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  1. I think that while they may put up with a blow up pool, I don't think they would promote them. Imagine the pool deck area with blow up pools all over it. I'm practically tripping half the time over all the chairs that are moved around.
  2. I thought they were common to most of the Royal Caribbean shis we have been on.
  3. I haven't found it dangerous to rent a car at all. Rented Jeeps twice and a Volkswagen buggy last time. Love driving around the island. So many places to see. Lighthouse, bars beaches etc. I might think differently if I was driving and parking downtown. Punta Sur Park is awesome. Private beaches, Food, Salt water crocks, cheap boat tour in the shallows.
  4. It's not the email that I mind it's the clicking on the sale and checking to see if it might really be a sale this time. 10% off or 20% off or 30% off or BOGO. Magic math of almost always being the same bottom line. I feel like Charlie Brown kicking a football.
  5. If they only had that for the 2019 sailings I would be loving it. Oh well. Hopefully they will honor the price for all those that purchased it
  6. I like the Bionic Bar. We stop there a lot to grab a drink on the way to the MDR. There was one time that the robot forgot to close the lid and just tossed my drink all over the bar and the bottles. It was pretty funny to see but the attendant was not pleased.
  7. It seems like its a combination of lack of interest and also the lack of invitations being sent out. Last two times on Symphony we had to ask for the time as we didn't receive an invitation.
  8. Probably the change in cast. Giving the new cast some rehearsal time.
  9. They were reopened pretty quickly without much being said.
  10. Cruised on Brilliance a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. It was my first cruise on a smaller Royal Caribbean ship and I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it. I have sailed on other smaller ships since then but that made me open to the idea. It was a four day cruise and wasn't a "party barge" at all. Maybe a little rust but nothing that affected me or the cruise.
  11. I have no argument to your review. These things seem to vary from ship to ship and from one sailing to another. Some of these things are just rude people and bad behavior. Can't blame the ship too much. Sometimes you just have to make the best of it because it is too much money to throw away. Not saying that this behavior is acceptable.
  12. Thank you all as well. Good to know. Helps out in packing.
  13. I'd like to hear more on this. We will be on Mariner in July. If there is no formal night we will pack differently. We normally dress up for formal night.
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