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  1. mchelle77

    Not Happy with Liquor Up Charges

    No need, I never drink wine outside of my home (BECAUSE of the markup!! 🙂 )
  2. mchelle77

    Not Happy with Liquor Up Charges

    I'm a bartender so I get mark up, but there's usually a system and that's a lot more than I've ever seen!
  3. mchelle77

    Not Happy with Liquor Up Charges

    I just gotta say that I think it's wild that they charge $21.95 for a glass of Chateau St Michelle Riesling when I buy that by the bottle for $10 LOL
  4. mchelle77

    Best choice for St Thomas when crowded?

    Don't get me wrong - we'll be off for a bit to shop, I'm happy to funnel a bit of money to the island. But with that many ships in port, my anxiety level will be off the charts (I have panic attacks). I won't be able to enjoy myself fearing that we won't get a taxi back in time, or there are too many people in whatever place we choose and cause me to be claustrophobic ... I get what you're saying, but I've got to do what's best for me.
  5. mchelle77

    Best choice for St Thomas when crowded?

    Thanks everyone ... I think we're just going to stay on board for the day, take advantage of the spa discount and drink up. :)
  6. mchelle77

    Jolly Roger excursion

    We almost booked but thankfully watched a YouTube video first. We'll have our 14 year old with us, decided against it. If we were alone, might be another story!
  7. We've been to St Thomas once before but did an excursion to St John to snorkel. This upcoming trip, Cruise TT says there will be a total of SEVEN ships at the island. I don't think I want to just do a random, open beach, so can anyone recommend either an excursion or a resort that limits the amount of guests?
  8. This. Considering the OP says their preferred line is Carnival (who refers to themselves as "the party ship"!!) combined with the OP only posted 3 times on these boards ... suspect, at best. Maybe that's just the cynic in me. My last (previous and final!) cruise on Carnival I had a guy completely blitzed, falling off the stool in the piano bar - but that's not why I won't sail with them anymore. The fact that the waitress continued to serve when I pointed out that he was getting touchy with female bar patrons is a good reason. Better was when security yelled at me to not tell them how to do their job (because I suggested they keep an eye on him after groping my friend) and to not ruin people's cruises with my accusations (!!) is are good reasons though. Drunk people though? You see them EVERYwhere. Grown-ups overindulging are not the cruise line's fault.
  9. mchelle77

    Dinner with sunset view?

    We're docked from 4pm to 10pm, so we really would love a beachfront restaurant with a view of the sunset - any recommendations?
  10. mchelle77

    Thanksgiving week on the Breakaway

    I would personally want to ask them when they were there, if they were outside, and if so, for how long. I don't want to say they are being deceptive, but for someone who spent a good 5+ hours there, it was DEFINITELY noticeable. Not constant, but consistent.
  11. mchelle77

    Thanksgiving week on the Breakaway

    I'm struggling to be fair here ... full disclosure, I'm very sensitive to noise and once I hear something I can't stop hearing it. I wonder if I had stayed at the beach area if it would have been less intense? But I was just getting to the pool at that point and when it started, I just stood there not knowing what to do. Others were looking over there too, so it wasn't just me. I asked a lifeguard about it and he said it is every day. I told the guard that they may have to start serving earlier if it kept up. (OH .. they do not start serving food or drinks until later, depending on ... I'm not sure. We got there at 10:15am or so, was told 11am by the desk staff, then noon by the waitress, then saw a waitress delivering drinks at 11:30am, so .. ) Anyway, when it continued, I actually went in to see what the deal was. The gentleman I spoke to didn't seem too bothered by it (easy when you're paid to be there, and inside where you can barely hear it!) I asked if it was all day, and he said "Not all day ... only until about 5pm" ... I said that was all day for me. I said it would have been nice to be told about this because I doubt I would have paid that money to be here relaxing if I knew I couldn't, and suggested he let any day pass people know in the future. He just smiled and said "OK, thank you" ... I have video of it, but not sure how (if) I could share it. It was literally a few hours later (and a few drinks later) before I was able to joke to others there "Try pretending it's a really bad steel drum band!" Oh, and the tables were disgusting. I have pics - dirty and HAIR all over them. I might be able to post tomorrow from my phone, where I have my pics.
  12. mchelle77

    Thanksgiving week on the Breakaway

    Ryan was the OTHER bartender, he was OK ... it was his colleague that we loved. And I DID get his name, but had a few and can't remember :)
  13. I was on the ship that week (for the second time, first was last October to Bermuda) and had some observations/reviews: I tried SO many drinks on this trip, but mostly leaned on my favorites (Dale, Mr Worldwide, Eastern Legacy, Mojitos, good old beer) for the majority of the time. The waiter at Maltings was so much fun (there were two, it's the one with the different name ... I think it begins with a B, and the other was Ryan.) The outdoor area at Maltings kinda made me wish I were still a smoker LOL Such a festive place. But those bar stools are TINY! I'm not the smallest person, but not the biggest either, and I don't know how anyone sits comfortably - especially without a place to put your feet under the bar to balance you. Cirque show (saw only portion last time due to waves) was good - I was so tipsy and tired from that first day on board that I was falling asleep at the end - not because of the show! LOL There was a medflight situation on that first full day - you could see what was going on watching the "view" channel ... my husband and I kept thinking of that person, and still wonder if they are OK. My first time having a spa pass, and I was glad we did the spa balcony on this trip. Cold leaving NY in November, that first day was no better, and then it was cool and raining in Port C. We went almost every day. That pool with the jets was a godsend for my injured ankle (happened pre-trip) Got a lot of reading done there. Margaritaville breakfast was a new find, and an excellent alternative to the buffet! We ate there 4 times it was so tranquil in comparison. And the view/open air environment is a big plus. I finally tried O'Sheehan's wings (I normally don't eat chicken from the bone) but the Jamaican Jerk were SOOO good! Also tried the thai chili, good but not as good. Also ate at Wasabi again. We got the edamame, the Gyu, a few rolls, all good. The Crispy Rice was my favorite. Not a fan of the Noodle Bar. They sent my husband to our room to change because he had a sleeveless shirt on, and when I asked why they said they don't allow no sleeves. I pointed to two women who had string tank tops on and they said that rule is for men. I had had a few beverages and said it sounded like gender discrimination and whatever else I said :) But that aside, the food wasn't good. My husband's also was forgotten and was cold by the time it got to him (he's not a picky eater so he didn't care) I got a very plain-tasting noodle bowl (peking chicken and shrimp) and spring rolls (the only that thing was decent to me) My husband said his rice dish was fine with him. The jogging track on that ship is so frustrating!! Not just because it's so tiny, and the views are limited, but then it goes under the drippy slides (fine for me running in my sneakers, but several people just passing through in flip flops skid on that wet area) .. then the fact that the warning sign is on the floor near Margaritaville? Can I just point out that most kids coming out of the arcade are NOT looking down on the ground and barely acknowledge runners, they're looking at the rock wall. A taller sign may be helpful. We made it to GSC (yay!) and it was perfect weather. Got chairs in front over by the Barcardi Bar, easy access to the water. I want to rewind to that day. Keep in mind that the vendors on the island take credit card or cash, and NOT your room key ... I knew that from when I was there in 2012, but forgot. Saw a coverup I LOVED but couldn't purchase. (I even had my number memorized and tried to get them to run it with my license also, but they wouldn't :) ) We planned on just walking to Junkanoo in Nassau, but we are HHonors members and had a ton of rewards so wanted to see if we could use them at the British Colonial Hilton for a day pass. We couldn't, but got the pass anyway. $79 each for a pass that includes a $40 food/beverage credit each, plus use of the pool, loungers, snorkel gear, paddleboards, etc. Sounded like a great choice so we went ahead and did it. However, they didn't disclose the construction that was going on next door and was AWFUL. You pay to relax and then get that .. If we had been warned, we wouldn't have stayed. The paddleboards were plastic and cheap, very few people could stay up (I only saw two preteens able too, even in-shape men kept flipping sideways) Snorkels were fine, and the hammocks were cozy, according to my husband. The pool is not heated. Food was AMAZING. Mahi sandwich was my Thanksgiving lunch and I wasn't disappointed at all. Kalik beers were $6.75. The wifi there enabled us to live chat with family back home. Prime Meridian bar made the best Mr Worldwide drinks. Had room 14726 and could hear chairs scraping above us. I've never in all my cruises ever heard noise from my stateroom so clearly. I brought earplugs anyway (snoring husband) so I was able to block it out easily. Our steward, Nancy, was SO nice. First time we saw her, she was down the hall and called out to us by name. I even stated that I was amazed she knew who we were from "way down there"! I'm trying to remember anything else, but struggling - any questions, feel free to ask!
  14. mchelle77


    AGREED. Love that drink.
  15. mchelle77


    Rebellious Fish and Dale are the two I get most. I also get the Mojito and the Moscow Mule when I'm in the mood for them.