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  1. If sleeping is the only issue, just grab some ear plugs. If they work for me with a snoring husband in my face every night, I'm sure it would have muffled sporadic scraping a deck away.
  2. No need, I never drink wine outside of my home (BECAUSE of the markup!! 🙂 )
  3. I'm a bartender so I get mark up, but there's usually a system and that's a lot more than I've ever seen!
  4. I just gotta say that I think it's wild that they charge $21.95 for a glass of Chateau St Michelle Riesling when I buy that by the bottle for $10 LOL
  5. Don't get me wrong - we'll be off for a bit to shop, I'm happy to funnel a bit of money to the island. But with that many ships in port, my anxiety level will be off the charts (I have panic attacks). I won't be able to enjoy myself fearing that we won't get a taxi back in time, or there are too many people in whatever place we choose and cause me to be claustrophobic ... I get what you're saying, but I've got to do what's best for me.
  6. Thanks everyone ... I think we're just going to stay on board for the day, take advantage of the spa discount and drink up. :)
  7. We almost booked but thankfully watched a YouTube video first. We'll have our 14 year old with us, decided against it. If we were alone, might be another story!
  8. We've been to St Thomas once before but did an excursion to St John to snorkel. This upcoming trip, Cruise TT says there will be a total of SEVEN ships at the island. I don't think I want to just do a random, open beach, so can anyone recommend either an excursion or a resort that limits the amount of guests?
  9. This. Considering the OP says their preferred line is Carnival (who refers to themselves as "the party ship"!!) combined with the OP only posted 3 times on these boards ... suspect, at best. Maybe that's just the cynic in me. My last (previous and final!) cruise on Carnival I had a guy completely blitzed, falling off the stool in the piano bar - but that's not why I won't sail with them anymore. The fact that the waitress continued to serve when I pointed out that he was getting touchy with female bar patrons is a good reason. Better was when security yelled at me to not tell them how to do their job (because I suggested they keep an eye on him after groping my friend) and to not ruin people's cruises with my accusations (!!) is are good reasons though. Drunk people though? You see them EVERYwhere. Grown-ups overindulging are not the cruise line's fault.
  10. We're docked from 4pm to 10pm, so we really would love a beachfront restaurant with a view of the sunset - any recommendations?
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