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  1. Does Boston's ban on gatherings of over 25 people count for a cruise ship boarding? I know that sounds like a ridiculous question, but NCL hasn't canceled our 7/3 cruise, despite that ban. And despite the CDC no-sail order (one CSR told me that they hear from them but don't have to adhere to their suggestions. Not sure how true that is) So I'm curious what's going on there. Calls to NCL haven't answered any questions, so wondering if anyone else has heard something that may be helpful.
  2. I haven't yet, but you can do an estimate on Uber's website. I would do that around the time you think you're going and on the same day of the week to get a good idea.
  3. Yes, that's definitely a factor. If you stay at a hotel that has a shuttle, though, it's not an issue. Otherwise, parking or an Uber will add to the cost. My cost factored in the parking as well - If I had Ubered to and from the airport and the park from my hotel, it would have only been about an $18 difference from the car rental and parking cost at the parks. Sometimes being able to stick to your own timetable is worth $18! (In my case, it definitely is!)
  4. I'm staying in DIsney for 3 days before heading to PC for a cruise. I ended up booking a car through Hertz for $62 total at MCO on my arrival day, and I'll return it to MCO the day of my cruise. Then I booked Go Port shuttle, $30 round trip. This was a fairly cheap way to get me where I needed to go, and allow me to stop at a store pre-WDW/cruise to get some essentials, and to come and go as I please. I contemplated Ubering to and from my hotel, but it was only a difference of about $20 and I liked the freedom. And it was just me - so I imagine a family of 3 would be better off with a car as w
  5. I looked on their site and couldn't find info on day passes ... would you mind sharing more info?
  6. Thanks... it must be NCL that had a non-advertised main dining room open for embarkation lunch.
  7. Are there any other options other than the buffet?
  8. If sleeping is the only issue, just grab some ear plugs. If they work for me with a snoring husband in my face every night, I'm sure it would have muffled sporadic scraping a deck away.
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