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  1. Robo1098

    Ship to Replace Anthem in Bayonne

    Actually I have entertained the idea of cruising on Anthem to Bermuda. Even if I was in New York I wouldn't bother on a seven day cruise to Nassau.
  2. Robo1098

    Ship to Replace Anthem in Bayonne

    Sorry, I know as I live in Florida I am biased but I don't see the sense in bringing Oasis up north. So many open areas that won't be usable when it cools off. I know that is why they are limiting the months up there but when I saw the move I was hoping that at least they would sail to Bermuda. The ports it is going to go are the least appealing of all for me. Just personal opinion.
  3. Robo1098

    Ship to Replace Anthem in Bayonne

    Can Oasis port in Bermuda? I haven't seen any itineraries going there. That is the only way I would have interest sailing Oasis out of the northeast.
  4. Always get one. They didn't have one on Harmony when I went though in 2016. Still can't find one 😞
  5. This is a little off topic. I have almost always done my time dining and have made reservations. On past cruises they have normally tried to seat us at the same table or at least with the same waiter. Just went on Symphony and the host made every effort to seat us anywhere but with the original waitress. The head water of that section actually reserved a table for us in this waitresses section and the host would still try to seat us in other areas. It got to be kind of crazy how much he did not want us to sit in her section.
  6. We had a deck 12 cabin on Freedom that has a similar location and design. Loved the location but did have some issues with moving deck chairs at 4am. Complained a few times and they finally stopped the early morning chair shuffle. The annoying thing about it was they did not open the upper deck until about noon. It was roped off before then. The location was great being able to walk out the door to the solarium.
  7. Robo1098

    Symphony of the Seas - Live 11/24/18-12/1/18

    I'll be on the same cruise! Can't wait!
  8. Robo1098

    Which cruise would you choose?

    I haven't been on Celebrity but I've been in Freedom a couple times. Looking at both ships though it looks like there is more for the kids on Freedom and the ports seem more appealing on Freedom. Do you have to fly either way?
  9. I don't know. She didn't expand much on the comment. I was hoping the she and my friend would come on a cruise we had already planned on Symphony. After the comment I didn't know what more to say.
  10. Robo1098

    New Miami Terminal

    I don't know of many ports that do not have a view of shipping containers somewhere. I don't think there are many ports built just for cruise ships and do not allow other types of shipping. I think the biggest detractor of Miami is the relatively high cost of flights to there and off port parking.
  11. Robo1098

    CK in square?

    I don't think that is what it stands for but I could be wrong. Normally on here CK stands for Coastal Kitchen but I don't think that would be on your card.
  12. I believe it arrives in Nassau at 7am
  13. Robo1098

    Embarkation day go to

    I used to carry too much on. Now I limit myself to a small backpack with camera, swimsuit and t shirt.
  14. The southern itinerary is better for me. Having to fly to San Juan is more of an issue. If you extended the vacation for an extra day or two in Puerto Rico it seems like a better vacation.
  15. I wonder if that net will be kept up normally. I don't normally book boardwalk balcony cabins but it looks kind of ugly even from the Boardwalk.