soon as your drink was just about empty, or empty, they were right there asking if you wanted another!! I was VERY impressed with the ALL the servers on Anthem....:)
  6. If I recall correctly, when I was on Harmony they had limited times for Open Skate. They did not specifically have "advanced sessions". This was 2 years ago, so maybe things have changed and someone who has sailed on her more recently has something different to report. Maybe search on here for some Cruise Compasses from a recent Harmony sailing and this should answer your question!
  7. Yes, I heard the bartenders tell someone that they could not make virgin Mudslides, also....glad he was able to get something that satisfied him!! I find a lot of times when they tell you they can't do something, it's because they are unsure of how to do it!
  8. None on Harmony....the Solarium has some Clamshell beds that are free, but no pool...:(
  9. Family Karaoke every night on Anthem at the Music Hall, followed by adult Karaoke. On Harmony, it was mixed and not separated.
  10. Every night on Harmony and Anthem.....On Harmony it is held in On Air and on Anthem it is in Music Hall
  11. I prefer the adult "Milkshake" aka: Mudslide!! I had JR milkshakes and I was not that impressed....lol.
  12. Find the nearest bar and start taking advantage of my beverage package! Then head to Solarium for lunch and start exploring the ship until our rooms are ready......:)
  13. Was on the Anthem in May and fridge was empty!
  14. In addition, With the beverage package, u can get specialty coffees, bottled water, smoothies, soda....IMO, it is not hard to get ur monies worth, but to me it is a matter of convenience and not signing a receipt for each drink or being surprised by the bar bill at the end of the cruise!
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